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“It will be the dictator of information. What I choose for you to Believe/Understand/Know/fight for is the Ultimate Power. Who has that Vault of Power?” (McAfee) 209 more words

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7 Handy Steps to Protect Gmail Account with McAfee Antivirus

McAfee’s antivirus programs contain an option that allows you to protect against malware and viruses when you’re accessing the Internet or doing the web-based tasks, such as you’re using your Gmail account. 430 more words


Development Center In Bengaluru | IT Company Updates| Antivirus System

Development Center In Bengaluru | IT Company Updates | Antivirus System

                             McAfee plans for development center in Bengaluru

mcafee development center Bengaluru.Computer security company McAfee is looking to add more jobs to its center in Bengaluru and will continue to invest in the growth of local businesses in India,Said the official. 325 more words

CHIPSEC gets new UEFI Whitelist command

CHIPSEC already has a Blacklist command. Now there is a UEFI whitelist command.

@osxreverser I've added blacklisting module in chipsec long before, whitelisting module was logical next step in the works, so not just now…

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Password Managers: Yay or Nay

Recently I started using Intel’s True Key application across a number of my devices. This includes my iPhone, iPad, Laptop and Desktop PC. I have used some password managers in the past but never really felt the requirement untill maybe the last 6 month, this is due to me not only having a lot of account, but because the passwords are different between them. 424 more words


McAfee on CHIPSEC, post Vault7

@CHIPSEC: Support against Vault 7 disclosure scanning, blog by @Raj_Samani and @ChristiaanBeek: https://t.co/sOFTittjHH

— Christiaan Beek (@ChristiaanBeek) March 9, 2017

“EFI firmware malware is a new frontier for stealth and persistent attacks which may be used by sophisticated adversaries to penetrate and persist within the organization’s and national infrastructure for very long time.

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Micromax Smartphones में प्रीलोडेड होगा McAfee Mobile Assistant, इटेंल को बनाया सिक्योरिटी पार्टनर - https://goo.gl/AnhcpG

साइबर खतरों से निबटने के लिए Micromax ने इंटेल को अपना सिक्योरिटी पार्टनर बनाया है। बुधवार को प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस में बताया कि स्मार्टफोंस पर बढ़ रहे साइबर खतरों से निबटने के लिए माइक्रोमैक्स के स्मार्टफोंस में प्रीलोडेड McAfee Mobile Assistant रहेगा। 14 more words