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World Book Day Meanderings

The public library is one of the best places to spend an hour or so each weekend.  I’m glad many parents feel the same way. More often, entire families are queued in the check-out line with their hands carrying books. 543 more words

Cultural Highlights

365 Gratitude Project - Day 112: Seattle March for Science

April 22, 2017

What an AMAZING day!!! As part of the Environmental Impact Team, aka Clean up Crew, Jessi and I reported for duty at 8:15 at Cal Anderson Park. 362 more words


365 Gratitude Project - Day 111: Field Trips

April 21, 2017

I’m grateful for field trip groups which come prepared. We’re right in the middle of Peak Field Trip Season; yesterday at the Zoo we had 23 school groups, today 21 – that’s over 4,500 kids, teachers and chaperones in just 2 days! 694 more words


365 Gratitude Project - Day 110: Renewal

April 20, 2017

Yes, it’s another Spring post. Usually my favorite season is Winter – I love the cold, crisp air, the smell of wood smoke, the crunch of frost on the ground and the diamond glitter on tree branches and grass blades. 248 more words


365 Gratitude Project - Day 109: Preparation

April 19, 2017

After a few false starts and corrections, I’m pleased to have finished my sign for the Science March for this coming Saturday. I had looked at many pictures online with ideas for signs; my focus is Conservation, both of the earth and her creatures, and the idea which struck closest to my heart was an image of the earth from space with the caption, “I’m with Her.” I adapted the idea by adding pictures of endangered species, particularly some familiar faces from Woodland Park Zoo among others, and including the caption, “…and Them!” The forecast is for rain, so I also covered the face with clear contact paper to keep my hard work dry. 121 more words


This Is International Twit Award Month

Someone on Facebook asked, “What is a pregnant goldfish called?”  It’s one of those questions that puts you off guard for a moment.  I scrolled down to read the comments. 430 more words

Cultural Highlights


My parents are in town, so I took a couple of days of vacation and to travel around the country. Huzzah! Adventure time! So this morning we rented a car and headed off to explore the desert. 557 more words