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Triund diaries: Conclusion – 101 for Triund/Snowline trek

Here are some tips for folks interested in Triund/Snowline hike:

  1. Solo travelling doesn’t mean you “have to be alone” or “are alone” all the time. You can strike conversations with fellow travellers (which by the way happens a lot), reflect on things and write if you like.
  2. 333 more words

Triund diaries (Part 6): Some goodbyes are not hard to say

When you are in the mountains, even a good five-hour sleep would leave you waking up fresh as a dew. Doesn’t happen to me when I am in a city. 876 more words


Triund diaries (Part 5): Beneath the starry sky

There is an old rusted telephone box in Triund covered with prayer flags and messages. It doesn’t look out of place, though has grown old by weathering the different moods of Triund. 458 more words


Triund diaries (Part 4): In search of solitude

Well hello! I see tents all over the place and with loud music playing it sure looked like a party scene. What happened to the quiet place I had visited two years back? 449 more words


Triund diaries (Part 3): Some magic and lots of conversations

On the way up to Triund, you come to the oldest chai shop around (since 1984 as it says) called Magic view. Hikers & trekkers stop here to refuel, have chai & the favourite food of the mountains – Maggie. 296 more words


Triund diaries (Part 2): Start of a love affair

In between discovering my love for Naba, writing and travelling, I decided to go back to Triund and fulfil the promise made at that place (because unfulfilled promises hurt the most :( ). 778 more words


Triund Diaries (Part 1) : Not love at first sight;

March 2014, just before I was to make the life-changing move to Bombay, I came to Dharamshala for the first time with my friends. Though until the hike, I didn’t find anything interesting in Dharamshala expect for the fact it was a perfect place to be with your friends. 331 more words