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#1507: Shadowhawk



“When justice failed the innocent, district attorney Paul Johnstone fashioned the silver and black garb of the human Bird of Prey: Shadowhawk! 613 more words


FAT BASTARD 2000 Austin Powers Film 9" Talking Action Figure McFarlane Toys

The fabulous immensely obese Fat Man was played by the mercurial Mike Myers in Austin Powers films. Personally I preferred Myers in “Bill & Ted” but whatever you might think of Mike’s movies this is an excellent eye catching action figure. 146 more words

Action Figure

#1442: Spawn



“The kids like chains.”

-Todd McFarlane

SPWAAAAAAAWWWWN!  He’s X-TREEEEEEME! He’s the hippest dude on the block!  He’s fliggity-fly!  Other goofy and dated phrases as well.  596 more words


Negan (The Walking Dead TV) McFarlane 7" Action Figure Review

I have a history with McFarlane Toys. Most of us older collectors do. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve maintained for decades now that Todd McFarlane destroyed the toy collecting hobby single handily. 779 more words


In Retrospect: McFarlane Toys BT-7274 with Pilot Jack Cooper Deluxe Box

Titanfall 1 AND 2 are games I enjoy playing. Not to the extent I enjoy Destiny, but it is a fun distraction from time to time. 324 more words

In Retrospect