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In you we trust

This year has already been a pattern of ignoring or turning a blind eye to my hunches, only for them to reveal themselves to be accurate at a later date. 229 more words

Happenings And Thoughts

How Grey's Anatomy is Taking Over My Life

If you are anything like me, once you get hooked on a TV show that you can sit down and binge watch, you binge like there’s no tomorrow with no remorse. 283 more words

Slip of the tongue

One rule of life is this: if you ask a question, you create an opening. An opening for another sheep to walk through. And if he does, he might even answer your question. 433 more words


gratitude-a-thon day 1023: hip hip hooray

Modern medicine, all hail.

My friend just had her hip replaced. My sister had hers done a few months ago. My husband had two done in his late forties. 106 more words

A matter of convenience.

Went on my first date with Mr. Interesting… we were supposed to do pool or bowling or something… but again, just like McMaybe, those previously discussed plans were ignored, to have our first date be a sports bar. 305 more words

Happenings And Thoughts

Hello, Mr. Interesting!

Had a wonderful photoshoot this week with a great photographer I’m looking forward to the results!

Also on set, was a handsome model who I ended up chatting with via phone a few days later. 285 more words

Happenings And Thoughts


I. Love. Enchanted! Since I’ve seen the movie I want to be Giselle. She is goals.

Giselle is so full of kindness, generosity, and a giving spirit. 114 more words