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Defining Media Ecology

This essay was originally written as part of my PhD comprehensive exams. It was written in response to the prompt: “Define Media Ecology.”


            The meaning of the phrase “media ecology” will likely depend on the context in which it is used. 3,567 more words


New Media Technology: Virtual Reality

There has always been tension when emerging technology is created leaving people to question its effect on humans. This might be because humans dislike change or because there is an actual risk to humans. 467 more words


Week 3

The discussion of communication platforms in class resembled G.W.F. Hegel’s ‘Dialectic’ model. Firstly there is a thesis or in the comparison a ‘media platform’, the media platform presents something, an idea, a fact, an opinion, et cetera, that requires a reaction; the reaction is the antithesis or the perception of the audience, how the audience responds to the initial offering creates a relationship; thirdly this symbiotic relation between two ideas, two things, is the dialectic, the interaction of the thesis and antithesis is itself a ‘thing’. 562 more words

Review : MEDIA by Arjen Mulder

Gambar dipinjam dari sini

Media merupakan perantara untuk mencapai yang lain. Artinya, segala hal di dunia ini yang sifatnya menghubungkan antara sesuatu dengan sesuatu yang lain sederhananya dapat disebut sebagai media. 654 more words


Where do consumers source their political news and why is it significant?

Historically, The News has been the main channel for political communication, with news bulletins read out on radios or television with patrician authority. 271 more words

Is The Medium The Message? -part1

In 2007 I attend a conference in San Diego and became totally fascinated with one of the sessions on media and technology. Given today’s sociological and cultural climate, I began to think how some of these thoughts and ideas might explain recent events and behaviors.   305 more words

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Definitivamente primavera - Ritmo Etc. de John Cage (Diario Perfil) por Juan Arabia

Definitivamente primavera

Publicado en Diario Perfil / Domingo 30 de noviembre de 2016.

Por Juan Arabia

Si la literatura beat intentó representar una experiencia cercana a lo concebido “oralmente” (diferenciándose así de la tendencia predominante de poetas como Eliot, donde la “danza del intelecto” entre las palabras se ubicaba por encima de la manifestación verbal), los escritos, poemas y diarios de John Cage dan un salto aún más profundo: para él el lenguaje es, en sí mismo y de sí mismo, sonido. 584 more words

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