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Once upon a rhyme: "It's almost time!"

There were, it was real, once upon a rhyme, two people very much in love.

That love was short-lived; yet even so – for a long long time – it was remembered true. 871 more words

Me To You Too

Pricing youth's jam

The older you get,

the more they make you pay

for the stuff they once

said was the preserve of

your youth.

But what if you lived an… 139 more words


Why this - and not THAT?

You may argue I am beyond all saving trace.

You may suggest I have no word to write what I do.

But I would counter – as soldier in and soldier out – you have no right either… 80 more words


It's easy, yer know?

It’s easy when you’re used

and abused 

to the power of watching

which others exert over your being

and your seeing and your doing

and your hurt: 259 more words


And her suffering WILL be equal to mine ...

And her suffering – no doubt! – is equal to mine.

But where I wish sincerely to be helped from outside,

and the talking so guided… 86 more words


Lucky 13: "... see you see me [at last] ..."

I want the love that other lives have got: the

touching and

stroking in private and public,

and the making-up,

and the passion

and the blissing… 173 more words


.. me to you

😌I literally sat down for hours trying to come up with something good, something awe-inspiring, something simply interesting, that would draw my readers to come back for more. 268 more words