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The TJMS Report: McDonald's Adds Calorie Count to Menu

The world’s largest hamburger/fast food chain is showing why they’re a leader.

Soon you won’t have to wonder how many calories you’re eating when you order a Big Mac and fries. 209 more words


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This sort of online following can indicate that the company is not a fly by night operation. Thus, any pharmaceutical company doing research and development in India will likely choose to patent its technology in India and, therefore, will need to be familiar with Indian patentability standards1. 198 more words


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Illegal for the buyer and the seller, the purchase of drugs online without a prescription has become common over the Internet. Research work has proven in recent times that there is a spiritual dimension to the issue of HIV/AIDS infection. 153 more words


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Offshore Medical Billing provides quality and accurate medical transcription services with cost effective rates. For example – the side effects, usage, purpose, dosage etc. 323 more words


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Same is the case with medical claims processing. Doctors always think that Hand prescription is the best method to provide instant prescription, instant investigation, and instant treatment and for handling large numbers of patients in less time but maybe unawareness of new technology and database management is the main reason medicos still love manual prescription. 241 more words


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An otolaryngologist is a physician who specializes in ear, nose, and throat disorders and will investigate the cause of the hearing loss. No maintenance expenses or on installation of software or hardware. 246 more words


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However, 5% of the American population acquires individual health insurance plans. This does not necessary mean that buying generic drugs in preference to branded counterparts is a bad idea. 338 more words