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Maybe I'm just lazy.

As I write this, I should be doing homework. The end of the semester is fast approaching and so are deadlines for portfolios, final projects, and essays. 387 more words

About Me

My Old Friend

And just like that,

I am back
Snapped like a rubber band
You found me, my old friend
4 years ago
I promised
“I don’t want to ever feel this way.” 81 more words



Hey all,


My name is Tucker, I’m 22, I live in Colorado Springs, CO, and I fucking LOVE video games. Like, no joke. I’ve always played games. 129 more words


I Have A Cold

Most of the time, I’m not really a person that gets sick.

If I do catch something, you  can guarantee that it came from my partner after it got spread around the whole army base, or I have really been pushing myself and my body has finally had enough. 203 more words

I've Waited Three Years for This...

Where Has Jon Gone. It’s admittedly a strange name for a blog. It came about from my habitual need to wander off and explore everything; for fear of missing out on something, on anything. 3,000 more words



Instead of spitting

Your uneducated venom,

Open your mind

And absorb the facts.

Use your eyes to focus

On what lies beneath.

Shield your soul, 22 more words


Nerves and nerve-immunity

It’s Sunday evening and I’m frightened. Tomorrow I go to start a 4-week contract at one of the world’s most prestigious agencies.

It’s the most incredible opportunity and, to tell the truth, I’m terrified. 610 more words

Love Life London