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What does this "thing" we call Twitter do?

One of the big challenges we are presented with in the twenty-first century is to consider the role materials have in the way we make decisions. 1,531 more words

Social Media

The Distance of Objects

it’s not ABC


it’s not your fucking sprinkles or your Cheerios

it’s not your sex doll or your wife

it’s how you’re saying it… 172 more words


Why Color Matters

As a child, I never really realized how much skin color mattered. In retrospect, maybe I should have. My very first memories are from the time my family and I were based in UK. 998 more words

The Message and the Medium

In 1964, long before the advent of the internet, Marshall McLuhan coined a phrase that has become iconic—or as it might be termed in today‚Äôs online environment, gone viral. 788 more words



Being encapsulated in a digital world, I noticed the growing change in how people express emotions towards each other online, being through social media platforms, via text or any digital form of communication. 644 more words


Annotated Bookshelf: Understanding Media

McLuhan, Marshall. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. Corte Madera, CA: Gingko, 2003.

As thick as the Bible, as quotable and just as prophetic, … 471 more words