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MCR and Taste

5:12 am 4/28/16 Pennington, NJ. 7th blog.

Up before the sun. Peaceful time.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, a nutritionist, a trainer, or anything like that. 464 more words


Editorial: Butterfly Effect

We’re trying a new thing here on To The End called Editorials. This is where one of the admins will write something discussing the band and their impact in more generalized terms and in their own opinion. 714 more words

Frank Iero

MCR - Maximizing Nutrition and Fiber per Calorie

5:57 am 4/24/16 Pennington, NJ. 6th blog.

Nice to see the sun out before 6:00 am. What to do today? Well, I’m gonna go straight dialog save for the disclaimer. 468 more words


MCR on 4/20 - Is it Smoky in There?

5:57 am 4/20/16 Pennington, NJ. 5th blog.

4/20. Story goes a bunch of students back in 1971 used to meet at 4:20 in front of a statue prior to setting out on a quest for a mythical ganja field. 295 more words


New Grave is work of the devil... clearly.

So, if you haven’t seen already, there is a petition on the UK Government and Policies website to ban the music genre New Grave as it “promotes worthlesness, suicide etc”. 654 more words


Music Playlist | Week 15 of 2016

You know the drill!

Missed last weeks? Click here and check it out! 60 more words

Moons & Meerkats

How to be an awesome music fan: Everyone is equal.

You know the drill by now. I witter on about musicy things, you skim read it, if I’m lucky.

Part Five – Every music fan is equal. 536 more words