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McCain Apologizes For Fake ‘Child Trafficking’ Claim

Cindy McCain, widow to the late Senator, openly apologized for her earlier comments after social media erupted when she assumed a toddler was being used in human trafficking as the woman walking with the child was of ‘different ethnicity’ 263 more words

Choosing Greatness


America can be great if America chooses to be great.

This America. My America. The America that I live in today, that I will leave to my children and grandchildren,to the next generation, and the next. 1,731 more words

Good Government

Debate, Disagree & Commit

지난 금요일 늦은 오후였다.

엔지니어 매니저, 엔지니어 두 명, 디자이너, 그리고 콘텐츠 전략 담당과 함께 두 시간 가까이 깊은 논쟁에 빠졌다.  결국 엔지니어 한 명이 끝까지 반대하다가 결론을 못 낸 채 집에 돌아갔다.  


King Seale Newton X Davis Dellums Day.  Oh, And Happy Martin Luther King Day! (January 21, 2019)

. . .

K          “We lost Ron Dellums last year and yet the gang described and dismissed by some as the MSM misdirected attention to McCain and Bush I.” 465 more words


Awareness and Control


Weekly thoughts from the forklift…

We might not be able to control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we feel about the things that happen to us. 407 more words

Can Trump Survive Syria, Mattis, Stock Market Fall, & Friedman’s ‘Watershed Moment’?

Can Trump Survive Syria, Mattis, Stock Market Fall, & Friedman’s ‘Watershed Moment’?


I have long believed that the three red lines in Washington that no elected president can significantly transgress without being ejected from the Oval Office are unwavering support for the priorities of Wall Street, the Pentagon, and Israel. 1,154 more words