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Meandering Monday about My Planned Obsolescence

I joke a lot about being old (I just completed another decade), although I have to admit I also feel like a kid (as evidenced by the ordeal my wife went through this weekend dealing with my child-like foolishness.) I’m well beyond the median age in the U.S. 438 more words


The Adult Checklist Rebel (maybe?)

I haven’t written in a while.

Though I love it, traveling full-time can be harder than one might expect. It can be even harder when you are traveling with your spouse. 1,056 more words


It's that time again

Tonight a legacy is finally emitted into the pages of time. Tomorrow the world moves on in its marvelous trance again.

JIMBO TIMES thanks President Obama for eight years of class. 9 more words

L.A. Stories

Meandering Monday about Lazy Brains, Autopilots and Manual Overrides

Today’s posting is running late due to the wild weather we had here in Dallas last night – either the Packers brought it with them, or God was that upset about the way the game ended. 484 more words


cakes and ale and yellow chartreuse.

i need to find a new job but my job makes me too depressed to work up the motivation to find one. i need to get rid of depressing old shit that’s sitting around in my apartment but seeing the depressing old shit makes me too depressed to throw it out. 1,354 more words

Meandering Monday about My Legacy

I joke all the time about how I’m getting old. At the place where I work during the day (the job that makes it possible for me to come out at night as my alter ego and ply my trade as a writer – not as dramatic as The Dark Knight, but I like the imagery), I am indeed one of the most mature people still standing. 661 more words