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Watching Bridge Over River Kwai

Opens with graves by railroad. Ragged prisoners toil halfheartedly on radio. New prisoners march in like Bataan Death March. Two hardened prisoners dig a grave over terse conversation. 168 more words

Joe McCarthy: Patriot

Joe McCarthy was a patriot. So why was he attacked?

Because the academic left harbored a great affection for the Soviet system. These people admired the top down society of the Russians because they always admired the idea of controlling other people’s lives. 210 more words

Idaho's singing cowboy lassos the U.S. Senate

As a long-time resident of the incredibly conservative, nay; redneck state of Idaho, it is a wonder to contemplate the balls of Glen H. Taylor who, in 1944 was elected as a Democrat to the US Senate in Idaho. 360 more words


Frank Kameny and the Lavender Scare

It was the 1950s and the United States had gone from an all out war with the Nazis to the Cold War with the Communists. Fear of nuclear holocaust and Soviet occupation loomed in the air all across the nation. 475 more words


Goodnight, and Good Luck.

George Clooney’s 2005 film, Good Night, and Good Luck., looks at the role of the media in challenging the anti-communist movement led by U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy.   63 more words


Readings - Moyers & Company: Trump, His Virus and the Dark Age of Unreason

~ Readings features content from elsewhere. ~

No question, Donald Trump must not prevail in his bid for the presidency. In this article, Bill Moyers and Michael Winship trace a particular American virus “feed on fear, paranoia and bigotry” from Joe McCarthy to Donald Trump.   213 more words


Media Coverage of the Presidential Campaign

During this pledge drive, amid disputes about media coverage of the presidential campaign, it’s a good time to review how we got here.

The 19th century press was partisan; every party had their papers. 621 more words