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New drug shows improvement in survival of advanced thyroid cancer

Article Link: New drug shows improvement in survival of advanced thyroid cancer

MD Anderson Cancer Center, Feb 11, 2015

>>Steven Sherman, M.D: I believe that this will emerge as the drug of choice for front-line therapy of patients with progressive metastatic radioiodine refractory differentiated thyroid cancer. 420 more words

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March 2015 Heart of MD Anderson

MD Anderson Cancer Center,  Mar 2, 2015

>>Roxy Blackburn, Nursing, G18: I have the opportunity as the associate director to intervene patients all the time about their patient experience and Katherine’s name comes up all the time as someone who is extraordinarily compassionate, bring such a joy into her job every day and it is my firm belief that she mitigates suffering in a scale that very few nurses have an opportunity to do. 416 more words

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The Waiting Game...Our New Way of Life

MD Anderson, world renowned cancer treatment center, and kingdom of waiting. Two months ago Elizabeth was 16 and a pediatric patient. Now she is 17, and the waiting game begins. 205 more words

The State of Blood Cancers: A Patient's Perspective

Not too long ago I had the privilege of sitting in on a seminar in the Texas Medical Center on the State of Blood Cancers. It was sponsored by the… 780 more words

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New Year, New Treatment

Emily will be starting the new year with a new treatment protocol. As 2014 was wrapping up, we learned that Emily’s “rat spit” treatment was no longer yielding the results we wanted, so we needed to decide what our next tactic would be. 404 more words


Day +144: Not a Bed of Roses

This post was supposed to be a week 1 at home summary. Then it became a week 2 summary. It is now a week 6 summary. 698 more words

Overcoming the One-Two Punches of Life

Here it comes… you just felt the blow of the first punch and before you have time to move out of the way, you almost black out from the second. 617 more words