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Love: Finding our way

We were silly about each other, giggling, holding hands, he teased me about my never-ending grin – I couldn’t stop, I was just so happy! We talked about hopes and fears, our dreams for the future. 316 more words


The diary of a nyctophobiac

As the switch moved to the ‘other’ position,

The bulb sucked up all that it gave.

As the centre of it all was extinguished,

Darkness spread its hold over the realm. 232 more words


Transition Generation

It is my belief that each time the earth completes a rotation about its own axis, every life changes, however infinitesimally that is. The world becomes smaller and smaller, surpassing the achievement of fitting a small world into our palms, with chips, memory cards and what not. 391 more words


A Vegetarian Of 50 Years

2016 is the personal 50th anniversary year of me becoming a vegetarian. I was a young teen when the decision was made to do this, even if I had to defy my parents.  647 more words

Cultural Highlights

Remember Scouts?

“We learned things like sharing chores, knot-tying, handling a scout knife (with all of its neat blades), building a camp fire, and properly raising, lowering & folding the American flag.

1,209 more words

Love: First Blush

The early days of a new love bring the happiest time of your life. You want to spend every moment together, even if it’s only an hour. 211 more words



2/26/2014 Our first kiss. But it began two years before with a surprising lunchtime confession of depression and stress; I reached out to help a co-worker and found a friend. 546 more words