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2017-11-21 training log

Did NOT go to the gym today. Why? Pain. Why? Farmer’s walks. :-)

Yesterday afternoon I felt this crazy pain laterally across my mid-back. It didn’t happen normally, but say trying to get up from lying down, curling the torso up, and oh geez!! 163 more words


Finding my mission


Understanding and accepting I am a very finite being have taken me thirty years to accept. I believe my path was gentle and well enveloped in the philanthropic nature of life. 215 more words



My history with love hasn’t been the greatest one or the most prolific over the years.

If we had to do a movie about my life, I would probably play the role of the supportive & loyal best friend, scheming & thinking of ways to bring the two protagonists together than of the main character, dreaming about being loved & loving in return. 1,434 more words


Worth It !

The best part of trying hard to change something in your life is when you get a positive comment from a dear friend.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am currently trying to lose some kilos from my overweight body by controlling my eating habits while increasing my exercises which mainly includes cardio – walking/running on the treadmill, or the occasional walks on our beaches. 117 more words


I can live life happily alone.
No, I don’t need someone to share my memories with.
I don’t need someone to be there for me when I’m breaking down.

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Dose 12: Exercise

You’re already exercising. I promise.

Even if you consider yourself bed bound and unable to move or do anything, you’re reading this. That means you’re exercising your mind. 568 more words