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Alaska Airlines Mcdonnell Douglas Md-83 (dc-9-83) Diecast Plane 1:200 Unopened

Alaska Airlines Mcdonnell Douglas Md-83 (dc-9-83) Diecast Plane 1:200 Unopened
Alaska Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (DC-9-83) Diecast Plane 1:200 UnopenedThis Is Saran Sealed And Has Not Been OpenedModel #VL002B N933AS With SunglassesSee PicsI Gladly Combine Shipping. 45 more words


Civil service jobs - it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it

Right-wing commentators love to present regulations and rights as a tangle of red tape operated by faceless bureaucrats. The right fail to realise that their Brexit will not be a great unravelling, but a transfer from Brussels to Whitehall and Holyrood. 541 more words

Jeremy Corbyn open to keeping Britain in the customs union -- promised to run the Brexit negotiations “very differently” if he came to power -- Some say “coup d'etat”

By Kevin Maguire

Jeremy Corbyn’s team cancelled a scheduled Brexit gathering to maintain the flexibility of what’s known within the shadow cabinet as “creative ambiguity” on Europe. 1,322 more words


This is one of the sides of my family that I don’t know very well and that I seem to hit roadblocks on with researching. Part of the issue is that so many documents have no survived through the ages and apparently Ireland had many churches catch on fire. 460 more words

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It is reported that the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, has poo-pooed the idea that he should discuss financial figures in interviews because he has ‘iPads and advisers to deal with that sort of thing’. 212 more words


Channel 4 backtracks as 23 economists back McDonnell on investment

On Friday, Channel 4 News’ FactCheck tweeted a link to an article headlined “John McDonnell doesn’t seem to understand how government debt works“. The article claimed that McDonnell had failed to demonstrate an understanding of the way in which the ‘multiplier effect’ and ensuing tax revenues work when he was asked questions about it during an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil. 444 more words