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It has been so long since I updated, and I am very sorry! I’m graduating from middle school this year, and I would have to face the finals in a few months, not to mention the practical tests, the school examinations, and… 588 more words


on grieving for my younger self

recently my music taste has reverted back to that of my 11-14 year old self (i.e. my chemical romance, panic! at the disco, etc.) and with that change comes bursts of nostalgia and crying jags when i listen to certain songs in my car. 974 more words



Digamos que este es mi primer post, soy la coeditora, y qué mejor que haciéndoos una recomendación de mi grupo favorito:

The world is ugly – My Chemical Romance… 7 more words



Have you ever had the feeling that nothing matters? Suddenly you realize that someone who used to love you deserves so much better than you, even in a relationship you thought you came out of victorious? 271 more words


Milestones And The Music Tag!

Hi everyone! First off, I just hit 2 big milestones for me: 50 followers and 200 likes! I never really thought I’d get more than 10 follows, so thank you to everyone! 336 more words


"Awake and Unafraid"

*post for class- Art and Christ*

To wrap things up for this class we were given the task of creating a piece of art/design that somehow tells about our faith. 850 more words

For later

All of the music videos for my favorite band since 2004. They have inspired me to rise above my pain, be true to myself and be someone I could be proud of. 53 more words