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Kata MalamĀ 

Aku malam yang selalu hitam meski kau menaburkan sejuta bintang di langit

Aku derap langkah dalam sunyi yang menghilang bersama angin ketika kau dengarkan

Aku pohon tua yang dipelihara dalam gelap dan hanya hidup sebagai bagian sejarah… 63 more words


One of my favourite buildings on campus was built in 1903. The creaking wooden floors seem to breathe echoes of the past. A friend of mine was kind enough to indulge my vanity and take this cool photo.

2016-09-26 training log

Oh yeah… low-carb sucks. :-) I already knew this; today just adds more proof to the pudding. Mmm…. pudding.

The defluffing continues, so it’s reduced calories (mostly carbs), and lifting more for mass. 314 more words



I am going to chance this blog.

I am still going to do travel stories and experiences but I need an outlet for other stuff as well. 127 more words

Me -- Happy Birthday (220)

I know what you’re thinking. “Kollin, it’s incredibly weird that your birthday post happened to land on a ‘Me’ postĀ and a special tenth post.” Okay, maybe you weren’t thinking that, but I was. 654 more words

Daily Dose

It is not love, it is humanity.

I have learned an important lesson. Actually I have been trying to understand this aspect for some time, but I think I got it now. Some times it does not have to be love, it does not have to be a relationship. 179 more words


Monday 26th September 2016

It has been too long since I published my last blog post, and I really didn’t want to neglect this blog at all. I treat this place like my online memory book – like mentioned several other times. 279 more words