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The big elephant in the room that nobody's talking about

Posted by Kyle Patterson-Vierthaler on Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I’ve begun to notice a trend that seems to have escaped most political news coverage in recent years. 960 more words


Discover the Delightful Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson

1898 – 1976

After watching some ‘old’ films of the 1930s, I have delightfully discovered the wonderfully talented, handsome, soulfully stirring, highly charismatic actor that was… 169 more words

Fear this!

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Reactionaries, the stick-in-the-mud dullards who accuse the Left of attitudess like “political correctness” – for example – are simply ignorant of the fact that PC politics originate with conservative doublespeak. 199 more words


English 11: Visible Thinking: McCarthyism and The Crucible

As we begin to explore ideas for the research topic, Hysteria in America, we watched the following video after reading Act II of The Crucible. 160 more words


Spy vs. Spy

Alger Hiss was a Soviet agent… a spy, spook, traitor- all the same.  Hiss’s story was never frustrating, but the academics who defended him provided more than enough consternation over the decades.  264 more words


McCarthyism and the Anti-vaccination Movement. What?

A conspiracy of circumstances (how appropriate) lead me to the topic for this post. This week, I’ll be teaching undergraduates about the Second Red Scare in the United States. 594 more words


Vaccine McCarthyism: Did 2014 Mark the Collapse of the Vaccine Establishment

From GreenMedInfo, by Gary Null, PhD and Richard Gale

What if vaccines have never been soundly confirmed to be safe and effective? What if the CDC, vaccine manufacturers and advocates knew of these discrepancies and contradictions, yet intentionally ignored them against the public interests? 367 more words