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女人 衬衫

我的妈呀 女汉子又花钱买衣了呀。 但是女汉子买得很开心 即使荷包所剩无几 还是阻挡不了 衬衫的诱惑。 啊啊啊~~

女汉子好洗翻这件衬衫。 一, 难得找到大件 够长 布料又是窝喜欢滴。 二,虽然穿起来 一点都不瘦 女汉子本来就不是瘦子 没期待了 算了吧 开心轻松自在就好。 哈哈 *自暴自弃的样子 哈哈
三,衣柜里的一都是黑色滴 给它添点色彩呗。 呵呵

至于裙子呐 因为它便宜 不曾有过。 女汉子也是可以穿些裙子滴。 新尝试,ok lah~

好呗 好呗 代价就是 下个星期吃草。 😅


Knowing when to rest

It’s way too easy to get so committed to something that you have tunnel vision to the important things in life. It can be the same with exercise. 188 more words



I want to travel the world, see new places, meet new faces. I want to be able to visit all countries, or at least every continent. 338 more words


While I'm At It

Since I got stuck listening to TED talks again:

When the woman at the fundraising gala said “I’m so proud of you. It must be so hard teaching those poor, unintelligent kids,” I bit my lip, because apparently we needed her money more than my students needed their dignity.


Kalau Memang Beda Jangan Dipaksakan untuk Sama, Kalau Memang Tidak Sejalan Jangan Dijadikan Sejalan

Maaf, aku lebih suka melihat semua berjalan apa adanya. Kalau memang kita beda, nggak perlu kita berusaha keras untuk menjadi sama. Bukan berarti aku nggak mengharapkan kita menjadi sama, tapi kalau memang tidak bisa sama kenapa harus dipaksa. 170 more words


make my trip

Happy Trip is one of the leading companies in the world which provide services in the Travel domain. Happy Trip has decided to launch a portal for users to book flight tickets online for travel across India. 15 more words


Why I Won't Call You Smart

I’ve basically removed the word “smart” from my vocabulary, at least when referring to individuals. In fact, I almost cringe when I hear someone else use it and if you’ve been around me you probably already know why: 662 more words