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Missing from our own lives

This was the scene in one American city yesterday – just one city.
For a day of worldwide protest called #MissingMillions.

The shoes belong to people with ME who sent them in. 219 more words

Lost In Translation

You tell me you love and wanna rebuild yet you tear me down attempting to remind me of how insecure and offset I am as if I’m on the outside looking in from around the corner being told by a third party as if I’m not living in it and know first hand😒😒😒😒 You call me up and stay on my line pinging these towers for hours on end conversing about the most mundane things like what you ate what you thought you were going to eat your homeboy being mad an episode of Mike Tysons cartoon etc.for goodness sake but when I grace this keyboard to vent and ask 1 simple question😒😒😒I’m staring at ⏱⏲⏳⌛️⏳⌛️⏳ shit I might as well go have me a 🚬 (and I don’t even smoke😳)..


#3 Grow Your Hair To Your Waist

excuse my brother photobombing in the background :D

and not only did i grow it all out….but my mother finally convinced me to CUT IT!! 74 more words

Tell a story — 01

Hi there, this is me, Silvia. And I’m here to tell my story. To tell my stories. Stories of life, travel, desires, mission. Life is all you fight for and you create your own story by living it. 56 more words


A Little Bit More About Me

I know that I have an about me page that you can read to get to know me a little bit but that’s definitely not EVERYTHING about me. 276 more words


Now What?

The F word… Future… it’s like a swear word, people try not to say it in my presence but seem to slip up too frequently, I only seem to use it when I’m having an emotional breakdown. 79 more words


Week 3 of LDN (1.0ml) - some improvements

I’m three weeks into treatment now. I hadn’t expected to be giving an update again so soon as I’m only a few days into my increased dose. 839 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome