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Tidak mudah memengaruhi orang lain, karena setiap orang memiliki ego untuk bersikap sesuai pilihan sendiri, tidak ikut-ikutan dengan pilihan orang lain. Apalagi hanya dengan kata-kata. Yang paling efektif dalam memberikan pengaruh kepada orang lain adalah perbuatan. 422 more words

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(Terkadang) ingin aku hancurkan medsos ini

Pada awal munculnya media sosial (medsos), para pengguna memanfaatkannya tidak lebih hanya sekedar sarana “berteman di dunia maya”. Saat tidak bisa bersua secara fisik, maka medsos-lah yang menjadi solusi untuk dapat bertemu secara virtual. 752 more words

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To a New Year

“You serve the best by doing what you love the most” – Maria Bello.

Let me paint the scene: April of last year, a nervous, sophomore version of myself, and a plastic bag from the Costco photo center resting on both of my palms like a sacrifice to the artistic gods.

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Viva Las Vegas

Two months ago, I made my first trip to Las Vegas and my first trip back to the US in a VERY long time! If you’ve been following my Instagram page you probably already know how I fell in love with the city, and the fact that it NEVER sleeps, like literally! 1,576 more words

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Don’t ever hurt someone you love so much in this world if you don’t want him or her to change. When you hurt that person, he/she will be heartbroken but after sometime, he or she will mend his/her heart again and move on with experience that they gained from what you led them into. 317 more words

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I'm Sorry

I’m sorry
I feel we might not end up together,
Maybe we just wasting time,
But I don’t know how to face you for this explanation, 40 more words

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Daughter sky

My daughter, you are now a wife and soon you’ll become a mother too. God bear me witness that I taught you how to cook and do other house chores. 348 more words

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