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I Failed but I Keep Going

I fell off the blog-wagon in keeping up to date while going through the Ultimate Reset.  I failed anyone that was actually reading to see how I was doing. 736 more words

Clean Eating

Garlic Tahini Sauce- My latest obsession

I have long been a huge fan of the Garlicky Kale Salad available in the Whole Foods deli, to the point I one time ate it so often that I was walking around smelling like the dressing.   271 more words

Weight Loss

Today's Prompt: Unfinished. How I Lost Weight on Vegetarian Diet

About a month ago I blogged about Diet-to-Go that I tried for one week. I have lost a pound and a half that wasn’t bad yet nothing remarkable. 221 more words

Weekly Meal Plan #99

I realized this week that sometimes having a good back-up plan is just as important as having a plan. I was sick much of the week, and didn’t have the energy to cook from scratch every day. 217 more words


Days 252, August 16 2016

Crockpot Dinners

Another word on crockpots after my last post. I received some feedback regarding that post, that you can in fact cook a roast in a crockpot without adding water or liquid to the crock. 662 more words


PSA: I Eat Food

One of the most laughable parts of being a Celiac is being asked what you actually can eat,and then having them be genuinely concerned that you have it hard. 817 more words

The In's And Out's Of Celiac Disease

Meal Planning is Easy When it's Done For You

Do you love the idea of meal planning but hate the idea that you actually have to do it?  I know the feeling, prior to being a meal planner myself the idea of doing so seemed daunting to me… I mean… what would I cook, how would I know what to buy for the week!?!…daunting! 307 more words

Meal Planning