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Houston...part deaux, and a giant bomb

The wait for a pet scan when we’ve started a new treatment is excruciating.  I say we, because while my dad may be actually taking the drug, all of those around him are highly sensitive and acutely aware of how he is doing.  1,394 more words

Traveling with Cancer

Cancer is not my god! That phrase continually travels through my head when I think about what I can and cannot do with Stage IV Lung Cancer. 378 more words

Donating Sloths to MD Anderson 2/12/18

Robbie donated sloths from the Sloth Sanctuary to the Sarcoma Center at MD Anderson today. The sloths were given to Robbie when we visited the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. 84 more words

MD Anderson Updates 2/8/18

Robbie zip lining on our last trip.

We received several updates today.

The Good news first: The lung that had surgery is currently not showing any cancer activity. 226 more words

Long Day of Testing 2/7/18

After a long day of testing and not being allowed to eat, we took Robbie out for supper at Barnaby’s. They have dog pillows on the seats. 18 more words

Sleepless in Houston 2/7/18

This is today’s bible verse on my Bible app. It is very appropriate for this week and something I need to remember. It was a restless night for everyone. 126 more words

Testing Week and House Updates 2/5/18

With testing coming up this week, it is hard to think of anything else and I’m not accomplishing much. I have promised to take Robbie out of the house tomorrow. 190 more words