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Can someone fight for me already!!!

As much as I appreciate the 90,000 dollar savings, I am still spending 12,000 dollars on WHAT?????? “We just don’t know what to do”, ” We are going to need to refer you to someone else”, ” We aren’t sure what is causing your symptoms”, ” There is no cure for what you have.” REALLY because there is a cure for erectile dysfunction!!!!!!!!!!!!! 565 more words

CIMA Case Study: Industry Analysis

Students who want to pass their CIMA case study exam will need to develop their knowledge and understanding of the underlying industry. It’s been highlighted in many of the examiners report that students had a basic (if any) knowledge or current industry conditions and failed to apply them to the case study exam. 340 more words

CIMA Exam Tips

Song Obsession: Antonia

I miss Motion City Soundtrack. I never paid that much attention to the Minnesota-based band when I was growing up, but several of their songs- notably “ 754 more words


HempCrete Homes

So I have heard about HempCrete for a while now.  I am still on the fence on how good of a building material it is, I think time will tell.   122 more words

So far this year 

Though this is the best group of kids I’ve had in a long time, they’re still little humans and they’re flawed. Why can’t you hang a coat, bookbag, sweater on the hook? 213 more words


Full Clone VMs with Machine Creation Services

Since its inception, a Machine Creation Services VM was based on thin cloning technology.  Each VM would read from the same copy of the master image while any writes would be directed to a VM-specific differencing disk. 180 more words


CIMA Case Studies: Know your role!

The CIMA case studies require a different approach to the objective tests. The idea of the case study exams is to place you in a realistic scenario and you will be effectively playing the role of financial accountant/finance manager/finance director – depending on what CIMA level you are on – OCS, MCS or SCS. 618 more words

CIMA Exam Tips