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Yesterday's McCarthy - our alternate reality

Guinan: “Families. There should be children on this ship.”
Picard: “What? Children on the Enterprise? Guinan, we’re at war!”
Guinan: “No we’re not! 128 more words

World Affairs

The United States of Cognitive Dissonance

So, it looks like our in-house post-political satirist/self-appointed psychoanalyst/Washington Post-certified Russian propagandist has published another piece in CounterPunch. Go ahead and read it if you feel you have to, but please remember … this is not normal! 1,495 more words

Consensus Reality

Weekend at Bernays: The Syndicated Years

another long-form think piece
about (enter trope here)
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On Being Honored By Inclusion In The Canary Mission's 'Blacklist'

Yesterday, the Canary Mission–a “fear-mongering, McCarthyesque” organization that claims to “document the people and groups that are promoting hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on college campuses in North America”–decided to… 605 more words


When the Monster is in Steady Pursuit...

At least we know where it is…

Is anyone else beginning to get a little freaked out by Trump’s twitter discipline lately?

I wonder if word got to him that the military is “secretly” planning to take over the government, you know… just in case so he decided he had better play the presidential part as written for a while. 82 more words

Donald Trump

Glamour To Fall

There’s just something about 1940s Hollywood that I can’t get enough of, maybe it is the glamour juxtaposed with the seediness of it all, the moral purges, the occasionally great art that it created.  527 more words