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After lots of years, in 2016 Internet is accessible for most of the people in this world. There are many people in different ages that know how to use the Internet. 366 more words

Bauman on community and Social Media. The medium is the message.

Recently, the great Polish Sociologist Zygmunt Bauman gave an interview to El Pais (full text here). In this interview he discussed his thoughts on Social Media and the manner in which they are affecting communities. 1,589 more words

Digital Sociology

The Cadillac Matters, Too

I’ve found myself, over the past few months, engaged in more than my fair share of discussions about mediums and messages, and all in ways that had nothing to do with Marshall McLuhan. 342 more words

Assignments For Communication And Culture

Blog Post 1 : the medium.

McLuhan constantly states, in various points, that society completely disregards the medium when studying or enjoying it. He frankly illuminates our lack of consideration when it comes to the medium and believes us to be ignorant when we look past the medium for the message. 485 more words

For Better or For Worse

It is a fairly common concept that it is not a person’s circumstances that define his or her character, but how that person responds to and approaches his or her circumstances.  452 more words


Two references (on McLuhan & Peters)

This essay by John Guillory on McLuhan (“Marshall McLuhan, Rhetoric, and the Prehistory of Media Studies“) might be of interest, as would the interview with John Durham Peters that Christine cited (“The Anthropoid Condition“).


Meditation on Remediation

I’m not quite sure how McLuhan would feel being bombarded by today’s obsolete technology (and a Wiener egg-head). Maybe he’d appreciate the irony of using image-manipulating software to animate an image featuring outdated media. 187 more words