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The Night before Surgery 12/10/17

We got back from Galveston this evening. It was a relaxing weekend.

Ruth and Lynn are on their way from Tulsa. Everyone is nervous about his lung surgery tomorrow.

Matthew Goode distracts me from cancer

Admittedly, I’m slightly obsessed with the MBTI.  Not so much in its application of ‘you’re this type, so this is you,’ but more of how it relates to me, and my patterns and preferences both in myself and others.  830 more words

Day of Appointments and Updates 12/7/17

Robbie had a day of appointments at MD Anderson. Most appointments were check ups for his lung surgery.

Updates from Robbie’s Dr.

His Dr will wait until Robbie heals from lung surgery and goes to Costa Rica in January before Robbie will have additional tests and treatment. 61 more words

Day22 -Step2- surgically remove the remaining cancer

  1. 20171206 Day22 -Step2- surgically remove the remaining cancer
    1. After the cancerous activity has been hopefully reduced by the 60-day immunotherapy trial as discussed in Part1,
  2. 202 more words
Throat Cancer

Is Medicine As Bad As My Surgeon Says It Is?

During my last appointment with one of the surgeons who operated on me following my auto accident, after discussing my latest injury and path forward, she changed the subject and threw me a curve ball: She turned the subject to my emergency care in the hours following my accident and offered her opinion that the hospital to which I was taken by ambulance had committed… 804 more words

Lessons Learned

Help for Ivan, A Child with Cancer 12/4/17

We volunteered to help a child this Christmas that has Ewing Sarcoma, which is very similar to Osteosarcoma. Ivan is 16 and from the Ukraine. He is currently living with his father at the Ronald McDonald House, while the rest of his family stayed in the Ukraine. 83 more words

Watching Jaguar Cubs Play and Meeting Interesting People 12/4/17

Robbie and I spent time at the zoo watching the adorable jaguar cubs play with their mother today. It was like watching large kittens play. Robbie had fun using his new camera lens taking pictures. 185 more words