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Week 4: Mindful Monday - Healthy Living


I start Week 4 of Mindful Monday – Healthy Living with the INTENTION to, daily, embrace and follow the eight CREATION principles of living life to the fullest. 558 more words


Hell, or how some view the craft

I’ve been busy, not that anyone noticed. But I’ve learned substantially more about writing since last year and it gave me a lot of perspective. 238 more words


Madison Meandering

My friends and I had the great opportunity to spend the weekend at our bud Ben’s house. It is one of the BEST things as a college student to be able to be in a house, and eat home cooked food. 131 more words


My blog isn't for that. But maybe I'll make an exception.

As I revealed in my last post, I’m no longer on Facebook and Instagram. And weird things are happening.

Yes, I still have muscle memory that wants to go type in “F-A-C-E” and let my browser history fill in the rest before I click enter. 1,014 more words


Quiet Walk

If i was to take a walk



within a midnight

meandering stroll? 83 more words

New Experience: Water Splash Photo

For more than two years, I have taken thousands of photos with my IPhone, IPad, point/shoot camera, and digital camera.

When I signed up to take a photography class at the neighborhood senior citizen center, I knew it was the right choice.  219 more words



I started to write today’s Daily Prompt, but it was the third time around for “create an eighth deadly sin.” I began writing, but lost interest after a paragraph. 322 more words