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Upon reflection

In early 2014, due to an illness I took a break from school and basically did nothing for a few months while I recuperated. I went back to my home country and my mom took care of me. 227 more words


Fear of Flying

In one of those “note the date, something big was said” moments, Blizzard has announced… through a proxy at least, if not via an official press release… that they likely won’t allow flying mounts in Draenor… or maybe in any future expansion.  1,346 more words


fragments of activities

Spouse has been visiting his family of origin in Kentucky since last week; I’ve been home alone. It’s been glorious.

I had to get on Twitter to rejoice about the same-sex marriage referendum-thingy passing in Ireland! 280 more words


Wandering the countryside

Just wandering the countryside
In search of stranger firesides
Is it foolish, Is it futile?

This walk without a direction,
This search for nothing at all. 166 more words


Night Trains and Day Dreams

Night trains and day dreams.

Somethings never change.

Day in a life of the conductor is life in a day.

Conducting, coordinating night trains.

Go that way. 26 more words

Creative Writing

And yet another day, brings another opportunity.

L.A. Stories