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Five tips for helping out an author . . . or any artist really

The Novel Fox recently released my third book and it got me thinking about how novel creation is a community effort. I mean there is a writer, an editor, a design team, some marketing people, etc, etc, etc. 669 more words


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Great article on how to support an author.

Allocation of Priorities

Blue Jays have a reputation of collecting bright, shiny objects.  It is thought that they do this to decorate their nests or to attract mates.  People have observed blue jays picking through street litter in the search for gleaming treasures. 617 more words


65 Magazines that Pay Writers.

The following is a list of 65 magazines in a wide variety of topics. All of the magazines accept submissions from freelance writers. WOW!!

Source: 65 Magazines that Pay Writers.

Authors Supporting Authors

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From Colleen's Chesebro's awesome blog!

Morning Meanderings.... Want To See My Book Shelves?

Holy smokes… where does the time go?  This writing posts in my head is fascinating stuff bu t getting them here seems to be an odd challenge.  234 more words

Morning Meanderings

the highlight of my trip to Indiana

This Saturday, I visited Indiana Grand for the first time, for the Indiana Derby.  It was a frenetic day: Paul and I went up there that afternoon, covered the night card, and made the overnight run back to Chicago.  919 more words


It Ain’t Just Talk: 3 Crucial Elements of Great Dialog

She’s baaaaack. Well, sort of. Today I have an extra special treat. This is going to sound super conceited but whatever, it is MY blog :P . 2,096 more words

Kristen Lamb

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I hope you enjoy this exceptional post concerning dialogue. Happy Monday!

Thoughts from an adjustable hospital bed

My recent brief stint in hospital has taught me a thing or two, I tell you!



For one, I have learned that it’s impossible to look elegant and dignified in a hospital gown, even when it’s a becoming shade of lavender. 1,506 more words