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To complement ME2Recalibrated, I’m also releasing a small texture pack.

It doesn’t contain much, but what it does contain is pretty nice. A classy… 28 more words

State of the Mod, I

This post is two things: a mod announcement and an apology.

First, let’s do the apology, because that is MUCH less fun. Contrary to my announcement last January, ThaneMOD v3.0 will not be out this year. 392 more words

From #MeToo to #iam - You can do it Girl!

Everyday there are new hashtags invented, that make way to the social media headlines. Some are serious, some are for fun, some go trending and some are just to make noise. 1,248 more words

Shakti Uvaach


#MeToo ist ein neuer Internet-Trend, welcher gerade ├╝ber jegliche Soziale Plattformen, wie z.B. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr und Instagram anzufinden ist.

Falls Sie es noch nicht wissen, der #MeToo Trend ist eine Bewegung, welche in den letzten Wochen und Monaten einen grossen Aufschwung an Teilnehmern genoss. 389 more words


The Many Faces of Thane

When talking to players about Thane’s story and characterization in ME3, it’s not uncommon to find that they have wildly different opinions. This is something that at first glance seems very strange. 1,814 more words

Better Dreams is Released!

While working on ThaneMOD, I often get ideas for other mods. In this case, this idea has been pestering me for years now and as I continued to work on TM and investigate the dream mechanics, it finally gave me an excuse to work on pursuing it. 137 more words

My Issue w/Mass Effect 2

I was craving a role playing game recently, something to actually sink my teeth into and not just grind that core gameplay cycle (sorry Rocket League & Isaac), and I came across my old install of Mass Effect 2 (ME2) and my untouched copy of Mass Effect 3. 1,102 more words