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Dementia Patients' Awareness of their Own Illness May Predict Cognitive Decline

According to new research, anosognosia (“lack of self awareness”) may be used to predict whether patients with mild cognitive impairment will progress to Alzheimer’s disease. 505 more words


Vascular Damage May Affect Progression to Alzheimer's Dementia

Guest author: Rachana Tank has a master’s degree in Neuropsychology from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Her goal is to pursue a PhD in psychology exploring cognitive ageing, where her research interests lie. 791 more words


13,000 MBBS Seats and 5,800 Post Graduate Seats Added in Medical Colleges of India

To expand the nature of Medical experts in nation, government has chosen to build the quantity of seats in MBBS and in addition in Post Graduate course. 361 more words

Best Mbbs Colleges In Abroad

Iceland Air Coming to Kansas City MCI

I guess due to the recent subzero weather we’ve had in Kansas City lately, the Icelanders have been fooled into starting service from MCI to Iceland. 235 more words


Heading home

After 12 of the last 22 nights in Lee’s Summit, I’m ready to be home to stay for a while.

Now at KCI, ready for SWA2809 home to STL…..

Daily Life

1)Def:-  Formation of spermatozoa (sperm) from primordial germ cells (spermatogonia) in seminiferous tubules

2)Spermatogonia undergo mitosis to form  primary  spermatocytes ( Diploid)then Meiosis to form secondary spermatocyte (Haploid) again undergo meiosis  to form… 235 more words



1) Oogenesis occur in  Ovaries.

2)Oogoniaèundergo mitosis to from primary oocytes (Diploid) è then undergo first  meiosis  and arrest at prophase stage(Diplotene/dictyotyene) until puberty èat puberty… 88 more words