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The Night & I

I listen to the Night, raucous in its pitch-black silence.
Sometimes I wonder, if I scream into the Night, will it swallow all my sounds, and spit it back out into some alternative Earth? 214 more words


The Relevance of Hashtags

While the majority of my Facebook friends wished for 2016 to end and while posts were written of all the negative events that have happened in the last year, there I sat in the last few days before the clock struck 12 wishing that the days would just slow down. 547 more words


Change is NOT the only Constant

Permanent: lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely.

I was born and raised toward the end of the “baby boom” generation. As a Boomer, I’ve noticed that the reality of something lasting forever is not as familiar to us as it was to those in the generations before me. 591 more words



Today I have something to say about nothing.  Have you ever thought about this well-worn word?  You might say, “Sure, nothing doing.”

We often use nothing in reference to something, as in “Bobby’s gift means nothing to me.” We might use it to refer to something that no longer exists, such as, “Nothing remained of Hooterville after the tornado.” We think of it representing something that should be there, but isn’t as in, “The room contained nothing.” If you are explaining how to do a task to somebody you might say, “There’s nothing to it.” 329 more words


Square heads and triangle pants

This one is for the misfits. Not the cool kind of misfits, but for the ones who really missed out catching up on some things. This is also for someone who might be an awesome person but never dare raise hands for anything. 876 more words


Burning stress


I truly doubt there is any real purpose to stress. I am sure some evolutionary psychologists have a bizarre reason, a teleological purpose, for it. 446 more words


Sitting and Riffing on Stacey’s Virginia City Porch—Fall 2016


Joining in call and response with magpies,
busy thieving from the finch nest in the lilac bush,
dive bombing the gutters on the roof, 624 more words