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Above, the beautiful Dulce Reyes reflects on the week’s lessons after class, as the 2015 session of workshops at VONA comes to an end. The event featured 140 writers from all over the globe, and served as the first of its kind at the University of Miami. 32 more words

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Rambling in the woods in the late afternoon

Many afternoons after working in the garden I put on my rubber knee boots (it’s swampy out here), grab my camera and go for a meandering walk in the woods. 82 more words


Dear Friends,

I write to you with a brief update from Miami, Florida!

Between mosquito bites, hot and humid skies, lush green plant life and so much more, it’s been a fantastic adventure for yours truly.  219 more words

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Hello Miami!

Miami: What a familiar world! Two days in, and I’ve already seen so much of L.A. on the streets and its people here that it feels like I’ve been a part of the town for much longer than forty-eight hours!  327 more words

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If I Have Gay Children: Four Promises From A Christian Pastor/Parent

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll have gay children.

I’m not sure if other parents think about this, but I do; quite often.

Maybe it’s because I have many gay people in my family and circle of friends. 1,193 more words


Frodo reblogged this on ideaholdingstation – 主意存放站 and commented:

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court approved same-sex marriage for all 50 states. Social media is in a huge uproar about it (this is after the removal of the confederate flag, after the Charleston shooting, after the Rachel Dolezal affair, after the Caitlyn (once known as Bruce) Jenner affair...yeah, everything seems to be about the U.S. these days...). Some people have expressed opinions that frustrate me to the point where I cannot even understand how they can hold those beliefs. I initially wrote a long rant about how being gay is not a 'lifestyle'; how the state exists for all its citizens, not just the church; how flawed 'love the sinner hate the sin' is in practice... but I deleted it. I am to emotionally wrought right now about the many of my friends on social media who have publicly denounced the Supreme Court's decisions as giving in to sin and as sin taking over the world. I am too frustrated with people who compare removing gay pride flags to removing confederate flags. I am frustrated at the reaction of the church to immediately denounce gay marriage without considering the deep and painful struggles that gay people have to live through. So instead I will reblog this post, by another Christian, and by a person who understands what it looks like to love unconditionally.

And it’s one of those nights where the journey is long and your stomach is just begging and pleading for some action, when from out of nowhere your bus driver announces it’s time for a meal break. 382 more words

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And today’s been a blur! Though truly in the best of ways. Rolling through Baton Rouge was a gift, and seeing New Orleans was exciting! I had no idea that the city was so big, but it was huge! 395 more words

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