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The Songs of Distant Earth

Yesterday, NASA announced the discovery of Earth 2.0, the Kepler space telescope’s latest revelation and the first Earth-like planet known to be orbiting a star similar to our own sun. 951 more words

Artificial Intelligence

The Medium is the Message

Every communication’s scholar learns Marshall McLuhan’s obvious the medium is the message. For those of you who do not know of his groundbreaking theory here’s a video that explains this concept and also breaks down what is a cold medium vs a hot medium. 294 more words


Humans and the 'Total Field Awareness' of Consciousness

I’ve always been slightly bemused by our relentless pursuit of Artificial Intelligence, and not  only because ‘intelligence’ is one of many essentially contested concepts lacking a single accepted defintion. 1,641 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Mad Max and McLuhan’s Mechanical Brides

George Miller released his fourth installment of his Mad Max Series this May, the first Mad Max film since 1985 (unless you believe that Happy Feet… 1,524 more words


Islam Dan McLuhan Di Surabaya

Memorandum, Oleh: Abdurrahman Wahid*

Penulis diundang oleh harian ini untuk memberikan ceramah maulid Nabi
Muhammad saw, beberapa waktu yang lalu, yang di hadiri ribuan massa, 567 more words

Kumpulan Tulisan Gus Dur

Let's Take a Couple Steps Back. Why This Blog?

Over the weekend, with some loving criticism from my brilliant non-nerd wife, I started to sense that I got a bit ahead of myself with this blog. 1,301 more words

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The impact of social media on our perception of space and time

Social Media (further referred to as SM) creates new norms and structures in the way we interact socially, particularly in relation to space and time. They enable the formation of communities regardless of their geographic proximity and the participation in conversations by large numbers of people simultaneously. 1,123 more words