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The Toronto School: Then, Now, Next conference

Five years ago I wrote a paper about an ongoing revival of interest in Marshall McLuhan and a recovery of his media theory following decades of mainstream academic misunderstanding and  dismissal of his work. 501 more words


Marshall still trendy

Imagine Marshall McLuhan waking up every morning, shaving and saying to his reflection in the mirror.


It’s a catchy phrase, but there must be something in it. 382 more words

Media Theory

simultaneous existence

I have a colleague who is researching space. Not the outer space of stars or the inner space of quarks. Not the digital space of VLE or social media. 483 more words

Learning Development

Module 3 - Assignment 1

The E-Book as a Rhyme of History: A New Spin on an Old Teaching Machine

Nino Varsimashvili is credited with the words “life is the muse which perfectly rhymes…” 503 more words


The Medium is the Message- Part 2

McLuhan talked about the idea that Automation creates new roles for people as technology is ever-changing and constantly creating new jobs. Although new jobs have been created through technological advances, many have been destroyed. 36 more words


The Medium is the Message

“The Medium is the Message” refers to the personal and social consequences of any medium result from the new scale that is introduced by each extension of new technologies. 54 more words


Marshall McLuhan

Key Theories

  • Global Village
  • The Medium is the Message
  • Hot and Cool Media
  • Media as extensions
  • Media altering sense ratios
  • Medium Specificity