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A looming threat of tuberculosis in children

The RNTCP guidelines on contact screening are heeded mostly in the breach.

About 5,500 of over 76,000 children tested in nine Indian cities have been diagnosed with tuberculosis, 9% of them with multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), highlighting the silent spread of the disease. 471 more words


IISc researchers' quest to make a common antibiotic more effective against TB

Bacteria develop resistance against a drug only when they are exposed to it or when the drug is misused. But now, a team of researchers from India has found whether and how drug resistance can develop against a candidate drug called Augmentin even before the drug is approved for treating patients with drug-resistant TB. 712 more words


Breaking the drug-resistant TB transmission cycle important

Nearly two months after the Health Ministry set a highly ambitious target of working towards elimination of tuberculosis by 2025, a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases indicates that India’s TB crisis is all set to snowball by 2040 when one in 10 cases could be drug-resistant. 436 more words


Without a magic wand, India cannot eliminate TB by 2025

At the end of 50 years of tuberculosis control activities, the disease remains a major health challenge in India. As per new estimates, the number of new cases every year has risen to 2.8 million and mortality is put at 4,80,000 each year. 716 more words


How charity is fuelling a superbug in India?

By Ruhi Khandar, The Ken

The evil superbug is on the lookout for new hosts. The hero has the weapon, he can conquer it, but only if he is willing. 1,520 more words

New Study shows Person-to-Person Transmission Driving XDR TB in South Africa

By Nicole Swartwood

A new study was published this week suggests that the epidemic of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) is spreading in a high TB area of South Africa through person to person transmission. 285 more words

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Nandita: Deaf but not out

When she woke up after a short afternoon nap on November 22, 2013, two days after her 24th birthday, Nandita Venkatesan could see her mother and brother talking to her but could understand nothing; she could hear sounds but could not comprehend them. 1,127 more words