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Horribly Timed Motivation

Motivation is awesome! The sheer thought of a positive feeling can drive a person to pursue a goal that they normally wouldn’t. An emotion strong enough to change a person’s life entirely. 1,608 more words


The Hundreds Staff Interview: Alina

Every now and then I come across things on the internet about various people and I’m like “Yeah, cool they have traits like me. We have stuff in common” Then I come across this interview of some girl named Alina who I’ve never heard of in my life and I’m like “This girl IS me.” 23 more words



The people I like the most are the people who courageously march to the beat of their own drum.

I realized this last night when a friend of mine — one of my closest friends in the universe — told me that she has been secretly writing One Direction fan fiction. 538 more words


Too Much Information 

Yesterday evening I arrived back in Adelaide after a long 38 hours of travel! Let’s just say I never want to see another plane or airport in my life. 976 more words


[Wayang] Marvel: Avengers - Age of Ultron

Venue: Tempat lepak biasa…..Spectrum Shopping Mall

Date: 02/05/2015

* Makan dulu di Ayam Penyet Sumatera

* Lps makan & jalan-jalan..tibalah masa~~


Siri movie Avengers yg sebelum ni xde la layan tp kali ni nak pulak tengok (because of my siblings la). 19 more words


Cuti Hari Buruh!

Venue: Plaza LowYat, KL & Berjaya Times Square

Date: 01/05/2015

Activities: Makan & Jalan-jalan cuci mata (gaji xdapat lagi wooo)

* Makan brunch di Kopi Club… 25 more words


Dear Abby: I Would Stay.

Dear Abby,

I wish I knew how to take thousands of memories, thousands of laughs, thousands of expressions and convert them into words. These strokes of lines are so technical, so pointed that it’s difficult to fully express a moment without going back to it altogether and experiencing it all over again. 484 more words