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Measuring happiness!

You know how everyone is always looking for something to be happy about? My little rays of sunshine were my twin nephews.

Trust me, you need to take lessons from being happy by playing hide and seek with a couple of 3 year olds who always hide in the same place, and still be happy you found them.


Both worlds?

So I was thinking..

Hermione Granger, connected to both worlds. Does she use Google (of course when she isn’t at Hogwarts) to look stuff up? 65 more words


A Return to Blogging

I know what you’re thinking…”we’ve heard this before.” Bruce is feeling guilty again about not exposing himself to public consumption (eeww…I didn’t mean for that to sound so naughty), so he’s found a burst of energy and is back to tell us that he’s going to return to blogging, at least on a semi-regular basis. 584 more words


It’s a gorgeous morning in The City, and today feels like an especially good day to hang back and enjoy the breadth of the sky. It’s summertime, and we’re halfway through a year that’s felt much bigger than… 271 more words

L.A. Stories

meandering (400)

on the third saturday of every second month, i have a routine.

i arise at dawn, prepare from scratch dough for bread. while i count the petals of the flowers i ordered online, the dough sits in a hot water cupboard and rises, enough for baking. 372 more words

Daily Prompt

From “Nopalitos”: The Making of Fiction

“…A basic problem for any writer is time. I lament the lack of time. As I pass my shelves of books, I think, these are books I will never read; or as my notebooks pile up, spilling over with plots, characters, great and moving sentences, I think, these are the words that will never find a story…” 6 more words

L.A. Stories

The Milagro Beanfield War by John Nichols

Check out this cover: A skeleton in a sombrero with a bottle of tequila. Intentionally yellowed page edges. A brick of mass market paperback in that unmistakable font that used to signify A BOOK to me before trade paperbacks took over and the construction of the book itself became stylized. 750 more words