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The Tournament Edge: Shifting Focus...For a Moment

In my latest blog at The Tournament Edge, I talk about changing focus.

No, I’m not changing focus for good.  I have no plans to make my major circuits anything other than my usuals, Chicago racing and large stakes races.  45 more words


Five random musings


the mirror looked back

her smile a glimmer

the stranger blushed

quickly hiding her song

behind lowered lashes


words like trembling fingers 

hesitant  57 more words


Independent Authors Are Starting to Outsell the Big Five

Great article from The Writer and great news for indie authors!

Today, a six-figure income – or at least a full-time writing career – is actually a possibility for independent authors. 458 more words


for the love of career maidens

I love career maidens.

One of my favourite pieces I’ve ever written was an essay about Eight Gauge…no longer a maiden, though it took over fifty tries for that to become the case.  150 more words


Why Your Book Isn't Selling

The writer’s worst nightmare. You researched, you wrote, you finished, and then published your book. You wait for the sales and……….*crickets*. This is something that can happen to any kind of author, traditional or nontraditional. 2,076 more words

Kristen Lamb

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Key reasons a book isn't selling, but every one of them can be fixed.

A Conversation About Happiness

Jorge and I sometimes enjoy having a staring contest.  The statistics regarding which one of us wins this childish game are probably in Jorge’s favor.  At least it seems like I’m usually the one who blinks first.  1,374 more words


What is Hybrid Publishing? Here Are 4 Things All Writers Should Know

Fantastic article from Writer’s Digest!

By: Brian A. Klems | August 11, 2016

Hybrid publishing is an emerging area that occupies the middle ground between traditional and self-publishing and therefore includes many different publishing models— basically anything that is not self-publishing or traditional publishing. 1,293 more words