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I have been challenged by my twin once again! This time the challenge is about love which I have to say is one of my favourite themes (I’m girly, so sue me). 352 more words

Manifesting True Success: Day 10

As one of my monthly goals is to meditate everyday I have signed up for a free meditation challenge with Oprah and Deepak. This 21 day challenge focuses on manifestations of success. 804 more words


Mindblogs #1: Chronophobia

In the UK, the clocks are going forward this weekend. It’s a simple thing; our phones and iPods will reset the time automatically and some people may not even notice that anything’s different. 730 more words


Me, myself and I

Sometimes, when you try to sleep but your mind is still awake, you think. About different things. About your day, what you have to do tomorrow, about your work or the book you’re reading. 389 more words



The story is .. You have to work to earn money. To gain financial independence. I often question why? Why must I do a job that I hate just so that I can earn a few extra pennies each month? 213 more words



I feel toxic to the people that surround me. My friends. My family.

Sometimes, I get so overwhelmed. I don’t want to be around people. I want to delete all social networks, and just be alone. 278 more words


Hobbit Cosplay - Part 1


As I told you in this post, I’m going to HobbitCon 3 this year! With two very good friends I’m very happy to meet :-) 362 more words