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BCM112 Uggh lifes a Glitch!

“The medium is the message” carries a much deeper meaning and communication theory. Our understanding of this phrase is that the medium through which we select to communicate with holds just as much, if not more, significance than the message itself. 238 more words

Want fries with that?

Now we have ‘Glitch Art’

What is Glitch Art? It’s deliberately creating purposeful mistakes by either corrupting digital data or physically manipulating to create something that embodies authenticity. 60 more words


'Glitchy' Stuff

( Just in case people didn’t catch my terrible pun, I was playing on the idea that this is ‘tricky’ stuff, as I initially struggled with this weeks lecture content) 324 more words


An error occurred...?

“The notion of glitch is also present in other realms of contemporary culture, where the reuse and remix of existing elements into something new is fundamental.”

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memes meet Gucci.

Gucci, a brand of the elite, the ‘upper class’ so to speak. Born in 1881 as the brain child of Guccio Gucci, and firmly established in the 1920’s, the brand has  497 more words

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Medium is the Message: The Netflix case

It took me a while to fully grasp Marshall McLuhan’s concept that “The Medium is the Message”. However in light of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ … 164 more words