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Rethink Fast Food

New on Yahoo, guys:

A woman leaves her McDonald’s Happy Meal untouched for SIX years, just to see if it would decompose.

After six years, she takes it out, and it looks EXACTLY the same, only a little paler. 72 more words


The Secret's Revealed On THIS Calorie-Filled Surprise!

By: Frank Williams Jr.

When the ball dropped, was one of your resolutions to eat better?

Well, if you think a salad at McDonald’s constitues as healthy… You may want to think again! 90 more words


McDonald's Workers are NOT Lovin' It

As weird as it probably sounds, McDonald’s is a company that I have been very close to all my life. Growing up back home in the Philippines, my parents, sisters and I would gather and watch movies together every Sunday. 392 more words

The Not So Shocking McDonalds Experiment

We have been warned many times about the quality of McDonalds’ food. In fact, the 2004 movie “Supersize Me” was dedicated to exposing the truth behind the superstition. 147 more words

Woman Keeps McDonald’s Happy Meal Untouched For Six Years – Shocking Results

There is a woman in Alaska who decided to share a picture of an experiment that she started in 2010, six years ago, with a McDonald’s chicken nuggets and fries Happy Meal. 236 more words