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McKinsey says digital finance adoption could add trillions to high growth economies

Adoption of digital finance could add $3.7 trillion dollars to the GDP of emerging markets economies, including $1.1 trillion in China alone, according to a new McKinsey & Company report. 568 more words


Africa's large companies are growing faster and making more money than their global peers

Large companies in Africa are growing faster than their peers in the rest of the world, raking in $1.4 trillion in annual profits and contributing to government taxes and higher wages, a new report finds. 379 more words

Growth of the African Consumer

The African consumer market is regarded as the Next Investment Frontier with a population of a billion plus people. Africa is home to some of the World’s fastest growing economies and  is the second fastest growing region of the World next to Asia. 482 more words

Emerging Markets: Africa

Capturing China’s $5 trillion productivity opportunity | McKinsey & Company

It won’t be easy, but shifting to a productivity-led economy from one focused on investment could add trillions of dollars to the country’s growth by 2030. 774 more words

China Alert

Improving the Efficiency Big Data

In today’s business environment, which has been impacted by reproducing data, shrinking budgets and rising customer demands, companies that can make the correct decisions at the right time have a competitive advantage. 987 more words


Five questions boards should ask about IT in a digital world | McKinsey & Company

In our experience, board directors are more likely to gain such fluency if they routinely ask these five critical questions relating to the IT organization’s performance: 77 more words

Service Management

The evolution of social technologies | McKinsey & Company

Leading companies have passed through three distinct phases of organizational usage.

What should we learn from them?

Since the dawn of the social-technology era, executives have recognized the potential of blogs, wikis, and… 102 more words

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