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LOVE this

I’m obsessed with words, but these words, strung together? YES!

What did I learn? What I am worth, what I deserve, what bullshit looks like, that people so convincingly lie to get what they want, that promises mean nothing to the majority, who I am, my strength, my tenacity, my ability to pick myself up, for myself by myself, how to write the longest run-on sentence ever. 36 more words


Juneau Sun Madness Continues

There are some residents of Juneau that can resist the pull of sunshine. I’m not one of these people unless utterly exhausted or on my deathbed. 209 more words


A night at the ope...er, zoo.

I’m never 100% sure how I feel about zoos…while I’m all for conservation – and sadly all too aware of how vital it is – you can’t help but look at lions and tigers and bears and wonder if they’re OK. 179 more words


Black and Whites

That couldn’t make it to my Instagram. Made an effort but didn’t like how they came out. But still wanted to post them here. 😬 8 more words

Random Blues


Let me tell you about this girl name Monique

She’s a hood chic, whenever she can be

Ride or die when she’s in the damn streets… 186 more words


Letting go made real

Is me spending hours in bed struggling with my monkey mind to visualize myself this morning, healthy, successful, on top of the world and victorious in all my current challenges instead of thinking about you. 112 more words



A year and a day ago, it was my first anniversary writing this blog.
A year ago I didn’t believe I could keep up for a whole year. 440 more words