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First Day of After School Activities

And she is joining a new one this year… The art club! I am now waiting for her school to see how it went.


Yoga Patient

Taken at oenesu waterfall, Kupang

If i give a chance to describe yoga, so here is my opinion :

Yoga not about how many beautiful pose you can do, or how long u can hold. 90 more words


every night I lay here and ask myself why do I hold on, why not walk/run far and fast, why not do exactly what I would tell my friend if she was in this situation night after night,

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Ce v-am spus eu ca se duce si criza asta? Le-a trecut romanilor frica de islamizare, acu’ s-au tras la umbra si lectureaza citatele motivationale ale lui poptamas ala. 340 more words


sometimes I think loyalty is over rated, sometimes I think I’m really stupid,
sometimes I don’t know why I stay…..

I mean there’s two sides to every story, I get that, I do, but I’m on the outside getting torn apart, and there’s nothing I can do.

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how amazing it is, when it hurts no longer…

An unsaid goodbye,

An unanswered text,

A love not returned,

Not wondering what is next.

It isn’t hate, 56 more words