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Sugar and Spice, and all things...plain NASTY!

Um, when did little girls become so MEAN? Send me back 20 odd years to be a member of my Grade 4 class and I would be eaten alive. 160 more words


Freckles and Freedom

01:04 PM. I just had a very real encounter.
By myself.
With the past.
When I was a kid I was a sensitive, wise little soul who was always thinking. 365 more words

First post - ooh Yeaaaas

Stand by for awesomeness!

I hope to bring you small spinets of what to see and do in Edinburgh for both tourists and hopefully locals too. 49 more words


Think pink!

So today is National Pink Day.

But… it’s Tuesday.

Silly world, on Wednesday’s we wear pink. At least it will get it right in 2021.

So, tomorrow...

After finishing exam season, I’ve been very busy doing a lot of nothing. Aside from browsing charity shops for bargains and drinking cider embarrassingly early in the day, I can’t say that I’ve been productive by any stretch of the imagination. 373 more words

Statement Tee 01

I realized that i don’t have a merchandise that are Mean Girls related. I found this top and it was on sale. I’am definitely a thrifty person when it comes to things so i immediately bought it. 12 more words

Finals are long gone.

School is out.

Graduation came and went.

If any on you out there feel like you’ve stepped out of a dream (or nightmare…hopefully not nightmare*) that was high school and woken up to, dare I say, the real world, I’m with ya. 239 more words