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Country Heat - Week 4

Week 3 is complete and week 4 of Country Heat starts tomorrow! Follow me on my Facebook (fb.com/LLHealthyFit.com) and Instagram (MelissaBrown66) for daily pictures and videos. 495 more words

Meal Prep Experiments

As I said, I got a Protein Powder cookbook last week and I have tried my first recipe out of it.  Coffee and Cocoa Protein Breakfast Bars.   234 more words

The wonders of meal prep!

I honestly used to think meal prep was silly, until I realised how much food actually costs and how much you’re better off just preparing your meals ahead of time which is more time effective and cost effective, really. 344 more words


Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep

Before I moved to  South Florida, I lived for 10 years in Maryland.  During my last eight months living in Maryland, I became unemployed.  As I searched for a new job, I also had a lot of time in my hands.  384 more words


Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Health Care Assistance

Leaving the care of your loved ones to other people is not an easy choice. After all, these people are virtually strangers and you are never sure if they are doing their jobs right. 374 more words


Important Tips on How to Choose the Best Home Health Center

With the growing number of geriatric population, the demand for services from health centers, like us, at Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., the top health care center in Miami FL, also rises. 412 more words


Safely Select An Optimal Diet

The human body is always regenerating and replacing its cells. This capability is powerful because you can change the direction of your overall health at any time.  2,866 more words