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Back in the Day

This has been the windiest year I ever remember, it’s grounding me.  It’s overcast at the coast, meaning heavy fogs in the Bay.  Not sure what to do?? 709 more words

Who am I?

My name is Veronica Clark. Many of you know me as the backstabbing queen of Montgomery High. I started this site to torment and secure my position at the top of the high school social hierarchy. 53 more words

A Gay Kiss to Remember

During B’s visit to the hospital where S was spotted at, they were caught locking lips. Once their fruity, pink lip gloss coats touched, it was undeniable that S loved B back. 72 more words

Spotted: Becky visting S?

B was seen walking into the Lower Manhattan hospital with a gift bag. We could only assume she was visiting Selena after S was reported returning to the hospital due to complications with the birth. 31 more words

Forever Done.

Just when it seemed like things could not get worse for S, they did. Over the weekend, both S and Nick posted on their instas that they were now officially O-V-E-R without any explanation at all. 46 more words

A bun in the oven?

Rumor has it that our beloved S is carrying dear Nick’s baby. Looks like Miss Perfect slipped up! The Vanderwall family image will be scandalized by this news. 24 more words

Spotted: Selena's Replacement

On this rainy October day, B and a Selena look-a-like are caught sipping hot french vanilla cappachinos and munching on strawberry cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery, also known as B and S’s go-to spot. 25 more words