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Sasha Ismail of AWL responds to 'Dispatches'

One of the speakers secretly filmed by Channel 4’s Dispatches (for the programme that went out on Monday 19 September), responds:

Comrade Coatesy comments, here

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McCarthyism and the 70-Year Stain, or Atheist-bashing from the Religion of Love

I was gladdened to stumble across a fellow Wordplogger’s post just recently, entitled “Why Atheists Call Out Christians on Morality“. It’s a heartfelt and I think quite representative account of the sort of vitriol, negative typecasting, and unempathetically demeaning comments that regular and otherwise inoffensive atheists can be subjected to, by the followers of the “religion of love” (who paradoxically tend to be the most vociferous in claiming persecution, but that’s for another blog post). 938 more words


Owen Smith's ignorant and slanderous allegation of "anti-semitism" against the AWL

Owen Smith’s comments about anti-semitism and the AWL are at about 48.00

Hapless challenger for Labour leadership, Owen Smith, in the course of the BBC… 576 more words

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“Citizen Cohn” (1992) should NOT be so obscure. It is a cinematic GEM.


Anyone who has seen “Citizen Cohn” (1992) has to have been stunned by James Woods riveting performance. An over-used adjective but it perfectly describes his performance. 1,110 more words

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Russia, Trump and the New 'McCarthyism in Reverse'

It is U.S. election season, 2016, and the extremely dumb baseline for presidential-year rhetoric has already been exceeded with gusto thanks to a fake-tanned reality TV blowhard now leading a white nationalist movement as the Republican Party’s nominee. 2,097 more words

McCarthyism, Magical Style...

“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” by J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré –

““Imagine that Voldemort’s powerful now. You don’t know who his supporters are, you don’t know who’s working for him and who isn’t; you know he can control people so that they do terrible things without being able to stop themselves.

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