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Fenomeno. Altro che CR7. Di nuovo al McDonald’s per ordinare un McChicken, un cheeseburger, patate slice (totus tuus) e, beh, mezzo litro di.


18-Year-Old Business Owner, Skateboarder Leads "Feed The Homies"

By Natalie Gross

When two kids asked Zach Lindsay to sign their skateboards and take selfies with them a few weeks ago, it took him by surprise. 791 more words

Faces Of DC

McDonald's Added an Extra Ingredient to My McChicken

I went to McDonald’s the other day and ordered two McChickens off the $1 menu.

I unwrapped my first McChicken and just as I was about to take a bite I noticed something different.   26 more words



I was craving McDonald’s so I got myself McDonald’s! Unsalted fries, cheeseburger and McChicken with tomato and onions. The Cheeseburger was not fresh, the fries were perfect since they were freshly fried and the McChicken was super fresh!



Un pazzo. Aspettando Chiara, a Termini… McDonald’s, no? Un McChicken, le crocchette di spinaci e parmigiano (e si sono pure sbagliati, nella confezione ne ho trovati quattro!) e 40cc di the freddo.

A casa, poi, del jelato.

Più Che Buono

The Kilt Incident


Yowsers discovers that we (PSU alums) have some great company in Keegan-Michael Key and Ty Burrell, plus we cover the beef tongue, recap Thanksgiving, the bull saving by Sam Simon, a kilt incident, Mr Belvedere, Mr H goes to the movies, a game of Real or Onion, a McChicken throw, a scorching application of sriracha and much more!


This Guy Who "Assaulted" His Wife With A McChicken Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

Meet Marvin Tramaine Hill II. He’s just your every day 21-year-old guy from Des Moines, Iowa. He was at home, minding his own business this past Tuesday trying to enjoy a nice nap around 1pm, a totally reasonable time to be sleeping, when his annoying preggo wife comes home with some food for her husband, and attempts to wake him up, with a McChicken in hand. 254 more words