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Me Time

It’s think it’s really important as a Mama to have some ‘Me Time’ once in a while. Motherhood is exhausting – it’s a 24 hour job and it can often feel like you haven’t had a second to yourself all week – so I’m going to be sharing my favourite things to do to help me just chill out and relax, at the end of the day or just when I have a bit of baby-free time to give you some ideas and remind you that you  862 more words


Self Care day!

We all have bad days and we all have our own ways of dealing with them. This is just what I personally do when I’m not feeling the best. 338 more words


Perjalanan dimulai dengan rute Jkt – Kul – CMB – Kul – Jkt. Rute ini dipilih karena harga tiket yang lumayan murah dibandingkan harus mengambil penerbangan langsung ke Sri Lanka. 707 more words

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Me Time

‘Me time’ was really not an issue before motherhood kicked in. I had so much of it that my life was one leisurely stroll. There was absolutely no sense of urgency whatsoever and my walking pace was slow and steady rather than constantly chasing my ass. 906 more words


Career opportunity vrs mom guilt

I am packing tonight and oh so excited to be doing so! I’m not going on trip or anything fancy like that but I have taken 6 days of Special Effects work on a TV show in Calgary! 260 more words

23.2.2017 - Sloths and Self Care

After battling home because of #StormDoris (I got my usual bus home!), I was home alone and for once, didn’t want to pick up the endless job list created by the teaching profession, life, the universe and everything so I decided to pick up my #buddybox (amazingly curated and sent by… 292 more words

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#365 A whole year!

It’s officially been done folks – I’ve been doing this insane thing, called ‘an item of gratitude a day’ for a whole year! No breaks, no mishaps, although sometimes I completely forgot to post in the busy-ness of life, but then soon made up for it… 194 more words