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Vaguely Curious asks:

Hi! Don’t feel any pressure to answer this if you don’t want (I know it’s a bit more personal than most of your questions), but if you don’t mind answering… Are you and Jim the Editor boyfriends?

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Reader Questions

Q - Quit

The definition of Quit is to leave or abandon,usually permanently.

There are so many things you could Quit.
You could Quit smoking.
You could Quit drinking… 139 more words


Happy Easter. Unless you're living with ME.

Chocolate eggs? No. A roast dinner with the whole family around the table? No. Binge-watching movies on the sofa? No. Going out drinking and partying? No. 1,575 more words



Things haven’t been the same

since you went away.

Holding on to these memories

without feeling the same way.

We believed that our souls

would roam together. 79 more words


Happy Friday!

I was sitting on my bed reading a book before bedtime when Jane approached, purse on arm and keys in hand.

“Amy left her earbuds in my car. 817 more words