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Ring, ring

HOW exciting is modeling for your first REAL advertisement? I can’t contain my happiness.

One of my beliefs is that talk is cheap. I know that advertisements, creative work and campaigns come and go at the snap of fingers. 126 more words


Valentin Ceramics

We went to Masaya and visited the Valentin pottery studio. We learned the accent technique that they use in order to create their beautiful pottery. They use all the natural materials that their ancestors use with the exception of just a few. 40 more words

Mombacho Volcano

We visited the Mombacho Volcano where we toured the La Mar Dulce coffee plantation. This plantation is family run and produces the delicious coffee- Las Flores- my favorite :) . 43 more words

Lake Apoyo

We were able to spend the afternoon at Lake Apoyo. Lake Apoyo was created from a dormant volcano and is just beautiful. The water was wonderfully like warm and we all enjoyed the afternoon tremendously! 19 more words

The Girl With Too Many Books

New Teen Ink article about the book drive I organized that finally came to a close this year! If you like it, send a vote my way so more people can read it:) 6 more words

Sugar cane plantation

We visited a sugar cane plantation in San Diego.  fascinating and hard work!!!

July 5- Our last work day

Today was our last work day in San Diego. It was a FULL day filled with hard work. The girls made a lasting impact on the school and the community and are very proud of themselves with the amount of work they accomplished. 23 more words