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A Tapestry of Words

Reading The Apocalypse Tapestries by John Taylor. An anthology: a collection of- what? Prose? Poetry? Short stories? Just texts? I don’t know. There are things that defy classification.  199 more words


foal crops, stallion rosters, and stability in Illinois

One of my favourite moments of the year happens when the Illinois Department of Agriculture posts the latest year’s foal registration reports.  Last night, I noticed that… 861 more words


Time Traveller

While doing a Web search for H.G. Wells, yesterday, I stumbled across a holiday that is new to me.  As I understand it, “Pretend to Be a Time Traveller Day” is an Internet phenomenon.  852 more words

Cultural Highlights


It’s been almost seven weeks since I’ve seen him, six since we’ve spoken and that was only in words of anger. I see her at work, but she no longer speaks to me either. 50 more words


Rest In Peace, Amanda Hayne Kirkwood

Amanda’s memorial was yesterday. I wasn’t able to be there, but wanted to make this offering to those who are mourning and missing her. This piece came out of a couple of circumstances associated with my time living with Amanda. 1,044 more words


the career maiden

This summer I started an email newsletter, which goes out once every week or two, called The Career Maiden. It contains links to all my writing, links to a few things I read since the last newsletter, and a #CuteNoseAlert. 153 more words


Picks and Ponderings: Yes, There *Are* More Than Three Horse Races a Year

ChicagoNow (the blog network that hosts Picks and Ponderings) has long done a thing called “Blogapalooz-hour”: one topic, one hour, one blog post.  I’ve always been curious to do it, but never had the guts.  102 more words

Picks And Ponderings