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The Medium is the Message

The concept of The Medium is the Message is a complicated one. Many people don’t fully comprehend the extent of the statement. I will be trying to explain this and what effects it has on society. 554 more words

Is the Medium the Message?

Week 8 of our Virtual Environments module[1]. The topic of discussion was Marshall McLuhan’s theory “The Medium is the Message”. The lecturers posed a question to the class, ‘Does the Medium matter?’ After a few minutes of silence (presumably everyone was deep in thought behind their computer screens), people started to give their opinions on whether the medium mattered, a fair debate ensued and the class gave their thoughts on the topic. 619 more words

Twitch.tv: A new medium for social interaction

By James Phillips

What is this Twitch.tv you may ask? It is a video live streaming website created in 2011 to facilitate a new generation of online communication. 663 more words

On Feedback, Political and Poetic

I have been considering the notion of ‘feedback’ more recently, following reading about how Stelarc’s work relates to feedback, in his use of computational and robotic materials the read motions from his body then feed those motions back into to the body, forcing it to mechanical modify itself using inter-limb information. 645 more words


Sesión 14: Proyecto #1. Marshall McLuhan + OK GO + Taro Gomi + Keri Smith.

En esta sesión iniciamos con #Esto No es un libro de @KeriSmith , como abrebocas a diferentes conceptos desarrollados por  marshall Mc Luhan  entre ellos #Medios Calientes y #Medios Fríos, seguimos con la creación de una máquina de Goldberg inspirada en el grupo #OK GO, y terminamos con una reflexión sobre medios calientes y fríos inspirados en el trabajo de @Taro Gomi. 43 more words


McLuhan saw into the future

Media Studies

Marshall McLuhan quote

Joshua C.

“The wired plant has no boundaries and no monopolies of knowledge”-Marshall McLuhan”

The reason why I picked this quote to analyze was that it intrigued me, I found it utterly amazing that somebody , before the invention of the World Wide Web was able to give a logical explanation to something that had never existed in his life time.

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