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My feet at Hatsume fair 

So today C&:!%£*”* treated me to the Hatsume fair for my birthday. I got a shirt printed and saw a lot of cool costumes. I made sure to get alot of photos. 177 more words

McDonald's launches Big Mac Sauce, Filet-O-Fish And McChicken Sauces at grocery stores


You may finally be able to get a bottle of McDonald’s famous Big Mac Sauce at grocery stores — that is if you live in Canada. 139 more words

Fast Food

Can't Beat Kennedy: Liz From Holden

1. 11 years ago today in 2005, the 17th Street Canal in New Orleans was breached by Hurricane Katrina. causing massive flooding and destruction. This caused what famous musician to say “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” at a relief event. 180 more words


A Man and His #McChicken

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love McDonald’s. I still eat Chicken McNuggets like they came from the table of Zeus himself. McDonald’s fries are still the best fries in the world. 536 more words

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Do You Know Why The McChicken Is Trending? You Can't Unsee This!

Have you noticed the McChicken has been trending on Twitter and Facebook in the last 24 hours? Do you know why it’s trending? It’s because a man decided to make love to one, and filmed it. 196 more words


Everyone Regrets Checking To See Why The McChicken Is Trending Right Now

Over the weekend, my half-brother introduced me to “JoeysWorldTour.” Joey describes himself as someone who “uses comedy to bring the usual mundane food review to a new hilarious level,” or in plain-speak, he’s an obese man who sits in his car and films himself eating things like… 436 more words