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Grab Tissues, The 7 Times 'Grey's Anatomy' Broke Our Hearts

Why do such terrible things happen to such beautiful people? And why can’t we look away?? We just know Season 13 of Grey’s is going to keep breaking our hearts. 148 more words


Waking up, shaking up

Potamotrygorgeous, or mirr, or Confession sheep, or Mister Mähverick (haven’t heard from him in a while!), or Dream sheep says it’s important to keep the good dreams alive. 559 more words


Bridget Jones's Baby (2016) by Sharon Maguire

Bridget Jones is the old spinster we know. This time over 40, however, managed to reach perfect weight over the years. This film is a drift from Helen Fielding’s book “Mad About the Boy”, where Mark Darcy is dead and Bridget is widowed with two kids. 176 more words

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Patrick Dempsey Agrees That He Outstayed His Welcome On 'Grey's Anatomy'

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy, also known as Oh My God That Show Is Still Going Strong?: Medical Edition, are still mourning the loss of McDreamy. 241 more words



Life is majorly about making mistakes, followed by making the most of them by acquiring key learnings. Wrong relationship decisions taken, come back and haunt us in the future… 458 more words

Arranged Marriage

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Really? Just mah?

Yes. Mäh.

Take me with you, Sheebo said. Even if you have to crawl. Crawling is acceptable.

You really wanna do this, Pota? 134 more words