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Fake Friends

Hey guys,

So, friends can be a tricky topic to talk about but hopefully this will be more understandable than offensive. Have you ever had a person who you thought was your friend but then turned out to be rude, fake, and two-faced? 350 more words

VEGANUARY: Olivia Casson's aubergine & lentil cottage pie with rustic parsnip mash

Taking part in Veganuary this year? Whether you’re giving up for good or just reducing your intake of animal products, Olivia’s recipe is an easy idea for a winter lunch. 270 more words


The Kids From Yesterday

With the volume of music that I listen to, the volume of music available in the world, and the limits that I have in time and money that prevent me from exploring it as thoroughly as I’d like, I frequently wind up behind the curve, picking up on artists and albums ages after they’ve come and gone for the rest of the world.  868 more words


Band Tag

Here are my answers, according to my favorite band at the moment:

  • My favoritte band is Pentatonix
  • I have gone to a Trevor Moran and Ricky Dillon concert when they did the Gold/Alive tour.
  • 245 more words

Indi gets active with Boohoo

Are you gearing up to take on a new sport and move more in 2017? These outfits from Boohoo modelled by our BOSS Junior Indi are perfect for kids who are always on the go. 6 more words




2016 seemed to be pretty uneventful, till you go into your stats and see exactly how far you have come.

According to the Garmin, most steps in a week was actually last week…121,719. 246 more words

What Being in a Band Fandom Really Says About You

Twenty One Pilots

You are simply still a child at heart. You’re often playful and have this outgoing personality. You’re that one person in class who gets in trouble for talking too much to someone, so the teacher decides to split you up from that person… But the joke’s on the teahcer, since everyone is your friend in that class.   401 more words