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McCarthy: Hunting the Communists!

Watch the following video for some useful background to the time at which Arthur Miller was writing The Crucible.

Einstein Letters on Israel, Red Scare Go to Auction

JERUSALEM (AP) — A collection of letters written by Albert Einstein is set to go to auction next week, offering a new glimpse at the Nobel-winning physicist’s views on God, McCarthyism and what was then the newly established state of Israel. 253 more words


Was "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" about McCarthyism?

For the last fifty years plus, there have been conspiracy theories from the left that “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1956) was an allegory about McCarthyism.  160 more words

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In this episode of the Veil of Ignorance, Teague and I discuss Marxism with Cale Holmes and Kevin Salvatore. I believe this topic honestly requires more episodes, since it’s impossible to cover everything in one episode. 12 more words


Jun-9: The Spark of Revolution, McCarthy Challenged and Secretariat

June 9th gives us two great examples of standing up to injustice with the burning of the Gaspee and Joseph Welch’s rebuke of Senator Joe McCarthy, plus one of the most dominating performances in sports history with Secretariat winning horse racing’s Triple Crown. 420 more words


We're Coming Apart at the Seams

Don Rose

I have never seen this country more dangerously divided and possibly at the brink of serious violence.

Set the Civil War aside. I wasn’t around then, so I can only speak of the decades since World War II when I lived through the darkness of McCarthyism, blacklisting and the cold war–then the political and cultural divide brought on by the Civil Rights era and the Vietnam War. 457 more words

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Mccarthyism The Fight For America Autographed Joe Mccarthy

Mccarthyism The Fight For America Autographed Joe Mccarthy
Here Is A Very Rare Autographed Copy Of Senator Joe McCarthy’s Book McCarthyism , The Fight For America- 1952. 28 more words