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The Great Admissions Reading Challenge 2: Book 13: The Good Earth

Pearl S. Buck’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Good Earth is a difficult read, not for its writing style or vocabulary, but for its truth to the culture of the place and time period; it’s uncomfortable to read how subjugated women were, mere chattel, in fact girls were considered slaves – though some were able to carve out bits of power within the confines of the societal structure. 40 more words


Have A Bad Day

You’ve been in this scenario:  You awakened late. You rushed through your morning routine. You didn’t have time for breakfast, so you grabbed a granola bar and coffee. 461 more words

Cultural Highlights

Morning Meanderings.... Seriously - Where You Been?


So sad to turn to this site today and see how long it has sat waiting for me.

Am I reading?  Yes

Am I doing?  382 more words

Morning Meanderings

The Great Admissions Reading Challenge 2: Book 12: A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun is a play by Lorraine Hansberry. It’s not very long, but what an impact it makes! One family, three generations, a check, and the decision of their lives – I got to the end and wanted to just keep turning the pages, keep reading and envisioning their ongoing story. 18 more words


The Great Admissions Reading Challenge 2: Book 11: And Then There Were None

Believe it or not, before last year I had never read an Agatha Christie book; now I’ve read two: Murder on the Orient Express and now… 46 more words



In the summer of 2010, my brother went to our old hometown for a couple of weeks because he felt nostalgic. He wanted to immerse himself in the surroundings of his childhood and relive the happiness of youth. 615 more words


The Great Admissions Reading Challenge 2: Book 10: A Room of One’s Own

I first read Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own in my freshman year at college, but I don’t remember it having made much impact on me back when I was 18 years old – perhaps I needed more time and living to be able to relate the author’s message to my own experience. 74 more words