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A Secular Church? McLuhan, Catholicism, and the War of Identity

I’ve been tracking McLuhan’s relationship to his Catholic faith for the last several weeks, specifically going through The Medium and the Light, a collection of interviews, addresses, outlines, etc. 1,278 more words


Pope Francis, Software Pope

“To come back to our comparison, the choice between two forms of authority makes me think of the difference between hardware and software. The written or printed paper is hardware; the spoken or recorded word is software.

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Globalisation - 'The Global Village'

Intercultural communication now allows us to be connected to any part of the world in mere seconds. With global networks spanning from China to America, Australia to India, Paris to Korea, the world we know is truly becoming a smaller ‘global village’ of sorts as time goes on. 735 more words


Understanding Television Spaces

Marshal McLuhan penned the famous quote “the medium is the message” in his 1964 book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (McLuhan, 1964). McLuhan hypothesised that the medium through which content is carried affects society by the characteristics of the medium itself, rather than the messages it hosts. 450 more words

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A New Red Queen

Increasing Returns or Red Queens?

Recently, as I wanted to watch a particular science fiction movie I searched my Netflix account, and then I looked on my video on demand menu from my cable company.  633 more words

What does this "thing" we call Twitter do?

One of the big challenges we are presented with in the twenty-first century is to consider the role materials have in the way we make decisions. 1,531 more words

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Why Color Matters

As a child, I never really realized how much skin color mattered. In retrospect, maybe I should have. My very first memories are from the time my family and I were based in UK. 998 more words