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Next Sunday's Lesson

Next Sunday (1/31/16) we’ll be studying Lesson 3, covering 1 Nephi 8-11, part of 1 Nephi 12, and 1 Nephi 15. This lesson encompasses Lehi’s vision of the Tree of Life, as well as Nephi’s explanatory vision. 156 more words


Lesson #32: How To Find the Right Spouse: Is It Up to Me or God?

The best advice I’ve ever read on the process of deciding who is the right person to marry was given by Bruce R. McConkie at a speech he gave in 1973 entitled “Agency or Inspiration–Which?”  The link to the speech is given below. 36 more words


Infinity and the Atonement

In life we sometimes find ideas or concepts that are difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend. When I was young, my dad heard on the radio that there was a boy who wanted to see how big a million of something was. 2,449 more words

Chapter 6: The Fall of Adam and Eve

I talked last time about the problems of a too literal reading of many scriptural stories. The only straightforward way to read this chapter is that the anonymous authors disagree with my take. 627 more words


The Holy Ghost can be compared to a radio transmitter; answers to prayer (McConkie; Covey)

Elder Bruce R. McConkie in a message to institute and seminary people on this campus several years ago used this physical illustration to distinguish between the Spirit of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. 519 more words

Answers To Prayer

Chapter 2: Our Heavenly Family

First a word of apology. Apparently, I spoke too soon earlier when I noted that Heavenly Mother had been expunged completely from the new manual. 884 more words