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When youā€™re at uni, each year you celebrate Halloween at least like, 3 times.

  • Once on the FridayĀ 
  • Again on the Saturday night

and then, because you can, 588 more words


i'm so pretty

Happy Monday guys!

I hope your week is starting off right and that you’re feeling amazing.

Today I’d like to invite you to list 3… 216 more words

The Real Problem With Bullies and Mean Girls

There was a cartoon that went viral (Am I using that correctly? I want to say it circulated around the internet a lot) It showed a young woman in a head scarf, or a hijab. 848 more words

10 Things Girls Love But Don't Know Why

I was in my car the other night on my way to dinner with my friend Verity when suddenly Vanessa Carlton’s a thousand miles starts blaring through my speakers and I immediately get into the song, turning it up and singing along at the top of my lungs. 1,137 more words

It's October 3rd

And TEMPEST is doing the blog!!! #tacotuesday


The P-word

The song Popular has been running non-stop since I saw today’s prompt . Thanks for the earworm Daily Post!

I startedĀ writingĀ about the tree, butĀ realized mid-postĀ that the correct spelling is “poplar”Ā  (scientific name populus) not “pop… 623 more words