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Promises and Perils

The problem was this word “anti-venom.” It sounded made up, like it was from a comic book.

“I’m sorry, but we just don’t have anti-venom, 180 more words


This might be the most emo thing I've ever written...

There’s a certain kind of tiredness that doesn’t go away easily.

The kind that creates purple, bruise-like circles under a blank stare. The kind that steals your motivation and drive for the things you love the most. 44 more words


It’s been one of those months.

The kind of month where good things are happening, but you wouldn’t call them great.

Where you realise it’s nearing an entire year since you’ve graduated from something incredible, and had no opportunity to harness the time that has flown past accordingly. 445 more words


School School School


As I have mentioned before; I originally moved to London to start at University. Well, I am now on my second week and I really feel like this course is for me. 182 more words

Daily Life

Wobbly blabber fat smacked bog fed sepia taint wooze, motherfucker, motherfucker, motherfucker…is it me? Like they gave me a slap on the hand—didn’t do that well or that either, it wasn’t want they wanted, it wasn’t exactly what they wanted, so they tossed me. 369 more words

Yes, because Aliens.

Two weekends ago on a boring Saturday night, I thought it would be a genius idea to sign up to the free online course that Harvard University is offering on “Super-Earths & Life; Introduction to Astrobiology”.. 352 more words