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Top 5 Couples In Books That Made Me Happy To See Together

These are the couples in books that made me happy that they got together and had a happy ever after. These are in a series that has ended or is still going but the characters were written off or had a stand alone. 263 more words

Me Being Me!

The Building of a Soapbox

In about one month’s time from me writing this post, I will be turning 20 years old. I’ll be in the midst of that phase between child and adult, no longer a teenager but still unable to buy a beer at the local bar, allowed to still live at home but oh God do I not want to. 323 more words


OH! My Book Con Post!

If you haven’t seen the reading list #Lemonade for Girls: In Formation over on Zetta Elliott’s blog, you might want to. She, Sarah Dahlen Park and myself collaborated to create this empowering resource. 1,208 more words

Me Being Me

Enjoy your job

So if you have read the about me page you would know that I am on maternity leave. Yes I enjoy working in a school with amazing children, but I love my family and freedom more. 106 more words


Call me a gardener

Well today was an eventful day. My legs are hurting now though. My youngest daughter was extremely kinds today and let me tidy up the back yard and the front garden. 176 more words


Meet Alicia Isaura Wint

Hi all, welcome to my blog. My name is Alicia but I go by the name Licia I am 25 years old and I am a mother of two beautiful girls. 297 more words

Reading While Brown

The #LargeFears Twitter chats began in December, 2012. The name #LargeFears pays homage to Large Fears by Kendrick Daye and Myles Johnson while also calling out the large fears many of us have about diversity. 349 more words

Me Being Me