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“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein.

This quote basically sums of my week. Plus all the future weeks to come!!

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Behind the Land Cruiser and Stethoscope

The idea of MSF and the work that we do is a pretty strong one in the world. The photos of the white land cruisers, the principles of independence and neutrality, the pictures of operating rooms setup in conflict zones, or workers in suits treating patients with Ebola. 1,349 more words

What's "Real MSF"?

It’s coming to the end of week 3. I’m definitely starting to feel like my understanding of the project, the ins and outs, the need, and where to go from here are becoming clearer. 808 more words

A looming threat of tuberculosis in children

The RNTCP guidelines on contact screening are heeded mostly in the breach.

About 5,500 of over 76,000 children tested in nine Indian cities have been diagnosed with tuberculosis, 9% of them with multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), highlighting the silent spread of the disease. 471 more words


IISc researchers' quest to make a common antibiotic more effective against TB

Bacteria develop resistance against a drug only when they are exposed to it or when the drug is misused. But now, a team of researchers from India has found whether and how drug resistance can develop against a candidate drug called Augmentin even before the drug is approved for treating patients with drug-resistant TB. 712 more words


Breaking the drug-resistant TB transmission cycle important

Nearly two months after the Health Ministry set a highly ambitious target of working towards elimination of tuberculosis by 2025, a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases indicates that India’s TB crisis is all set to snowball by 2040 when one in 10 cases could be drug-resistant. 436 more words


The #epidemiology, #pathogenesis, #transmission, #diagnosis, and #management of MDR, XDR, and #incurable #tuberculosis (Lancet Resp Med., abstract)

The epidemiology, pathogenesis, transmission, diagnosis, and management of multidrug-resistant, extensively drug-resistant, and incurable tuberculosis

Prof Keertan Dheda, PhD†, Prof Tawanda Gumbo, MD†, Prof Gary Maartens, MMed†, Kelly E Dooley, PhD†, Ruth McNerney, PhD†, Prof Megan Murray, PhD†, Jennifer Furin, PhD†, Prof Edward A Nardell, MD†, Prof Leslie London, MD†, Erica Lessem, MPH†, Grant Theron, PhD, Prof Paul van Helden, PhD, Prof Stefan Niemann, Dr rer nat, Matthias Merker, Dr rer nat, David Dowdy, PhD, Prof Annelies Van Rie, PhD, Gilman K H Siu, PhD, Jotam G Pasipanodya, PhD, Camilla Rodrigues, MD, Prof Taane G Clark, PhD, Frik A Sirgel, PhD, Aliasgar Esmail, MBBS, Hsien-Ho Lin, ScD, Sachin R Atre, PhD, Prof H Simon Schaaf, MD, Kwok Chiu Chang, MBBS, Prof Christoph Lange, PhD, Prof Payam Nahid, PhD, Zarir F Udwadia, MD, Prof C Robert Horsburgh Jr, MD, Gavin J Churchyard, PhD, Prof Dick Menzies, MD, Prof Anneke C Hesseling, PhD, Prof Eric Nuermberger, MD, Prof Helen McIlleron, PhD, Kevin P Fennelly, MD, Eric Goemaere, PhD, Ernesto Jaramillo, PhD, Marcus Low, MA, Carolina Morán Jara, RN, Nesri Padayatchi, PhD, Prof Robin M Warren, PhD† 367 more words