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“Are you following me?”

I swallowed, leaning away from her accusatory tone. I hadn’t expected this, I wasn’t prepared. “I… uh…”

Lana huffed. “It’s a simple question, Andrew. 744 more words


Big Mac Sauce is hitting Grocery stores.

Ashton‘s commentary: This is another article by Anita Srivastava on McDonalds expanded their product lines in to the grocery stores this barbecue season.

Before reading take a look at Anita’s Instagram shot of McDonalds. 335 more words


Is The Gallery In SM Under Construction... Again?

The mystery continues…  Back in June of 2015 renovation began on the shabby old food court The Gallery at 1315 Third St. Promenade in Santa Monica.  66 more words


McDonald's Selling Special Big Mac & McChicken Sauces In Grocery Stores

Your dreams have finally come true!

McDonalds has finally decided to sell its special sauces in certain grocery stores.

As always, there’s a catch – the company will begin selling Big Mac, McChicken and Filet-O-Fish sauces and dressings only in CANADIAN Stores. 67 more words


3 guys travel from Canada to West Virginia just to get a pizza from McDonald’s

SPENCER, WV (WCMH) — Sometimes you just get a craving.

And for three guys from London, Ontario, that craving was for a McDonald’s pizza. The problem is, there’s only two Golden Arches left that sell the rare pie: one in Spencer, West Virginia and the other in Pomeroy, Ohio. 84 more words


Dinner deconstructed: McDonald's classic Big Mac meal, complete with McNuggets and a sundae

The Big Mac Meal from McDonald’s (with Chicken McNuggets and a sundae)

Founded in 1940 as a humble barbecue restaurant in California, today McDonald’s serves approximately 68 million customers in 120 countries every day. 80 more words