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Blair stopped Corbyn's #deselection? No, he wanted 'show-trials'

Former Labour Chief Whip Hilary Armstrong has made a clumsy attempt in Saturday’s Guardian to guilt supporters of Jeremy Corbyn into abandoning hopes of democratically deselecting obstructive MPs – by claiming that Tony Blair saved the Labour leader from a similar fate: 416 more words

Not quite wrong enough

In my last posts on politics I’ve made a few predictions. Wrong predictions! In this post, I want to acknowledge my errors, reflect on what they mean, and perhaps make a few more in the process. 2,065 more words


Peak Corbyn Has Passed


Hitler gained control over Germany because his “Brownshirts”, the Sturmabteilung, disrupted the meetings and rallies of his opponents with violence. They ransacked the newspapers that dared print the truth about Hitler and his Nazis. 900 more words


SCOTUS Upholds Citizens United Rationale in Vacating Ex-Governor’s Corruption Conviction

In late June, the Supreme Court voted unanimously to vacate the conviction of former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell, who was found guilty by a jury in 2014 on 11 corruption-related charges. 854 more words


Franklin Mint Mcdonnell Douglas F-15d Eagle Israel

Franklin Mint Mcdonnell Douglas F-15d Eagle Israel
800×600 Franklin Mint McDonnell Douglas F-15D Eagle, IDF/AF, Israel Franklin Mint #B11E757 800×600 Normal 0 False False False EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Heyl Ha’Avir – Israeli Air Force Baz Meshopar Fighter – 133 Tayeset, Tel Nof Airbase, Operation Opera ("Raid On Tammuz 1"), Osirak, Iraq, June 7th, 1981 Item Condition: Like New. 276 more words


Labour Still So Vulnerable


The day after the General Election, Country Squire Magazine produced an editorial which suggested that Theresa May should step down. That her authority was shot. 838 more words


Seems Tories seriously worried re Labour tax pledge. Enough to tweet #fakenews

Labour’s policy commitment not to raise tax or national insurance for anyone earning less than £80,000 a year seems to have the Tory party seriously worried. 510 more words