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Bad friendships...

The older I get the more I figure out who my “true friends” are. In high school the more friends you had the better you felt. 1,204 more words


Great Movies To Watch (pt 1):

Mean Girls:

Mean Girls is about a very stereotypical high school, featuring the “jocks, popular girls,” and the many other groups in high school. 254 more words


The Champagne and Cocaine Crowd

We are to meet up at the 6 stop on 86th and Lex, focal point of my adolescence. Spence, my snobfest all-girls elementary thru high school, located just a few blocks away off Museum Mile. 1,902 more words


Sorry. But I Love Halloween.

It’s Halloween this weekend and most Australians couldn’t care less.

To a point, I understand where they’re coming from. After all, it’s a North American holiday and not every Aussie household is overjoyed about the prospect of kids banging down their front door looking for treats. 347 more words


An ode to the weird friendship groups

Note: This is not actually an ode but it sounded pretty

In many teen/coming of age movies (I feel like I start so many things saying that), especially the ones that involve a school, we are thrown into the world of cliques. 572 more words


Mean Girls Online!

Now that I am everywhere on social media—Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and also on Goodreads and Amazon—I am being trolled.

Listen, I understand that not everyone will like my writing or my characters or my books. 422 more words


The Kylie Jenner Effect

This is me at seventeen.

This is what seventeen year olds look like on Instagram, on TV and basically everywhere on the internet.

In fact the girl on the right is only 14. 373 more words