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The Books I Ate for the Main Course

An ID related question that I don’t particularly enjoy answering is: ‘Can you recommend some good ID books?’

This question overwhelms me. In my mind, there is no simple answer. 1,596 more words


7 tips for a successful summer writing group

Writing in the summer months can be either absolutely glorious or completely burdensome. It depends on who you are, but I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. 547 more words

Graduate Student

Feeling Sonder

Jorge and I finally found time to belatedly celebrate his birthday together.  His trucking route had been temporarily changed due to the vacation of one of his coworkers.  1,131 more words

Cultural Highlights

How Writing Affects Your Brain

I thought this was pretty amazing.  If anyone finds the images in color please let me know.

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Draft, Read, Revise, Edit, Repeat

I’ve just finished the first draft of my second novel and I’m fairly pleased with the result. Now it’s off to the beta readers, then more… 236 more words

The Writing Life

MSQC- Disney World for Quilters!

For many of you quilters out there, you know what MSQC stands for – the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  If you’ve ever looked up quilting tutorials on YouTube, you’ve probably seen… 593 more words

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