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The Founder

The Founder is essentially an “absolute power corrupts absolutely” story with the setting of an American fast food franchise.  And not just any American fast food franchise, THE American fast food franchise.  292 more words

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McDonald's Adventure

I’m sure everyone has heard that there are Super Mario toys for McDonald’s Happy Meals. We haven’t had McDonald’s in a long time. We decided to go anyway, being 23- and 27-years-old, to get Happy Meals to get a surprise Mario toy. 357 more words

Video Games

Half of All American Consumers Visits McDonald's Each Month

McDonald’s in the last decade has counter acted against special interest group attacks and minimum wage increases. They did this while embracing costumer trends in taste and technology. 156 more words


I made my own Big Mac!

I have a bit of a secret to tell you…

McDonald’s is one of my biggest guilty pleasures. Always has been – ever since you could get a Beanie Baby with your Happy Meal! 571 more words


McDonald's Is Getting Rid Of This Classic Drink!

I am pretty sure when it comes to the most well-known McDonald’s items, the list goes, Big Mac, McNuggets, and the Classic Hi-C Orange drink! From the age of like 6 when I used to ride my bike to McDonald’s until about last week, I ALWAYS get the Hi-C Orange drink! 59 more words


Day 20 Vegan.

That’s it. I’ve had enough! I’m throwing in the towel!

Only kidding!

I’m still loving this journey, even if I keep forgetting to take things for lunch like oatmilk and spread, so have to drink black builders tea (sounds racist. 370 more words

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Another Flag, Another Tank, Another Crane, for another Friday

Revisiting a very busy section of the West Loop.

In the foreground, the tower crane at the McDonald’s Headquarters site. To the left, a full view of the tower crane at 171 Aberdeen. 23 more words

West Loop