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There Is No Right to Wear Fragranced Products

“there is no right to wear fragranced products”

Accommodation for Environmental Sensitivities: Legal Perspective
2007 Canadian Human Rights Commission 8 more words


Seeking perfection

I was sitting outside this morning taking photos of birds when I started to feel nausea, dizzy, and my skin was burning. I had no idea why but since I have multiple health problems I thought I must have been having some sort of reaction. 503 more words

Ontario's Task Force Releases its Phase 1 Recommendations to help people suffering from chemical sensitivity but health ministry abdicates again. Here's a new take on that report.

Hundreds of thousands are sick – and after 33 years, Ontario government again declines to implement basic measures of care


“These three environmental health conditions typically have a devastating… 2,768 more words

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An important update on the situation in Ontario, from Varda Burstyn, one of the original members of the Task Force on Environmental Health. Please read and share, and find a way to put pressure on the elected reps, and if possible, get much needed media attention on this travesty of justice! Note too that it's not just for us, it's a public health issue when over 50% of children have chronic health problems (including preschool kids with disabling anxiety), and something like 2/3 of the population on at least one pharmaceutical drug. We know that removing the cause of the problem results in better health than ineffectively trying to manage some symptoms! When the canaries are ignored, public health suffers!

#vawx Favorite 2017 chase photos: countdown to #1

Yesterday’s post highlighted #6-10 of my favorite 2017 storm chasing photos. Today we’ll finish out the top 5.

5. June 19th shelf cloud crossing the Blue Ridge mountains: A cold front and an upper level trough advecting cool temperatures aloft across Virginia led SPC to blanket most of the state under a Slight and Enhanced convective outlook. 586 more words

Storm Chasing

MCS Vol 01, Issue 03: Mihing Hong Pianna


Thupatna: Mihing in adot theihpen thu khat in, “Mihing koi pan hong piang hiam?” cih leh “Pianzia khempeuh koi pan hiam?” cih thu hipen hi. 1,672 more words

February 2018 MCS Pre-seen is Out!

CIMA has released the MCS pre-seen material for the February 2018 exam sitting. To get your copy of the pre-seen, check out my Home page… 292 more words