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I am wild, wise, and wonderful.

“Peace of mind is not a rare and exotic flower that only blooms on deserted islands or on top of mountains.

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Overflow: Because He has Blessed Us

Because the Lord our God has blessed us.
Deuteronomy 12:7

I have always delighted in a weekend get-away that includes road trips, eating out, laughing with friends, singing with a bunch of saints, and bible study. 1,211 more words


Splurging (OpEd)

A few weeks ago American televangelist Jesse Duplantis claimed that Jesus Christ set up a “gofundme” account in order to buy Duplantis a $54,000,000 private jet airplane. 669 more words

Cultural Highlights

The Garbage Man

The garbage collecting business is rife with euphemisms. The corporate name of the company that takes my household garbage away on Fridays is “Prime Sanitation Service”. 684 more words



Have you ever given much thought to the story about the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes and the problem of precisely measuring the volume of irregularly shaped objects? 532 more words

Cultural Highlights

Reason #38 Finding Family is Helpful - Our Health

Hi there! How are y’all doing? I’m great. Summer is here. Our tornado season has been mild this year (knocking on wood as I write). My little vegetable garden is rolling along. 960 more words


The Underground Man, two times two, and Justify

So said Fyodor Dostoevsky in his masterpiece “Notes from Underground“:

With the ant-heap the respectable race of ants began and with the ant- heap they will probably end, which does the greatest credit to their perseverance and good sense.

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