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McGraw Hill Math: Intended to Confuse Parents and Students?

PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS ON THE BATS FB PAGE. It will be removed. Commentary became ugly; math is a touchy subject. Thank you.

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Common Core

On Teaching in Taiwan

We’re about to start week three at our school in Zhubei City, Taiwan. Setting out on this journey, I knew that teaching in Taiwan would be very different from anything I had experienced in schools in the states. 862 more words

Video: US Standardized Testing, It's all about the profits

US standardized testing is all about redistributing tax dollars to the shareholders and CEOs of publishing giants, such as Pearson and McGraw-Hill. I’ve been saying the obvious for two decades. 305 more words

Day two

Long Island City was the first stop of the day where the panoramic view from one of the large Citi bank offices welcomed me in. To hear and understand more about how this global organisation defines the corporate responsibility initiatives and society empowering schemes across the world was also breathtaking. 169 more words

Career Ready

Western Governors University, the “Competency” Model, and the Next Wave of Higher-Ed “Innovation”

Between 6:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. this morning, the Discovery Channel aired the following three 30-minute infomercials:Sexy in Three Weeks!; The Graduate: Learn about Innovative Grad and Undergrad Degrees… 687 more words