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Time to panic in Pittsburgh?

Is panic a harsh or inappropriate word for this time of year and a team a virtual lock to make the playoffs, yes. But this Penguins team in 2009 when they won their first Stanley Cup since 1992 was set up to be what the Chicago Blackhawks and LA Kings are right now, potential dynasties. 772 more words


In Bruges [2008]

Again, enjoying the work of the McDonagh brothers, so I checked this out. I never saw this when I worked at the video store because it looked like a mindless shoot em up and it just wasn’t my thing. 87 more words


Calvary [2014]

This film appears to be a drama. The adverts and right down to the way it’s filmed are very grave. In reality, the movie is darkly hilarious (I mean, like, pitch black). 112 more words


The Guard [2011]

I like Calvary so much, I wanted to see this next. Same writer/director and lead actor. Apparently, this is the most successful Irish film to date, with regard to box-office sales. 97 more words


Seven Psychopaths [2012]

Another recommendation from Ross. This movie was excellent! The story goes that Colin Farrell (who was pretty good in this, actually) is a writer trying to write a script about seven psychopaths, but he has no inspiration for the characters. 147 more words


Film Review 2014 - Part 3 - featuring Locke, stock(plot), and avenging gun barrels

Part 3 of the my film review hits three further releases, two british and two american. Locke, Calvary, Blue Ruin and The Amazing Spiderman 2. 1,928 more words

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Game On!

The Rangers season kicks off Thursday October 9th in St. Louis and it can’t come soon enough. Duclair, MIller, Hayes, Glass, and all the other newcomers are getting their chance to prove they belong while joining the rest of the boys as they get ready to defend their Eastern Conference championship title. 646 more words