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British Politics changed on 12th September 2015


AT SPECIAL LABOUR PARTY CONFERENCE TO ELECT THE LEADER OF THE LABOUR PARTY, as Jeremy’s agent I went with him to an upstairs room in the QE2 Conference Centre in London to await the results of the ballot. 637 more words

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A rare lunar eclipse beckons a new dawn for politics

A rare supermoon lunar eclipse this weekend – 25/27 September 2015 – coincided with the annual Labour Party Conference in Brighton. This particular celestial event hasn’t occurred since 1982, and it was red! 388 more words

Without verity Corbyn will never be allowed a fair shot

As well as for many other reasons, Jeremy Corbyn was elected because he purports to be unlike other politicians. He campaigned on a ticket of fundamental reform of the way our democracy could work. 1,329 more words


Why I didn't support the IRA in the 80s

There’s a great deal of controversy right now about comments made by Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and others on the left about the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and Sinn Fein in the past and their previously held positions on the decades of violence that scarred Northern Ireland. 529 more words

Would Jamie McDonnell's plans put Carl Frampton's nose out of joint?

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It is another disappointment for fans of either Andy Lee or Billy Joe Saunders as a cut above Saunders’ right eye in sparring has caused him to postpone this world title fight. 1,441 more words


The John McDonnell Column: From Protest to Power

NOBODY PREDICTED THE ENORMOUS SCALE OF SUPPORT AND ENTHUSIASM for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership election campaign. In one of the very few interviews I have given about the campaign, I said that we would shock the establishment with the level of support we would generate but not even I thought we would be seeing rallies of 1,000 to 2,000 people overflowing into the streets. 787 more words

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Gov. McDonnell allowed to remain free while awaiting appeal

Richmond, Va. – The Supreme Court granted an emergency motion Monday that will allow former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell to stay out of jail while he seeks to appeal his conviction on federal corruption charges. 569 more words