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It’s been a battle and a half to get here and I am DAMN proud of the amazing artists I worked with for Hibernaculum – … 180 more words


The Future & A.I: How do we ensure the beginning is not the end for humans? - Research Report Plan

What’s the future of Artifical Intelligence? (Raconteur) :

This being the second post about my research project, i have decided to change tact and head towards a more philosophical angle, a departure from the topic i original chose in VR technology towards A.I and certain moral panic surrounding the subject. 87 more words


Saving Capitalism, a review

Robert Reich’s Saving Capitalism For the Many, Not the Few (2015 Penguin Random House)

Book Review by Christopher Nowlin

This review of Robert Reich’s Saving Capitalism For the Many, Not the Few… 1,650 more words

Douglas Coupland, Typography, and The Medium as the Message

I love Douglas Coupland. I’ve loved him ever since I picked up his most acclaimed novel to date, jPod, at the local Barnes and Noble in eighth grade. 500 more words

A Plea...

Text for those that cannot read my handwriting.

  1. To whom it may concern, I know in this day and age that it is very easy to fall under the seductive sway of our digital gadgets.
  2. 624 more words

The Medium Is The Massage

Back in the sixties at the time I was an undergrad at Syracuse I had the good fortune to take an aesthetics class with a professor who was a “McLuhanite,”  a devotee of Matrshall McLuhan.  591 more words


What is the medium?

In today’s society, we are run by social media and alternate news sources. The presidential campaign was a turning point in my personal views of social media. 445 more words