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a wormbent tabernacle

[W]hat rabid god decocted out of the smoking lobes of hydrophobia could have devised a keeping place for souls so poor as in this flesh. This mawky wormbent tabernacle. 156 more words


KIT MCCARTHY: On Citizenship

During my recent absence, I spent a while considering the community and why I felt so disillusioned with it when I left. I was primarily an internet micronationalist, and Mcarthia was an internet micronation, having no physical presence. 908 more words


Indie bookshop book haul

I used to shop at Barnes and Noble all the time, just because it was the closest bookstore I had. And now a new Independent (Indie) bookstore has opened closer to where I stay (compared to B&N). 781 more words


Will Trump Resurrect a Violent South?

Hate groups are on the rise. Klan membership is increasing astronomically. In Trumped-up America, are we marching back to Bloody Sunday and Bombingham?

As police shootings of blacks continue, as anti-Muslim speech and violence intensifies, and as… 1,596 more words

Rebel Posts

O' ye' Dreary Month of October

October groans;

It’s October once again which can only mean one thing.

It’s a pretty shitty time for Ipswich to be playing absolutely rubbish already. We’re notoriously dreadful at this time of the year. 2,317 more words

Ipswich Town

With new Ghostbusters, more is surprisingly better

I really never had anything against an all-girl Ghostbusters. I loved the Aykroyd-Murray-Ramis-Hudson original, of course, and I certainly had doubts that any remake could live up to it. 346 more words