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( This is the original piece…)

My thoughts can fill up a whole room,As they seep through all my pores,

Leaking through the windows

And breaking all doors. 55 more words

TristTrist dag - Ute

… inte inne!
När jag vaknade inatt – vid ett tillfälle – tänkte jag på mitt bidrag till Carpe Diem Haiku. Jag var inte nöjd med det! 125 more words


We are Capable!

Does it happen with you that someone compliments you, genuinely, and it makes you squirm in discomfort? Is it difficult for you to acknowledge that you are good at something and rightly deserve a mention for it? 620 more words


Saturday night depression

It’s Saturday night and HIM was supposed to come over. I’ve been working up to today all week and cleaned the crap out of my place. 468 more words


The Best Thing I'll Never Have?

Everyone will eventually meet someone whom they think epitomizes beauty. I have recently met that someone. I don’t usually talk about these things as I have given up on trying to get in a relationship ever since I was in my mid-teens. 667 more words


Prologue; Um - hi?

“This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.” ― Taylor Swift

Throughout my still rather short life I have gone through many phases, for example: the Twilight phase, the Hunger Games phase, the Percy Jackson phase and the list goes on. 247 more words



Kita adalah sepasang sepatu
Selalu bersama tak bisa bersatu
Kita mati bagai tak berjiwa
Bergerak karena kaki manusia

Tentang sepatu, semalam saya juga memimpikan benda paling nista se-jagad raya ini. 451 more words