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Andávamos um bocadinho indisciplinadas no que dizia respeito à nossa alimentação e, para dizer a verdade, com alguma falta de imaginação também. Por isso, e para tentar variar um pouco mais na hora de confeccionar as nossas refeições, decidimos fazer um Meal Planner semanal. 229 more words


What's in Our Fridge?

One thing I love to do is shop for food! Food is life and I just absolutely love it. There is not much I can say that I don’t like, won’t eat or won’t give a try. 820 more words

Baby-led Weaning

Coconuts Can Kill You!!

Ok… so I admit, the title is a little misleading, but it got your attention didn’t it?  lol….

So, coconut-anything is all the rage right now but what you may not realize is that you may be consuming too many coconut ‘products’ and that can ultimately increase the risk factors for high cholesterol and heart disease. 541 more words

Get Your 7 Day Meal Planner!

Ok, for me this is a big deal!  I’ve been wanting to do a transitional meal planner for quite some time now. AND IT’S FINALLY HERE!!  155 more words

5 Simple Secrets to Writing a Successful Meal Plan

Yes, I am a meal planner… how obnoxiously 30-something and suburban of me.

Meal planning is all the rage these days, and I am sure you hear people talking about it ALL THE TIME. 730 more words

General Recipes

4 FREE Printables to Help You Eat Healthy

Organization. Yep, I just spouted that ugly word like it was nothing. Here’s what I think. Time is available, but the organization of that time is what actually pulls us down the rabbit hole of fast food and unhealthy, overly processed snacks. 854 more words


Thoughtful living: Cooking for children!

Do you ever look at recipes or a menu on the internet which is meant to be for all the family and just think I wish my child would eat that! 203 more words