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Gene Simmons Wisdom: You are a Brand - Invest in Yourself

Can you believe that Gene Simmons, of KISS fame, has never had a music lesson in his life? That’s right, he is 100% self-taught, he practised frequently and educated himself. 1,556 more words


It's Your Bubble and Your Pyramid

Whenever I talk about developing your personal brand and leadership,  I talk about finding your Passion and Your Why and then I liken it to building the Pyramids and then explain how to build your personal “Me Inc” Pyramid. 616 more words


January Favorites 2015

Hi Everyone!
It’s January Favorites time!! It’s been such a busy month– especially the last two weeks– I wasn’t sure I would have many goodies to share with you. 25 more words

God of Plunder

As rock ‘n’ roll success stories go, Gene Simmons’ is pretty impressive.  Born Chaim Witz on an Israeli kibbutz to Holocaust survivors, he moved to America, grew up under the spell of Beatlemania, formed a gimmicky band with Paul Stanley (nee Stanley Eisen), and eventually turned the act – Kiss, for anyone who hasn’t heard the tale – into one of the most popular and lucrative franchises in the music industry.   553 more words


How Many Jobs Does it Take to be a Freelancer?

It’s pretty clear now that the old way of working that our parents knew so well doesn’t work anymore. This won’t come as a surprise to freelancers like me who have forsaken the 9 to 5 for independent employment and our own particular brand of entrepreneurship. 638 more words


Me Inc. - A vocational adventure for the 21st century

Autonomy, or the condition of self-governing, is often associated with knowledge workers and knowledge work.  Typically autonomy is about how you DO your work. What if autonomy was about how you MANAGE yourself in relation to all your work? 1,312 more words