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Three years ago at the annual MacWorld Expo, Eric E. Schmidt,   the chief executive of Google, and Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s co-founder presented the iPhone. These two collaborated to create the iPhone what it is, especially when the iPhone uses Google’s search engine. 149 more words

Whiteaker Enterprise Story continues

Right now I’m in research mode by gathering information, setting up interviews and interviewing artists. Today I had an interview with Meisha Linwood, an artist who displays her work for the… 223 more words

Old age and the young's misconception of it.

In an article in the Health section in the New York Times, the author argues that we misconceive what it is like to be old. 280 more words

Neighborhood enterprise story

My enterprise story is about east coast artists coming to the Whiteaker. One day when I was out in the Whiteaker with Ryan almost every person we met was from the east coast, and they were coincidentally artists as well. 286 more words

Analysis of Toyota's recent commercial campaign

Akio Toyoda, owner of the Toyota company, spoke to the House on Feb. 24 about his recall of more cars than the company sold last year due to sticking acceleration problems.  166 more words

Whiteaker to Southeast

Wow, what can I say? Thanks that we called Whiteaker right away? As we ventured into unknown territory I wondered, “Where is the art? Where are the anti-American Whiteakerarians? 245 more words

From Whiteaker to SE Eugene

I’ll be honest, last week in class when we had to switch neighborhoods I was not very enthused. You see, I’ve simply fallen for the Whiteaker neighborhood – head over bare feet. 306 more words