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3 hour MRI

Yesterday, I went to get an MRI. It took three hours. After waiting an hour to get into the MRI, it took almost two hours to complete. 153 more words


A Little Bit of Everything

This post is a little different. A lot of this is not about me or my day. When someone in your life has secrets or private matters, they become yours. 639 more words


Edinburgh 4/3/15

On Wednesday my boyfriend surprised me and we got the train up to Edinburgh for the day! Rather cute for him! We got there and it was really sunny without a cloud in the sky! 145 more words


Cliff Building and The Cliff

Zebedee E. Cliff served as mayor (R) of Somerville, MA from 1914-1918. An immigrant, Cliff was born in New Brunswick, Canada in 1864 and, according to the 1910 US Census, came to this country in 1882. 228 more words


Vending machine says to drop and give him twenty

If you want those potato chips, you have to work for them.


Day 30: 3 Online Friends That I Have Yet To Meet

Hmmm… I can give you more than three – everyone who reads this blog, has commented or liked posts, or emailed me. I’ve “met” people from Massachusetts, all across the United States, Canada, and other countries all due to the decision I had one day, almost a year ago, to let it all out via this little corner of the inter-webs.

Stop debating. Just be good.

The other day I was sitting in a park, on my own, daydreaming. As you do.

Well, no, not really as I do. Having three kids and a job and all (did I ever mention that?!), I find little time to sit daydreaming in the sun, with a good book and a coffee in my hand.  806 more words