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An Omnipresent Past: Reflections on Urban Encroachment and Egypt's Cultural Heritage

This was my first published piece in AUCTimes in October 2014. It was again published, in August 2015, in Egyptian Streets.

The interlacing, patterned motifs that adorn walls of smooth, dust ridden stone of a centuries-old structure –a mosque to be precise –stand adjacent to a small vintage shop as witnesses to the changes brought about by nothing but the progression of life itself.

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I have a love-hate relationship with birthdays.

I love celebrating other people’s birthdays and I hate celebrating mine. Not because I’m worried about how old I’m getting or that I’m upset about the start of wrinkles and age spots. 442 more words


For Happy Cat Month

I thought that in reviewing a cat book, a couple of weeks ago, that the subject of happy cats had been covered enough for Happy Cat Month.  571 more words

Cultural Highlights

a long weekend at Woodbine

As silly as it sounds, I would never have gotten on a plane to Toronto for the Woodbine Mile last week if it were not for the insistence of one sassy tweeting barn cat. 1,655 more words



I predict that today you will learn about some form of conflict in the world.  This forecast seems to be a no-brainer, doesn’t it?  Our culture exists within a sea of conflict, so naturally we will learn of a new instance of this phenomenon today. 804 more words


The Hamster Wheel of Crazy

In my circle of friends, this is how we talk about our brains when they start churning through a problem and then get out of hand on tangents and what-ifs and other random stuff. 709 more words


I Was A Security Guard

There seems to be a recent tendency in this blog for me to reminisce about my younger years. I suppose when a person taps that well, the memories keep flowing on their own accord. 677 more words

Cultural Highlights