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Childhood physical activity and its impact on adolescent mental health - what can we do to improve mental health status?

Several benefits occur during participation of physical activity throughout childhood. Physical activity encourages improvements for physical health, reducing the risk of obesity and preventing cardiometabolic risk factors as well as enhancements to the muscoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. 440 more words


Bookish Analogies: Jace & the Ilyon Chronicles + Exiles Book Blitz!

A friend suggested the Ilyon Chronicles to me last summer, and she was so enthusiastic that I bought them before ever reading them. I do not regret it. 622 more words

Chronic Illness

A Focused Shot

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my mom centered around focusing on health and solutions rather than the problem. We discussed how far I’ve come with my health in the last 5 years (further than any doctor said I could with  my MCS). 322 more words

A Partnership Of Writing And Photos

Concrete Technology General Questions


1. To determine the modulus of rupture, the size of test specimen used is

a) 150 x150 x500 mm… 5,981 more words

Building Construction

Travelling with MCS

This trip to Ireland has been challenging for me because I suffer with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). If you don’t know what that is, Dr. Campbell offers… 845 more words

Writing And Publishing

What's in a Paragraph?

Dear Mary Jane,

I am currently preparing for the SCS in August.

Can you give me an idea how many paragraphs per question would be needed to pass and how many sentences? 282 more words