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What Reality Is

Here on this blog and elsewhere, I have written of my skepticism towards conspiracy theories. So what, you may ask, do I believe instead?

I don’t dispute that there are hierarchies of influential and wealthy individuals who disproportionately affect the lives of billions of ordinary people around the world. 645 more words


I felt pretty strange while watching this movie. There were times when I just wanted to turn off that movie, but there were times when I couldn’t turn away from the screen.

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Melissa McCarthy Wants To Get Rid Of Term "Plus Size"

Melissa McCarthy who has lost noticeable weight recently and has now launched her own clothing line called Seven7.   McCarthy fashion line which offers clothes in size 4 through size 28 is NOT to be featured in a different section and says she doesn’t like the ‘Segregated plus-size’ section in stores.   55 more words


Writing tips from writers

So. You want to be a writer. You’ve looked in detail at the alternatives – the refined meals in the company of elegant people; socialising with high society; going places; doing things; paying bills; eating food not made in a tin can – and you’ve decided it just ain’t for you. 976 more words


All The Pretty Horses / Cormac McCarthy

God. Is that not just beautiful?

All The Pretty Horses is a departure from the Cormac McCarthy I’m used to. Having read Blood Meridian, Child of God and The Road, arguably three of his darkest works (excluding Outer Dark, which I am yet to read), I was surprised at how passionately I read this book, far more a tale of romance and growing up then the violence and depravity I’ve more commonly associated with him. 1,119 more words