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What it feels like sleeping on a bed after 2 months

After a series of crazy events and such, I have been blessed to feel well-rested and not sore after waking up this morning, couldn’t be more ready to take on the day and difficulities of adulting . 390 more words

Welcome to TheSelfCareLife!

My name is Alice & I’m currently recovering from long term physical and mental ill health. Something I have learned along the way is that self care is super important to our wellbeing – whether you’re in recovery like me or you’re a run off your feet yummy mummy or an overworked office worker. 107 more words


Street style...it has changed for the better.

It is becoming clear to me, more than ever before,  that street style (well what ‘street style’ is to me)  accounts for a huge part of what fashion is, and is seeping into any empty pocket that needs revitalizing; fashion houses are listening and are not only influencing society but finally allowing society to influence them… 266 more words

#28DayBlogChallenge Day 12 - My mind is blank!

Although I’m still fully motivated to proceed with this 28 day challenge, today I am feeling most uninspired. Usually I just write about what comes to mind at the time I begin writing, but today my mind is blank. 126 more words


vomitin week...

i never had such bad vomitin.. not even with junior.. since the mrt bump i threw up almost everyday… for a week.. i saw dr steven on sat n he gave me delectin.. 58 more words


Favorite Childhood Book

Asking me to pick a favorite book (or movie) at any point in my life has no single answer.

There are many from growing up that I was fond of, for various reasons. 583 more words


Wake and fail.

In a flurry of unconscious meandering,

Drifting through the known and unknown,

No light to speak of,

No sound to strain to hear,

No awareness of anything, 83 more words

Poems And Such