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This is going to take a while so clench your butt cheeks and prepare some popcorn for we will be diving deep into the most mysterious and unsolved world there is. 761 more words

Ask Dr Hat

Episode 2: A Clash of Things

I’ve been sleeping better since I last wrote. Well, if by better, one means only being able to sleep after 3am. But, I suppose that’s progress. 294 more words


Yes, my daughter said she didn’t like your daughter and I am fine with that: A case for why it is ok to let your child oppose inclusion

Yesterday I was stopped after putting the kids on the bus by the Grandmother of a little girl who lives next door to us. She wanted to ask me why my 7yo daughter (P) had said that she didn’t like her 7yo granddaughter, “Samantha”. 2,351 more words


Don't Sit With Us...Please

Yes. I have been bullied before and ever since my awkward phase in middle school I vowed to myself that would never want to make anyone else feel the way I did, but I did. 645 more words


On Wednesdays we...


It’s that time of the week again for some Pink wonderfulness! If you’re just coming across my Wednesday series WELCOME!! You can find the origin and the rest of the series listed under my Pink Series tab above. 191 more words


The Truth About Pregnancy

Who remembers this quote and movie? If you said this is the crazy gym teacher from Mean Girls then you are right!! 

I feel as though this quote portrays how sex ed went back at my high school. 440 more words


On Wednesdays we...


It’s Wednesday already? How time flies! Since it’s the first Wednesday of the month I’m going to share my tiny pig calendar with you all for the month of April. 275 more words