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The Expanse: MCRN Pistols, part 2

More screencaps, from episodes 7 + 8. These have all been retouched, lightened, sharpened, etc, to show details, and should not be used for color-matching. 20 or so images after the jump: 16 more words


The Expanse: Martian Pistol

The MCRN carry pistols, described thusly by signage at SDCC:

Designed to fire both self-propelled rounds and traditional cartridge rounds, the rear of the barrel is vented at the back to eliminate recoil for use in zero-g situations.

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The Expanse: The MCRN Tachi

Screencaps of the Tachi from Episode 6, Rock Bottom:

All of these caps have been adjusted for color balance and sharpened and lightened. They should not be used for color-matching purposes.


The Expanse: Lopez's Memory Chip

In Rock Bottom, we see Johnson take a┬áchip from inside Lopez’s space suit:

The top image is cropped, rotated and color-corrected to the best of my ability. 40 more words


The Expanse: The MCRN Donnager

Promo stills & concept art:

The next two images below the jump contain SPOILERS for episode 4!