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Tales Of Allegories (Strings) Lyrics

Mickey was flipping cause he got the call an hour ago

Dropped the phone, pacing constant, while hes puffin smoke

He heard the words but cant connect em to the brain… 569 more words

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The Rope Around Lyrics

My brains dead weight

My minds opaque

Its almost 2020 n im frozen in place

They say let it go but I ain’t ready to throw… 414 more words

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In My Rear View Lyrics


Nevermind the petals 
Wrote this song a thousand times ago 
Each n every note hits a level up inside my lobe 
Flash back dramatics with a clenched fist im manic
N a couple steps further than ill be in twenty seven years 
I had a dream n vision of her face up in my arms 
But time did not agree Hence the ringing of alarms
That got my head raided 
Call back the doc baby 
I dont think its fair you get to keep my heart too 
Collateral damage no home field advantage 
cept I aint the type for sports so keep your games 
far away from me
Too many moments 
 hit rewind 
N overwrote em 
cept I think about you everyday but those words I never spoke em 
Whatever shrug it off 
back to work 
Play it off
Flip the page 
Change the script 
Get my mind a Sorta jog
Im finally in a moment where 
My thoughts stop the flow 
Except I see her everytime in the crowd at my show 

Yeah ill catch you round 
Ill be that guy on the stage 
Got the whole crowd chanting like they knowin our name 
Keep that funk alive but say Goodbye to me and you 
Dont mind while I wave 
As youre in my rear view 
I'll catch you on the flipside
Strange thoughts on a night 
Under jersey lights
Stuck inside my self like a prisoner 
Of AzkabanĀ  
Sorta mad minded bouncing off the walls 
But my brains very cushioned from the sessions before 
I got a tally mark etched fine lined in design 
with a scar as a label 
wingding unstable 
Is that a peace sign 
No that's my middle finger up
as a peace see u later 
I dont got time for your behavior 
Hello neighbor 
i just moved into the block 
Its a quiet town here 
Dont mind the rhythm I rock 
I can't guarantee the silence 
I attract the crazy n yes
That's a car
 from an ex 
that just ran over your fence 
Actively im acting without someone yelling action 
So my passion for ad libbing has become more of a fashion 
Ill keep you in my heart but lose you in my view 
Its time to hit the road 
To the top with my crew 

Yeah ill catch you round 
Ill be that guy on the stage 
Got the whole crowd chanting like they knowin our name 
MDMK! 33 more words
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