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A matter of convenience.

Went on my first date with Mr. Interesting… we were supposed to do pool or bowling or something… but again, just like McMaybe, those previously discussed plans were ignored, to have our first date be a sports bar. 305 more words

Happenings And Thoughts

Hello, Mr. Interesting!

Had a wonderful photoshoot this week with a great photographer I’m looking forward to the results!

Also on set, was a handsome model who I ended up chatting with via phone a few days later. 285 more words

Happenings And Thoughts


I. Love. Enchanted! Since I’ve seen the movie I want to be Giselle. She is goals.

Giselle is so full of kindness, generosity, and a giving spirit. 114 more words


A Tale of 3 Slices.

Went over to McMaybe’s apartment. Said he was just going to order pizza because it was easy. I get there, and this man ordered 3 slices. 59 more words

Happenings And Thoughts


I’m demoting McDreamy back down to McMaybe again… maybe this is just a force. I give up.

Back to “doing me.”

Happenings And Thoughts


Met another extremely talented photographer over the weekend, who has also been bit by the music bug. Looks promising for a fantastic collaboration. =)

McMaybe is now McDreamy again. 6 more words

Happenings And Thoughts

Flirty Friday - Patrick Dempsey

A recent conversation led to this week’s Flirty Friday feature… Patrick Dempsey. We adore Patrick Dempsey! He is like a fine wine who has just gotten better with age. 69 more words

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