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Managing email communications: Winning the battle … losing the war?

Here’s a statistic that won’t come as a big surprise to many office workers … but it still looks pretty stark when you see it on the page:  According to research by… 374 more words


The Dialectic of Expression and Suppression

Hervé Falciani

As the scandal of Stephen Green and HSBC wends its predictable way, we really need to get “out of the box” of watchdog and whistleblower. 856 more words


The Rise of the Marketer

The Rise of the Marketer: The Economist Intelligence Unit and Marketo Survey The Future – from the Marketo Blog

They see six major trends emerging, and I definitely agree with their observation: 160 more words



Numbers are inevitably simplifications. It is easy to hide behind them. Accounting numbers, especially, are historical and able to say little about the future. Running your business through them is frequently likened to trying to drive a car by looking in the rear-view mirror. 808 more words


Getting Big Impact from Big Data...

Does the actual benefit of big data still elude you? Want a clear path to start utilizing them successfully? 673 more words


How climate change could affect corporate valuations

How climate change could affect corporate valuations
Source: McKinsey & Company

Not surprising, we found that carbon-abatement efforts will put dramatically different levels of stress on the cash flows and valuations of different industries.

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The role of the Chief Medical Officer at pharmaceutical companies is evolving to improve patient care and outcomes. A McKinsey & Company article.

Source: www.mckinsey.com…

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