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[Exper{i}{men}{tal(l)}] &

They ask him why:

why not do the easy thing:

why not write prose for prosa-

{h, traditionally

stressed out profession?

And they’ve called him out… 339 more words


Will always love you

I chop and change and change

and chip with shoulder-wrought

sadness and melancholy-

rich poverties of lives I might once have

lived in the glorious shade of your… 149 more words


My June visit to Dublin / Life's grand grand progress / The unlimited power of poetry

Re my visit the week of Bloomsday in June to Dublin, I’ve now booked both the flights and the AirBnB, quite near the centre too; and the blessed company gave me an intro discount to boot.   527 more words


New op-sys; new Mils

It’s tough to overcome

the anger of loss:

loss is quite the worst


loss of person;

loss of time;

loss of opportunity


and gone. 157 more words


Fed up with love / Being in love / Love on my own terms

I’m fed up with love

you understand:

gorged; overeaten.

I’ve loved all my life:

my wife in the few ways

she let me express;

my parents in the few ways… 169 more words


L[os]s / Spittle [in] the d[us]t

So of course I feel loss: the love

of my life has disappeared like smoke

up the chimney of my despairs and my

foolish imaginings and my… 267 more words


Saying goodbye / Uprighting / And let's begin to rewrite history

There’s a time and a place

and a space and a rhyme

for everything

we think and do.

But sometimes that time

and place and space and… 100 more words