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A kind word for Senator Joe McCarthy after watching the movie Trumbo

Source: Bernstein, David, The Red Menace Revisited. Northwestern University Law Review.

The deciphered cables of the Venona Project identify 349 citizens, immigrants, and permanent residents of the United States who had had a covert relationship with Soviet intelligence agencies… Further, American cryptanalysts in the Venona Project deciphered only a fraction of the Soviet intelligence traffic, so it was only logical to conclude that many additional agents were discussed in the thousands of unread messages…

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Invasion of the Putin-Nazis

Here’s our in-house propaganda specialist CJ Hopkins’ latest musings on the Invasion of the Putin-Nazis, the Death of Neoliberalism, and other non-occurent occurences …

Invasion of the Putin-Nazis… 1,523 more words

Consensus Reality

The McCarthyism of Russia-gate

From Consortium News, by Robert Parry

Civil-liberties nightmares about the Surveillance State are coming true, but – since the victims are former Donald Trump advisers – many of the usual civil-liberties defenders are strikingly silent, reports Robert Parry. 2,192 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

The lone fight of Carter Page

If Carter Page  succumbs to the McCarthyistic zeal of his inquisitors, it will prove the fragility of civil liberties, not under the boot of fascism, but in the well-meaning hands of ignorant liberals. 422 more words


Miller, Arthur

For this year’s A to Z Blog challenge, I thought I’d draw back the curtain and explore the life and times of a bibliophile.  Care to join me? 451 more words

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Wonderland: the Trial of Carter Page

On April 11, the Washington Post reported, citing unnamed officials, that the FBI had obtained a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant in the summer of 2016 to monitor the communications of Carter Page, an adviser to presidential candidate Donald Trump, on the belief that Page was acting as an agent of Russia. 1,021 more words


Whistleblowers, traitors, or patriots?

Watching and listening to Rep. Trey Gowdy during last week’s House Intelligence Committee hearing with FBI Director James Comey and NSC Director Mike Rogers was   368 more words