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Is it too late?

Okay so about a month or so ago I wrote a song and I’ve finally decided to share it with you.

Ignore my lack of talent. 23 more words


"Curvy Girls"

I’m not a skinny girl. I wouldn’t say that I am obese in any way and although I feel my body is quite normal, I don’t fit societies “regular” size. 477 more words

Everyday Life

The Why

I’ve recently gone through something of an awakening period. It was kick-started by an entirely stupid event, led me through a month+ of great mental turmoil and eventually, spat me out with a lot of new insights that I’m still working through. 600 more words



People can open doors for you. But you must walk through them yourself.



Black coffffeeee

You like it? You won’t… That’s black coffee for the big boys…
Gotta stay awake…


I Rattle!

Oh my, oh my, oh my. I rattle.

This is my supplement pile – and I have more coming in the post. The worst things are the Multi Mineral Mix and the Acetyl L-Cartinine powders. 210 more words

New Tube On You Tube! 😉

I made myself a YouTube account where I will be making poems into videos and other fun stuff. There won’t be anything of me personally on there… 46 more words