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Plain Killing: Scenes of Slaughter in the Work of Goya and McCarthy

In one of the earliest reviews of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, Tom Nolan called the novel “a theological purgative, an allegory on the nature of evil as timeless as Goya’s hallucinations on war, monomaniacal in its conceptions and executions” (2). 2,262 more words


From the Abyss

A rant;

OK, so that title is possibly a little bit melodramatic. But try telling that to Ipswich fans at the moment. The club is in absolute disarray. 1,670 more words

Ipswich Town

there are no monsters in the Monster Manual

Pale manchild were there last agonies? Were you in terror, did you know? Could you feel the claw that claimed you? And who is this fool kneeling over your bones, choked with bitterness? 601 more words


how to make your cleric hate you, vol. 1

There is no description of a fool, he said, that you fail to satisfy.

You went off to seminary. Spent three years as a novice, baking bread and calling the hours. 302 more words


Fashion War Ends With Teacher Victory

By Sean Fischer

As students from all grades compete to be the trendiest and best-dressed person, another group of fashionistas also joined the rivalry: teachers. Four teachers in particular show up to school everyday dressed to impress. 600 more words



Nothing says “we want you gone” better than the North Stand turning, jeering and outright chanting against the manager. This happened of course, last weekend with the rather ragged home performance against no-away points Rotherham. 1,625 more words

Ipswich Town

Judicial Response to Mcarthian Query

Query submitted 10th of October 2016 by President Kit McCarthy of the Republic of Mcarthia to the Supreme Judge of the Grand Unified Micronational:

  1. Can there be a right of appellate from the Supreme Court of Mcarthia to the Supreme Court of the Grand Unified Micronational?
  2. 205 more words