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Medium Theory

“The Medium is the message”

A bold statement once brought forward by Canadian Philosopher and Professor Herbert Marshall McLuhan. This fore drawn conclusion offered about how we communicate and are shaped by the media platforms and technologies we own, rather than the message being passed through can still be applied to how we live today. 395 more words


"Don't hate the media, become the media" - Thoughts about Media Theory

Last week we spoke about Marshall McLuhan’s “The medium is the message” in the context of Media Theory. I must admit I left the seminar with an headache. 535 more words

Media Theory

Sunday Book-Thought 59

All Western ‘scientific’ models of communication are, like the Shannon-Weaver model, linear, logical, and sequential in accordance with the pattern of efficient causality.
These are all in the figure-minus-ground mode of the left hemisphere, and in contrast do not relate to the effects of simultaneity and discontinuity and resonance that typify experience in an electronic culture. 116 more words


Preview: 9/27 Histories of globalization and the media, part 2.

The Histories of Globalization, Part 2.

  • How we frame globalization: The perspective of development of media systems.
  • “Mind maps/abstracts” due by class time.

Readings: Lule Chapters 3 + 4 + take a quick look at Robertson: Euromedia, click here to access.


Beyond the Galaxy [A Conference Talk]

Recently, I was invited to deliver a paper at the BH+DH Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The call for papers prompted presenters “to study how digital humanities grows out book history, how ‘bh’ and ‘dh’ continue to be mutually informative and generative, and how they also contradict each other.” 2,484 more words


In Media Veritas

Even though “old media” like the plastic bag scene from American Beauty or Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried” might have more influence on me and have shaped my character in various ways, new media tends to do the same, but still to a lesser extent. 198 more words