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‘Trumbo’: Scribe refusing to name names meant carrying on by adopting others

By Tom Meek

Back during the Red Scare and Cold War years, Hollywood relegated many talented filmmakers and artists to the blacklist, making them untouchable and unhirable through the naming of names by people themselves worried they’d be called out as Communists and become unable to keep working. 429 more words


Carson supports monitoring ‘un-American’ groups

And in this dystopian world of Dr Carson’s creation, who would decide what is an unAmerican group? Perhaps we can resurrect Senator McCarthy? This man is full of bad ideas. 8 more words

English 10: Intro to The Crucible Cont.

We finished sharing out our group’s work and taking notes on The Crucible introductory Web Quest (here’s the key). These were submitted to the inbox by the end of the hour. 31 more words

English 10

The US and USSR – Anatomy of a “Cold” War – A Debate

Jacek Popiel

Today we introduce a new feature: an original article by Jacek Popiel on U.S./Soviet relations, followed by a counterpoint by the editors, and then a coda by Jacek.  1,880 more words

US Politics

Judicial Murder: The Hours Count

Review: The Hours Count, by Jillian Cantor
Riverhead, 2015. 356 pp. $27

In June 1953, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg went to the electric chair, accused of conspiracy to commit espionage, the only American civilians ever to pay with their lives for that crime. 736 more words

Reviews And Columns

Justin Trudeau's "2015" Cabinet Vs.Thatcher's 1989

I took this from Maclean’s website that had some great articles on the new Trudeau cabinet. “Because it’s 2015.”

Must say, Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet is inspiring. 1,060 more words


Theatre Calgary Stages Powerful Revival of Miller’s The Crucible

Widely considered a modern classic, Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is at once a compelling drama about the Salem witch trials and a striking allegory of McCarthyism, a practice born from the second Red Scare. 941 more words