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Meandering Monday about Testing. Testing. Testing.

Some thoughts while I’m in the middle of having my slab leak repaired…

I’ve said before that I’m a generally luckier than usual guy – even when things go wrong, or I make mistakes, they mysteriously wind up improving my position in the long run. 725 more words



I work too much. I go to school too much. For stress relief, I enjoy packing up the camera, leashing the mutts, and heading out on a long constitutional to random locations. 15 more words


The Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is not just a place to bring the kids, although there are a lot of them running around. This is a great place to have fun and experience being a child all over again. 420 more words


Sum-it-up Sunday:Water, Water, Everywhere

 Yes, I know this is not my usual Sum-it-up Sunday rant. This will be more like a Meandering Monday sort of thing, but on the wrong day. 700 more words


Haunting the Rift – from Virginia Woolf to virtual reality

Street Haunting, an essay by Virginia Woolf written around 1930, describes a walk across London on the pretext of needing to buy a pencil. It attempts to track the writer’s footsteps in terms of the walker’s think-steps, or vice versa – an account of what the writer observes while she’s walking through the streets of Holborn and Covent Garden to the Strand, and what she imagines – basically, everything that goes through her head on her journey. 950 more words


…After a week of meandering through the Midwest, I’m finally back on the west coast. In the midst of its cool and breezy daylight, with bacon grilling on the skillet and a plane engine whirring far out in the clear blue sky, the town has never felt so fresh; Chicago made for some awesome… 585 more words

L.A. Stories

Beijing - First thoughts

It’s so different here, and yet so oddly familiar that I’ve had a hard time structuring my thoughts. I can read almost nothing except occasional American logos. 197 more words