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Long time no sew

Although, that is not entirely true. I have had less making time but also l haven’t felt the need to post here. Life has been busy and the day job time consuming and so any me time has been limited. 180 more words

11 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Nail Polish – Nailaholics, Unimart Greenhills

 Nothing spells “high-maintenance” than having well-groomed and polished nails. I learned this way back in my training about power grooming and business etiquette.

Having nicely painted digits is a must especially if you always find yourself meeting a lot of people and exchanging more handshakes than cards. 356 more words

Me Time

Originally the husband and I planned to take a short trip to San Diego, but after what felt like a draining week we came to the decision of postponing. 136 more words


A full and honest review of my experience at the Rural Retreat Beauty Salon in Shorne, Kent 

Today I was treated to an ESPA Face, Back and Scalp Treatment at the Rural Retreat. I was so excited as I love having massages and haven’t had one for so long. 756 more words


It doesn't have to be a cruel, cruel summer.  

For various circumstances this summer reminds me of the catchy Bananarama song.

The city is crowded

My friends are away

And I’m on my own… 574 more words


Something for the Weekend: Time for some me time (plus a little competition for you!!!)

So far in this series of blog posts  I have concentrated on where to go, what to eat, different activites to do over the weekend. I love having an active life and living for every moment but sometimes its nice to actually not have any plans. 870 more words

Ном унших дуртай л даа

Дуртай блоггер маань хэлсэн байдаг. Ном нь бусдын амьдралаар амьдрах боломж олгодог гэж… Тэр хүн өөрөө маш сайн бичдэг болохоор тэрний бичсэний хажууд миний бичиж байгаа яг гоё сэтгэл татам биш байгаад байна аа уучлаарай.