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Video Highlights: Journalists discuss phenomenon of fake news in McLuhan Forum

Award-winning journalists Manny Mogato, Ed Lingao, and Yvonne Chua were invited to discuss fake news and accountability in the news media as part of the McLuhan forum series by the Canadian Embassy. 253 more words

Local News

Captured and Framed: Declaring "war" against fake news

In a generation of fake news proliferation, journalists are responsible in asking themselves: To whom do we write/broadcast for?

Before, the main role of journalists is to disseminate factual information to the people. 435 more words


Getting to know the 2017 McLuhan Fellow

In its 20th year, the Embassy of Canada awarded Manuel “Manny” Mogato the 2017 Marshall McLuhan Fellowship award during the Jaime V. Ongpin Journalism Seminar. Manny Mogato was known to be the first international correspondent to be awarded the McLuhan Fellowship award. 489 more words


The Medium is the Method? The Method is the Message?

The readings for this week have brought me back to McLuhan (again, sorry) to consider not only how the technological apparatus changes the humanities, but how those technological methods can change the methods of humanities research. 796 more words

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The New Addiction: Social Media

Social media is the new drug, or so I’ve been told. It’s been compared to addictive substances a strong as opioids and as common as caffeine, but does social media really have that much power over us? 867 more words


THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE – A universal concept initially theorised by Marshall McLuhan (Communications theorist) in his academic novel, The Medium is the Massage 1967. 383 more words


The Message is that The Medium is the Message

Marshall McLuhan’s statement that ‘the medium IS the message’ was a prophetic one – how could a man back in 1964 have seen the digital revolution that would occur decades later, let alone just quite… 192 more words