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Class Up Your Thanksgiving With This McDonald's Big Mac Sushi

Proving that we are the universe’s most superior species in all possible dimensions, Master Chef Hiroyuki Terada has taken the crown jewel of the McDonald’s menu and created Big Mac Sushi. 201 more words


Why Can't the NFL Take a Day Off?

In the upcoming movie CONCUSSION there’s a line (in the trailer) where someone asks Will Smith, who plays Dr. Bennet Omalu, “How can you fight a corporation that owns a night of the week?” Here’s my question: “Don’t they own… 184 more words


Here's What You Need To Know About McDonald's' New McPick 2 Menu


McDonald’s is banking on customers having an appetite for their recently unveiled McPick 2 menu. Starting on January 4, the fast food giant will be introducing a promotion where customers (people like you!) can select any two items from a set series of offerings for a grand total of two bucks. 200 more words


STARTING-UP WITH THEM: the Ecell and the Incubator story

“Heads I win; Tails I don’t lose much” is the strategy of a smart Entrepreneur. And the first time I heard it, it wasn’t coming form the pep talk of a serial Entrepreneur or an international incubator but from scribbled notes of a student at a state level Venture Capitalists’ event. 1,294 more words

Local McDonald's catches on fire

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Fire Department was called to a local McDonald’s on Thursday after it caught on fire.

That incident happened at the location on Dexter and Germantown Parkway. 53 more words


And The Culprit Is Kale

Regular readers know that I have it in for kale. It is, in my humble opinion, a horrible vegetable. At its best, it adds a bitter taste to a fresh salad; at its worst it is a slimy substance that reminds one of the slithery greens that wash up on the ocean beaches. 701 more words