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Meandering Monday about Getting Out (of My Head) a Bit

I spend too much time in my own head.

It’s a hazard of fiction writing. Or is it that I’m able to write fiction BECAUSE of all the time I spend in there? 473 more words


Public Fare, Interiors by Crate and Barrel 

One of the coziest places we recently traipsed to was Public Fare at Winter Village in Bryant Park. Before our Valentine’s Day dinner we had decided that we would go ice skating, but with the crowds and wind we opted to try Public Fare instead. 175 more words


Meandering Monday about Muddled Meandering

I’m sick. I had a rather poor showing in the writing department last week; I’ll go into the details Wednesday, but I had hoped to make up words toward my quota. 410 more words


Meandering Monday about Setting Your Own Narrative

First off: Congratulations to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for a hell of a game – and a hell of a win. It was almost as good to watch as if my Cowboys had made it (maybe next year?) 702 more words


Those that go on and on and on...

Listening to some people is the best cure for insomnia. So this is a tribute to such souls who inadvertently give others their much needed 40 winks;) 118 more words


Meandering Monday about the Green-Eyed Envy of Greener Grass

A lot of kinds of people make up humanity, but for today I’ll talk about two extremes.

In the first, there are people who seem to live under a cloud. 498 more words


Smug at 30, flat on my face by 40

I stepped into my thirties arrogantly believing that I possessed all the resources I needed to learn to take the next journey towards a successful adulthood. 800 more words