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One more time with feeling

Mil veces me dije, repetí, prometí y juré que me iba a cuidar en todos los aspectos. Esta vez no fue distinta. Lo que si fue distinto fue la fuerza y la voluntad. 103 more words

Well, that was painful....

….and yet, at the end of the visit…..I didn’t feel so devastated. Yesterday I went up to the cemetery for a visit. It was the 6 month anniversary. 220 more words


you must know

you must know, how flawed i am or have become.

sometimes you see me , but don’t recognize me anymore.

Is it because of all of the lies that you thing are a disguise? 230 more words


Feeling Overwhelmed.

I have been doing a lot of reading and reviewing and it takes some effect to write all of those. I have started to  try to organize them so I keep track of what I have to do. 226 more words


Hike #4 - Glen Rose, TX

On Saturday, 1/28/2017 around 10 am, I’ll be heading southwest of the DFW metro area to Dinosaur Valley State Park to go hiking!  The weather looks to be clear and mild, they allow pets on the trails, and they have a LOT of variety in trail styles! 124 more words

LONDON : The Land of Fog

You almost forget how SH*T the weather cab be here in London…because it’s been so sunny and nice this weekend and the past few days before that. 173 more words


Decluttering Weight

I have been on a fairly long journey of decluttering – I never been a hoarder – moving every 2 years and having to get everything in and out of a restricted size van puts paid to that – but I certainly have tendencies. 499 more words