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Charging Cavalry or a Trojan Horse?

The political year of 2016 has a good chance of being remembered for longer and of having a larger impact on British political life than most other years. 2,856 more words


OMG, A Gingerbread Castle!

I’ve never seen such over the top, beautiful, edible art, and I don’t even like gingerbread. However, I do appreciate the dedication to create something so beautiful with such a unique flair. 63 more words

International RICO

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person who has received any income derived, directly or indirectly, from a pattern of racketeering activity … has participated as a principal … to use or invest, directly or indirectly, any part of such income, or the proceeds of such income, in acquisition of any interest in, or the establishment or operation of, any enterprise which is engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce. 3,136 more words

Guest post: Theresa May and her inner Marie Antoinette

A year ago Theresa May showed scant regard for the concerns of the masses as she wholeheartedly embraced the rush to frack. It was a case of frack what the public think and to hell with it. 819 more words

Bribery II

For the purposes of this chapter, the term ‘‘scheme or artifice to defraud’’ includes a scheme or artifice to deprive another of the intangible right of honest services. 2,375 more words

Brexit: 'national economy' and class

Food-bank Britain: not on the referendum ballot paper, but central to ‘Brexit’

Ed Miliband is staking out the kind of territory on Brexit he tried to occupy as Labour leader. 2,243 more words

While Watson postures on #fakenews, McDonnell tells it like it is

The SKWAWKBOX has covered in some detail Labour deputy leader Tom Watson’s transparent attempt to silence inconvenient, independent news sources by smearing them as ‘fake news’. 418 more words