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Social living?

In just under 2 weeks, a new school year will be well underway and I’m sitting here, puzzled at how quickly summer passed. 4 months became 2, 2 months became 2 weeks, and here I am… 416 more words


2016-08-25 training log

Didn’t want to, but you do the work anyways.

I did not want to go to the gym this morning. Just drag-ass all the way. But you still drag your ass there and put in the work, because it’s consistency over time that gets you there. 488 more words


Challenge Me

I want to write more and learn to be a better writer.

I know that this is coming a bit too late, but I’m currently at a time in my life where things are changing. 230 more words



My heart is breaking.

I just got back to Children’s Garden after a long day. It’s my first time in the day to sit back and reflect. 996 more words


5 Things You Can Expect from Me this September

I’m giving you fair warning.  September is coming, and September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  That means that for the whole month of September, this blog will be focused on Childhood Cancer Awareness.   381 more words

They're circling....


I’m sorry. I’m just finding this…..odd? I’ve known these guys for 10 to 30 plus years.

And I watch them jockey for time to spend with me….now that Nick is gone. 265 more words