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It's not me, is it? Never was ... never will be

The stuff that came my way

All these days

Never was my fault;

Never was I to blame.

It was always others

Who caused me… 62 more words


And so then you are reminded ...

And there are people you’re never going to revisit ever;

And if C is really K, and K is really there,

The emptiness inside you now does remind you there’s nothing here. 211 more words


How to fight back ...

The key to thriving is in ignoring the idiots, of which there are plenty around. They also appear to have bags of dosh. But dosh doesn’t maketh the woman or man: grace under pressure does. 51 more words

Me To Yous

One shot

We all have one shot.

It’s all we’ve got.

It’s not

Rotten to fail at one’s goal. It’s

Rotten to succeed

Through another’s expense.

So don’t judge me for what I achieved. 37 more words


It was clear, wasn't it?

The day yous all saw me, dearest cousins and


the truth was so easy to divine.

Almost mysterious for me

but simple for

yous: if I had ever loved her true, that day… 135 more words


Cost / Be / Wed*

Not having a better life is an option

as valid

as any ever was –

or was fashioned,

or was caused.

To zero expectations makes… 48 more words


Love isn't a weapon*

Love isn’t a weapon we should

Go gunning with.

Love isn’t a machine

To one our lives summarily.

Love isn’t the cause of our pain… 47 more words