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Little Helping Hands in the Kitchen bring BIG Benefits

Dr. Dad says, “I’m hungry!”

OT Mom says, “Have the kids help you make a snack.”

While it sometimes takes a few minutes longer to have kids help make meals and snacks, it’s very beneficial in more than one way, and the best part is that kids love to help.

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Eat your way to fitness

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would know that I have dedicated this month to fitness and all the aspects related to it. 757 more words


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Smoothies... my preparation for the week

During the week I don’t have time to cut the fruit and prepare everything in the morning to have my smoothie. So what I do is every week I prepare 5 bags with the fruit for my smoothies. 74 more words


Lazy Days

Its been a good couple of days off. I feel like I’m getting down into a good routine and have been sticking with my plans. Its easy to stay with the eating when you have nothing to eat but what you have prepared for the week. 786 more words

Meal Prep Like a Pro

The benefits of home cooked meals are well known and boundless. It’s healthier, cheaper, and fun to take a sense of pride in the meals you create. 611 more words

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Meal Prep - my way

To those, who are new to this blog – I have already posted a great, long and very explicit blog post about meal prepping: https://giliute.com/2015/09/18/meal-prepping/ 323 more words

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