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On Feedback, Political and Poetic

I have been considering the notion of ‘feedback’ more recently, following reading about how Stelarc’s work relates to feedback, in his use of computational and robotic materials the read motions from his body then feed those motions back into to the body, forcing it to mechanical modify itself using inter-limb information. 645 more words


Sesión 15: La Escuela Invisible de Palo Alto

*Proxémica: vista desde el diseño

En esta sesión iniciamos con #Cranium, como abrebocas a diferentes conceptos desarrollados por la escuela invisible entre ellos #La imposibilidad de no comunicar#Kinesia (el estudio de la comunicación no verbal: el lenguaje corporal etc),  y la #Proxémica: ( término empleado por el  85 more words

McLuhan saw into the future

Media Studies

Marshall McLuhan quote

Joshua C.

“The wired plant has no boundaries and no monopolies of knowledge”-Marshall McLuhan”

The reason why I picked this quote to analyze was that it intrigued me, I found it utterly amazing that somebody , before the invention of the World Wide Web was able to give a logical explanation to something that had never existed in his life time.

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Sesión 13: Marshall McLuhan y la mass-age

En esta sesión vimos a Marshall McLuhan a través de algunas de sus  obras: The Mechanical Bride, Understanding Media, The Medium is the Massage   y Global Village revisamos los conceptos de: -Medios como extensiones, -Medios Fríos y Calientes, a través de un taller en donde jugamos a crear una experiencia multisensorial fría con pimpones, boas de plumas, pelucas y bombas. 50 more words

Education brought to screen world

The Educational world brought to Screen

BY Kimberlyn M.

The McLuhan quote i decided to interpret was “ I would suggest that if you put the TV in the classroom , it would blow the classroom to bits.The teaching processes would be completely transformed.: it would be exactly like bringing the Trojan horse inside the walls of Troy.” I chose this quote because it is interesting on how many of of our views have changed through the years , i found it even more interesting because two completely eras thousands of years apart were being compared i.e. 254 more words


McLuhan said there was something fishy in Media

Something Fishy In The Media

by Lauren R.

  The quote I chose is “A fish does not realize its medium until that water changes through the adding of ink or poisons.” This quote stuck out to me because fish swim in water and we’re “swimming in media.” The fish don’t pay attention to their environment and we don’t pay much attention to ours. 261 more words


We are the fish McLuhan was mentioning

Marshall McLuhan

by Emma M.

“A fish does not realize its medium until that water changes through the adding of ink or poisons”.

I chose this quote because I think it relates best to what I have learned in Media Studies.

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