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Balance Over Ban: 5 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Prohibit Smartphones in the Classroom

I must say I was appalled when I read this piece this morning (and responded with several tweets of my own). I called this decision “naive and unfortunate”, and finally decided to jot some of my points down here. 1,202 more words

Amy Burvall

McLuhan & Posner: Learning Styles and Media

Media Ecology argues that unlike the popular belief that the medium is merely the vehicle, or vessel that carries the message, Marshall McLuhan says otherwise. According to him, “The medium is the message” which implies that the medium is never a passive element in communication and in fact, it is what it wants to deliver. 986 more words


Our prototype was to improve the current My Local NHS app to provide users with up-to-date features to help them find local NHS services and provide them with relevant NHS information. 538 more words


Stevieslaw: Honest Hypocrisy

Stevieslaw: Honest Hypocrisy

Some Senate Republicans have cautiously moved away from their candidate for Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore. That, after charges that Moore preyed on teenage girls surfaced this week. 133 more words


Conferenze tenute alla San Carlos University di Cebu - Filippine

Nei mesi di aprile e maggio 2017 ho tenuto una serie di lezioni all’Università di San Carlos (USC), a Cebu-City. Una delle più antiche scuole delle Filippine, fondata dai Gesuiti nel 1595 che oggi conta 460 studenti nel solo Dipartimento di Comunicazione e Fine Arts. 399 more words

Gianmaria Scapin

Sunday Book-Thought 61

If men were able to be convinced that art is precise advance knowledge of how to cope with the psychic and social consequences of the next technology, would they all become artists? 96 more words


Attention, Conflict and Agency

These notes discuss media’s goal of claiming our attention, its common method of doing so through heightened conflict, and our ability to ameliorate the power of media through recognition (breaking McLuhan’s “Narcissus Trance”) and agency (making personal decisions to withhold our attention). 115 more words

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