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Harapan Sabtu Pagi

Source : pixabay.com

Harapan Sabtu pagi: Sabtu pagi dan harapan-harapan.

Beberapa potongan frame tentang Sabtu pagi.

Penyiar radio pagi ini bilang  “Happy long weekend!” karena Kamis libur dan 1,317 more words


Pain is only temporary.

Swollen eyes

runny nose

splotchy face

that’s a sign of sadness which is also a sign of pain.

Pain is only temporary, it has to end at some point. 39 more words


Inappropriate Laughter….is Hilarious!

I’ve learned a lot about laughing at times / situations when most adults don’t laugh and/or when it’s considered inappropriate by social norms theory (ie at a fail video such as a person falling down or getting hurt).   1,205 more words


No Vacation and No Med Access

Didn’t feel so well today. Sounding a bit hoarse and have a minor sore throat, as well as, head and body isdues. But, I woke up this afternoon feeling hungry so Crazy and I went out to lunch. 131 more words

True Life

on love

I had given up on love.

that soul melting deep connecting kind of love that only movies and songs present.

the kind of love that is a cup of tea placed at your right hand while you’re drowning in marking.   398 more words

When your body tells you time out is required...

It’s been a long year.

Scrub that.

It’s been an unbelieveably short but ridiculously full on year.

Seemingly weeks ago it was New Years Eve and now the Christmas ads are back on the TV and I’ve even started picking up the odd stocking filler.   1,269 more words

Mental Health & Wellbeing

c h a o s

My mind is a chaotic mess of beautiful yet frightening thoughts.
You cannot follow my thoughts;
The depth they reach is simply too deep for an ordinary mind to read. 27 more words