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The Body of the Many

Writing in the 60s and 70s, Marshall McLuhan’s prophetic work on digital communications technology depicted our complex interlocking web of computer networks as a living organism. 1,367 more words

Burgess—Nation, Book, Medium

Nation, Book, Medium: New Technologies and Their Genres

by Miranda Burgess


  • This essay “treats genre less as a self-evident proposition than as an analytic category that is undergoing (re)definition, a scholarly mode that has itself become the object of study”
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The Reel World

The Reel World

McLuhan describes the role of films on reality. The chapter presents less of a critique on the media and more of a comparison to other forms, such as print, that give us an understanding on how film influences our sense of reality. 461 more words

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The Outer Terrain

Some years ago I was heavily into flight simulation and decided to use my coding skills to develop a program that would allow fellow users of my flight sim (Flight Unlimited III) to edit a vast wasteland known as ‘The Outer Terrain’. 1,816 more words

Leaving a "Paper" Trail

Every day we are exposed to an innumerous amount of ads that we often do not even consciously register most of the ones presented before us. 568 more words

Give me a book any day

Just last week, my library had a book sale. An entire floor was set up with thousands of long ago forgotten books. Fiction, biographies, textbooks, and children’s books: There was something for everyone, and it seemed that everyone in the area had come out to confirm that. 531 more words

Marshall McLuhan

McLuhan, Film and Planet Earth

In his book “Understanding Media,” Marshall McLuhan discusses in depth the role of film plays in our understanding of the world around us. Film to McLuhan doesn’t just mean movies, but the use of moving visuals as a whole. 478 more words

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