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McKinney TX Residential Real Estate Report for January

McKinney is still trucking along!

Sales were up 3% in McKinney as compared to January of last year. The average sales price rose 13%while the median sales price climber 8%. 72 more words

Hardin Boulevard and White Wing Lane

Date of Accident:  September 21, 2014
Location:   Hardin Boulevard and White Wing Lane / McKinney, Texas
Type of Accident:  Single car accident.  Ford Focus drove on to median, hitting a light pole. 39 more words


Lake Forest Drive and Stone Gate Trail

Date of Accident:  June 30, 2014
Location:  Lake Forest Drive and Stone Gate Trail / McKinney, Texas
Type of Accident:  Motorcyclist who had right away going north bound on Lake Forest Drive collided with SUV who ran a stop sign at Stone Gate Trail. 21 more words


McKinney Child Custody Attorney Explains Conservatorship

Realizing that a marriage is headed for divorce is never easy, particularly when there are minor children involved. In fact, parents frequently stay together far longer than they would otherwise because they are concerned about the impact a divorce will have on the children. 57 more words

Question to the Leader of the Council - February 1st 2017

There is always so much information to gather, read and try to share, though this popped up and it has a bit to do with the Alton Estate. 1,566 more words

McKinney Divorce Lawyer — Preparing for Divorce

If you are contemplating the end of your marriage, you are undoubtedly going through an extremely difficult time. For most people, the decision to end a marriage does not come easily nor without a prolonged period of consideration. 63 more words

McKinney Father’s’ Rights Attorney– Preparing for A Custody Battle

Going through a divorce is rarely easy nor simple. Whether you have been married for 30 years or 30 months, the decision to end a marriage should not be made without careful consideration. 72 more words