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519/1030: the medium and the message

Once upon a time, there was a Canadian professor who had such a low opinion of literature studies students in the 1960s, or such a high opinion of advertisement and commercials, that he started teaching poetry analysis with media like newspapers. 952 more words

1029 Days

Jesmo li sigurni u oblaku?

Cyber prostor je virtualna stvarnost. To je prostor uspostavljen uz pomoć i posredovanje digitalne tehnologije. Pojam cyber prostora se danas koristi za sve što je na Internetu, a Internet uključuje sve od lokalnog do globalnog. 430 more words


Sunday Book-Thought 72

Writing turned a spotlight on the high, dim Sierras of speech; writing was the visualization of acoustic space. It lit up the dark.
A good quill put an end to talk, abolished mystery, gave us enclosed space and towns, brought roads and armies and bureaucracies. 153 more words


McLuhan and the Monkey


Most people plugged into the contemporary political climate know that putting a black child in a “coolest monkey in the jungle” hoodie and displaying that image to hundreds of millions of people is a bad idea. 1,865 more words

The Tetrad and Neural Lace

Did this for a human development homework assignment.

Technology: Neural Lace

Marshall McLuhan was a media theorist who discussed how technologies change culture over time. His Laws of Media (McLuhan, 1992) provided a systematic way to address various technological impacts, including social impacts which are addressed here. 726 more words

Art Therapy Homework

Mediating Media

In reading Giedion’s Mechanization Takes Command, I was particularly struck with the discussion of the infiltration by mechanization of the domestic sphere. Giedion tells us, “In the time of full mechanization more appliances grew into household necessities than had been introduced in the whole proceeding century” (Giedion 42). 336 more words