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Discussion Questions - for Thurs. 9/3

Readings to be discussed: Kerry Dirk, “Navigating Genre,” and “The medium is the message” resources

  1. How would you define “genre” and “media”? What are the similarities and differences between the two?
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Discussion Questions

The Global Village

When Marshall McLuhan first used the phrase “The Global Village” back in the early 1960s it was both a revolutionary concept and an ideal that was at once utopian and dystopian. 1,224 more words

10 days without media: thoughts and reflections

Over the past 10 days, I completed one of the most difficult challenges in my life. I spend 10 days without media: no internet, no texting, no television, and no cinema. 2,313 more words


One of my legs was outsourced to Bangladesh. Just another casualty of globalise a shin.

Imagine all the cultures in the world. Listen to the music—from the gentle drum beats of Africa, to the melodic didgeridoo of Australia, to the scream of the electric guitar. 581 more words


DVD's versus Video-on-Demand: Red Queens, Dancing the Dance

DVD’s don’t have a chance!

By the looks of it, the old discs and other methods of storing data to a device are all Red Queens on their way out. 232 more words


Artificial Intelligence: Man's Final Extension

Marshall McLuhan wrote his Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man in 1964 and a catch phrase was born: “The medium is the message.”  That is to say, however the message is built and delivered is actually more important than what is usually thought of as the message.   899 more words


The Songs of Distant Earth

Yesterday, NASA announced the discovery of Earth 2.0, the Kepler space telescope’s latest revelation and the first Earth-like planet known to be orbiting a star similar to our own sun. 951 more words