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Are you a procrastinator too?

I started reading a book to inspire myself to get off my ass and do something — tick another book off my reading list, finish writing the story I started working on (I am a reporter, I do it for a living), exercise every day, eat better and cook that meal on time. 283 more words


Somewhere Between "Dark and Twisty" & "Sunshine and Rainbows"

Let me start out and smack you in the face with a blanket statement about all writers that may or may not be true: good writers  357 more words


300 is a lot. Like a lot of anything. 300 bananas, 300 cars, 300 people…it’s a big number. Can you imagine 300 43 minute tv episodes? 1,103 more words


Chasing Cars

An hour ago he was proposing
And now… and now he’s going to the morgue
Isn’t it ridiculous?
Isn’t that the most ridiculous piece of crap you’ve ever heard?

387 more words

The Art of Getting Bagels

Ah… the start of a new relationship. Once you get past the “what are we?” stage, it’s pretty perfect. You’re both constantly dressed in your best, you eat out a lot and every minute spent together is a “date.” You stay up late asking each other questions because you have your entire life to catch up on. 621 more words

28 And Holding


What if you go and play hide and seek, not as a child, not in your memory, but in real life. And you go hide and seek in the past? 306 more words


I am an adult.

How did I come to this realisation? Well… I happened to watch the third (and hopefully last) of the Bridget Jone’s trilogy. In this, Bridget is now 43, single, and still bumbling her way through life. 322 more words