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Time out for temporary relocation

Due to my husband’s health needs, we have been living with a son for several months at Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, largest fishing port in the U.S. Now it’s the other son’s turn… 48 more words

The Science of Chigurh

Chigurh has a very interesting way of killing people and his carelessness for the lives of people. One of the best examples is at the end of chapter four. 248 more words


Chigurh and Moss aren’t so different after all

Heroes and villains are opposites of one another. Actions and motives of these kinds of characters are usually polar to each other. One stands for all the good and wholesome; the other stands for the opposite, the bad and the harmful. 367 more words


Hunter versus Serial Killer

In Part 2 of No Country For Old Men, we finally get the first encounter between Moss and Chigurh, with Moss managing to get away wounded but alive, only by a hair (2 centimeters to be exact).   413 more words


Quite a Quote

That hurt, didnt it? the boy said.
Yes. It did.
Are you real brave?
Just medium.
What’s the bravest thing you ever did?
He spat into the road a bloody phlegm. 64 more words


Book Discussion: MMA Special - John McCarthy and Uriah Faber

This week as a fan of the UFC and mixed martial arts, I read two books from MMA insiders.

Yes, these are ghost-written moneymakers destined mostly for bargain bins but damn, I… 1,309 more words

Martial Arts

Blindfold Bootleg Test: Chris McCarthy

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this great, budding artist in Chris McCarthy over the past year. Originally from Seattle, now living in Boston, Chris has become a regular performer at Wally’s Cafe. 907 more words