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This Dark Day

January 20, 2017. The day everything changed.

Many Americans naively believe that today’s the day everything will start to get better for them. They believe that the American economy will begin to improve as their countrymen turn to buying products made exclusively in the USA, resulting in more jobs for them, better livelihoods, and a better & stronger economy. 729 more words


The Truth About McCarthyism: Modern Parallels - YouTube

Stefan Molyneux

The mainstream narrative would tell you that from 1950 to 1954, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy unjustly accused a wide variety of Americans of being communist spies, creating a hysterical witch-hunt that destroyed the lives of innocent people. 24 more words


Why Ridiculous Official Propaganda Still Works

Ever wondered how the Nazi-style “Big Lie” propaganda technique really works? Well, you’re in luck, because here’s our in-house propagandist, CJ Hopkins, to explain it all to you … 1,299 more words

Media Manipulation

British Intelligence Trips Over Its Own Lies

An aerial image of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. GCHQ is one of the three UK Intelligence Agencies, with an emphasis on Signals Intelligence, similar to the American NSA. 861 more words


The Disgusting Embrace of Witch-Hunting McCarthyism by 'Liberals’

By Wayne Madsen | Strategic Culture

So-called «liberals» and «progressives», who once derided those on the political right who accused their ideological forbearers of kowtowing to the «Reds» and «Soviets» during the era of Senator Joseph McCarthy, have dusted off McCarthy’s playbook and are using the very same tactics against Donald Trump and his supporters. 1,198 more words


Russia: Fighting the Last War

I have not watched much of the idiot box these last few years; Jeopardy and Big Bang Theory being the occasional exception. And certainly, a glimpse of… 767 more words

Green Party VP candidate: Trump’s Neo-Fascism will be built on Neo-Fascism of Obama and Democrat Party

By Ajamu Baraka

Global Research, January 04, 2017

Black Agenda Report 3 January 2017

Late on the evening of December 23, when the attention of the public was fixed on the consumerist excesses of the holiday season, President Obama signed into law the Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). 1,159 more words