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Governor Markell, Deliverology, & A British Knight: The Heart of Delaware Corporate Education Reform

Diane Ravitch wrote an article yesterday about an individual in the corporate education reform movement who is probably one of the biggest faces behind the agendas unleashed on an unwitting public.  1,149 more words

Delaware DOE

Digital Business - the new reality!

We hear an awful lot about the new IT forces for change, often referred to a SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud. We also hear that we are in the “Age of the Customer”, others also refer to the “Age of Context” and we are hearing a lot of hype about the “Internet of Things” and the “Internet of Everything”. 589 more words

IT Leadership

Corporate anorexia

I picked up this image in a video from the Coursera MOOC I am currently taking on Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. As usual, posts from students around the world in the online forums prove the most thought-provoking. 668 more words

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In business to go out of business

The ouroboros or uroboros (/jʊərɵˈbɒrəs/; /ɔːˈrɒbɔrəs/, from the Greek οὐροβόρος ὄφις tail-devouring snake) is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. 1,036 more words


The outlook for global growth in 2015 | McKinsey & Company

Despite tempered expectations, most forecasters see strong growth ahead, accelerating in 2016. As our Global Economics Intelligence team reports, executives are focusing on divergent opportunities. A…

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Managing email communications: Winning the battle … losing the war?

Here’s a statistic that won’t come as a big surprise to many office workers … but it still looks pretty stark when you see it on the page:  According to research by… 374 more words


The Dialectic of Expression and Suppression

Hervé Falciani

As the scandal of Stephen Green and HSBC wends its predictable way, we really need to get “out of the box” of watchdog and whistleblower. 856 more words