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On being academically poetic

Bought the soundtrack to “La La Land” this morning. CD and instant-ish MP3 download. Really good. Re-listening to now.

Meanwhile, did some poetry, and decided I can still write about love even when I am incapable of finding it. 181 more words


Choo[sing, sid]es [and then again, maybe not]

Sid was a man who naturally loved everyone, and so no one

loved him back.

Because people who love everyone with the uncondition

of unnatural constancy, and that¬†obstinacy born… 121 more words


Try treasure, not measure [if EVER you knew how to be human]

Non-conformism will change the world if the

world looks to open its mind up

to the upsides of lives it assumed only had


But if non-conformists can… 184 more words



I may not be a power house musician but I am persuaded I have a gate crashing body. To my lovely body I promise to share the tales of our relationship to the whole world in a bid that our tales will transform lives.

129 more words

[On {pow!}ers] (cc M, H, E, and maybe C too)

Really positive start to the year. ¬†Gotta tell you about how it’s shaping up.

Doing poetry as always, and photos too (though I need to work out how to take photos off my iPhone to free up space in order to take more photos!). 236 more words

Me To Yous

Without love, nothing interests me

And lerv won’t do,

because to keep buy and sell

at bay

by selling and buying

sex is no solution at all.


Mid-life lerv, re-served*

The love you used to call

love – and which

even then, when you

thought it so damn real,

maybe didn’t heal

wounds at

all, but… 365 more words