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Enduring Love by Ian McEwan, read by David Threlfall

Enduring Love has had rave reviews, but I found it taxed my patience. I almost abandoned it.

It begins with a compelling drama: Joe, having a picnic with his lady-love Clarissa, dashes over to help when a runaway balloon threatens the life of a boy trapped inside the basket.  474 more words


Ian McEwan, Solar

I have been faint hearted in my praise of Ian McEwan in the past. Mainly because I find it difficult to feel involved in his books – with his detached tone and slow build up. 51 more words


Black Dogs, by Ian McEwan

This is a book about two obstinate old people with a failed marriage – and how dangerous challenges can shape our lives.

I had previously read Ian McEwan’s more recent book, … 264 more words


Solar: Conclusions

On my worst day, I was never as bad as Michael Beard; indeed, I think he was so bad that the novel took on a comic feeling—so bad it was fun to laugh at the extremes of his badness. 265 more words

Philip Roth

Solar (By McEwan): Midway

McEwan, in this book, is reminding me of John Updike; or perhaps Michael Beard is reminding me of Rabbit Angstrom. Flawed, to be sure, but in ways most of us (I suspect) can identify with. 238 more words

McEwan, Ian

Solar (by Ian McEwan): First Impressions

I shouldn’t, this soon, overindulge my exuberance for this novel; yet, I can’t resist saying that I just love it. Here’s this Michael Beard, former Nobel laureate, former husband to four wives, former active and creative physicist, former non-fat person, now firmly trapped in a mess of his own making. 340 more words

McEwan, Ian

On Chesil Beach (McEwan): The Whole Thing


Much as I didn’t enjoy this book—it seemed more of a short story than a novel to me—I have two observations to make about it. 46 more words

McEwan, Ian