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Manic Moghul


“I love to have enemies. I fight my enemies. I like beating my enemies into the ground” – Donald J Trump


The term  1,595 more words

The British government continue to deny responsibility for chaos in the Middle East

The murder of up to 30 British tourists on a Tunisian beach last week is yet another consequence of David Cameron’s disastrous ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya. 395 more words

As Some Fight To "Take Alberta Back," Others Work To Move It Forward

In 1954, when the U.S. Senate voted to censure Wisconsin Republican Joseph R. McCarthy, a man whose motivations were deemed “evil and unmatched in malice,” it closed the book on a particularly shameful chapter of American politics; One marked by relentless character assassinations, vicious demagoguery, and incessant partisan witch hunts. 20,993 more words


"Essay on being accused of being an anti-Israel professor" | Inside Higher Ed

Jonathan Judaken is just the latest victim in a concerted effort by a well-organized group united in defense of Israel. I have written on this topic several times ( 488 more words


Liberty in Our Time: Video: Blacklisted From History: Interview With Stanton Evans

I’m not an expert on Stanton Evans, but what I’ve seen from him is that he basically sees Senator Joe McCarthy as the good guy during this period. 297 more words