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Meandering Monday about Native

Native is a funny word. When we talk about native speakers, we mean people who have been exposed to a language since close to birth and have spoken it since they could speak; it’s native to them. 547 more words


it's behind you...

…a quick round up of last week.

It was work as usual Monday to Thursday with a Staff conference and a training course thrown in for good measure. 377 more words


My kind of math

I put an address in my GPS
but then I kept on driving
I parked outside our old house
and I looked at it
then i walked along the ocean… 28 more words



Though the  first post on this topic, I  started this new journey to uplift the BODY, SPIRIT and MIND at the beginning of the year. 262 more words


Meandering Monday about My State of Mind

My wife and I do online surveys, and whenever they ask for demographic information, we like to clown around (to ourselves – we would NEVER answer any survey questions unseriously) (no, I really mean that.) When they ask what state we are in, we’ll joke and say CONFUSION, or DENIAL (but when we look through the choices in the drop-down menu, those aren’t there and we wind up settling for Texas) (not that I consider TEXAS to be settling at all, I wouldn’t want to be thought of as insensitive or insulting.) 375 more words


Midnight Madness

Or could this be early Monday Madness? No. It still has to be Sunday as I am still awake. If I say it is Monday then I will have missed a day of blogging and my record is ruined! 504 more words


Just Meandering

*Trigger Warning* There are references to suicide.

Over these last few days of silence, I have filled my days with walking. Not walking with a purpose but in a dream-like state. 175 more words