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Media as Extensions of the Human Senses

I recently read books and watched videos by Marshall McLuhan, by reference from Rev. Ferry Yang (a lot of what I discuss below were discussed by Rev. 1,279 more words

Self Efficacy and Education: Technology Explored

Collective Blog By: Rosmari Graham, Bradley Hill, Ashley Spencer, Abigail Franc, Joshua Kaufer,  Amy Lamenzo, Jaclyn Seymour, and Dennie Williams


In this collection of essays, students of Edinboro University’s Technology of Communication course explore components of their readings of Albert Bandura, focusing on the topic of self-efficacy. 6,564 more words

The Modern Cyborg: McLuhan Today

Cyborg is derived from the 2 English words cyber and organism. Google describes a cyborg as “a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.” When I was growing up, Cyborg was my favorite team member of the Teen Titans, and I always wondered how long would it take for society to be able to make me a cyborg so I could be just like him. 535 more words


Extensions, Perceptions & McLuhan

Extensions,Perceptions and McLuhan

Perceptions and Extensions are fundamental to what the Visionary, Marshall McLuhan refers to when speaking about “the new electronic interdependence that recreates the World in the image of the global village” and “The medium is the message (McLuhan,1964).” What is Art then? 490 more words


A generation of electronic change

McLuhan is right, we live in a world were technology is quickly evolving. Reading our course material and watching the videos’ we see the advances that are being made during McLuhan’s generation which honestly was not that long ago.  642 more words

McLuhan: A Man of the Past and Present

While some of McLuhan’s theories were seen as controversial, they still hold relevance in today’s modern society.  Since the 1960’s our world has expanded vastly in terms of technology.   619 more words

Social Media

McLuhan: My new hero ... sort of:)

For starters, I think we can all agree on one thing … we could go on and on about Marshall McLuhan. Summing this up in 500-750 words, I think, is near impossible. 1,421 more words