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Life is majorly about making mistakes, followed by making the most of them by acquiring key learnings. Wrong relationship decisions taken, come back and haunt us in the future… 458 more words


About 1 day left


Really? Just mah?

Yes. Mäh.

Take me with you, Sheebo said. Even if you have to crawl. Crawling is acceptable.

You really wanna do this, Pota? 134 more words


About being proud - 2 days left

Sheep in bed. Sheep is tired. Sheep is proud. Sheep can’t choose between the two. Sheep doesn’t have to choose. Life is not always about choosing. 115 more words


About dealing with darkness - 4 days left

We found an empty bed. It seemed as if this sheep checked out a while ago. His body was there. But his mind was not. Because he was afraid. 295 more words


Changing the sheeps

McDreamy is awake. He did have a dream, part of which was in italics. Now he is not having a dream, so he is awake. 394 more words


McDreamy (an exaggeration of attraction) -

I grew up in a broken home,
So naturally love and romance
Are not my specialty.
If you saw the boys I’ve had,
You’d even applaud me for getting out of bed. 76 more words


About Patience - 33 days left

Hey there cuties. Did you sleep okay?

You look a little tired. What’s up with the beedy eyes here?


You were chasing dreams again, weren’t you? 45 more words