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Our Verdict on the McDonald's McRib: WORTH IT or NAH?

So I’ve tried the new craze that McDonald’s Philippines had to offer to the general public today – the McRib. It was a very warm day and my wife invited me out to Mickey D’s for some McFlurry before turning in for the night (or morning as we are night-shifters). 729 more words

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12 Fast Food Items You Wish Still Existed

With Burger King bringing back their Chicken Fries and Starbucks unveiling their Birthday Cake Frappuccino for only 5 days, I needed to find out what other fantastic foods have been sent to the graveyard (and what has been resurrected). 840 more words


Jokes That'll Be Dead Tomorrow: 03/31/15

Justin Bieber got roasted last night, and much like all the other Comedy Central roasts—nobody really cared. The most interesting thing about roasts is how long the person being roasted can fake laugh over and over again before they start crying. 130 more words

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Did you know...

A McDonalds McRib sandwich contains some of the same ingredients found in Yoga mats.

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Watch Lewis Black Learn The McRib Is Not 'Its Own Species' On 'The Daily Show'

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Lewis Black addressed America’s ever-changing attitudes on how we treat animals on last night’s Daily Show. Barnum & Bailey is phasing elephants out of their shows due to pressure for how the animals are kept, SeaWorld is losing money because of negative publicity over the… 85 more words


McDonalds Failures: Part 234, The Shamrock McRib

In 1997 McDonalds attempted to combine two of their most popular limited time items, The Shamrock Shake and the McRib Sandwich. This hybrid combined the McRib pork-like sandwich with a special green “Shamrock Sauce” served on a dyed green roll. 53 more words