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Homestead Menu Planning

As homesteaders, we are so tired at meal times it becomes difficult to be creative.  Having a basic menu to plan meals just may be a lifesaver in those moments.  198 more words


Working on new habits

Hello February. Once again you have arrived faster than I thought. Your buddy January was a fast moving month for sure. For the new year I did make my personal resolutions this year and I also choose a word. 823 more words

Getting organised!

Life with a baby can leave you with little time for yourself and things can easily get on top of you (hence the gap between blog posts). 392 more words


Sunday planning

Sundays are for planning, but since it’s also the start of a new month (and year), I had to spend time setting up my new journals and I’m really excited about this month’s layouts and what it will mean for my productivity for personal and professional growth! 220 more words


SELFxTIU Challenge

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the SELFxTIU 8-Week Fitness Challenge!  The last 8-week fitness challenge I did was the Bikini Series, and it worked wonders!  I became stronger, leaner, and more toned.   111 more words


Day 4 weigh-in

Current weight:  205lb

Total loss: -5lb!

Today’s food:
Omelette with Bacon
Cheese Salad
Fish with steamed vegetables

Exercise:  Completed ‘day 4’ of the push-up challenge (this was meant to be a rest day, but I moved onto day 5, which I will repeat again tomorrow). 194 more words

3 Stone In 3 Months


Monday ~ Mac & Cheese

Tuesday ~ PIZZA !! 

Wednesday ~ Chicken & potato

Thursday ~ Hot dog Pasta Bake

Friday ~ Cottage pie

Saturday… 7 more words