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Destined for Greatness

Am I though? Am I really? Because I certainly don’t feel that way. But I do feel like something is missing. I’m not really sure what it is exactly but it’s not there. 128 more words

Snow In The Swamps of Louisiana

For the second time this winter, it is snowing in the swamps of Louisiana.

People are still losing their ever-loving mind.

You would have thought Armageddon has started.

Snow is the evil incarnate.


Random Thoughts

I (Almost) Got In A Car Accident

Snow is wonderful. It covers the dead grass on lawns, makes injury free weapons to throw at your siblings, and keeps the temperatures above 0 degrees during the winter. 732 more words




Love yourself and your body for it is truly a temple.



If you’re a girl, there’s a scene before the climax of the movie in which you get ready with your best friends. There is, indeed, a party and your gaggle’s all invited, which demands the care and preparation of a wedding cake before it’s devoured by hungry mouths and left for the staff to clean; girl-talk: this is going to take some time, better put on your favorite tunes. 806 more words


'Oneness' at Jejuri

Cymbals and drums clamored

Amidst the turmeric thrown skyward

All were one

With the tune and color

The feet walked miles together

As if floating to Jejuri… 71 more words


Pictures don't lie

There comes a time at the beginning of every year where many humans, myself included, decide to be healthier! So I decided to jump on the band wagon of weight loss! 225 more words