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"Be Still, My Dear, And Listen" over at Pseudopod

As previously mentioned, my Twin Peaks-themed short story, “Be Still, My Dear, And Listen,” is now live at Pseudopod!¬† This story of Twin Peaks… 119 more words


Bullying is so 2000

So a little background action : I was best friends with this one girl back home, we did everything together and if we were ever alone people would ask where the other one was. 383 more words


I'm a Vegan .. Duh

Welcome to my Page.

A little about myself, I’m Caiti an Australian Vegan who wants to change the world, hey they say dream big! Basically I want to live in a cruelty free world in which animals are free to live their lives without torture, in a world where no ones says “if you don’t eat meat and dairy what do you eat?” 121 more words


You Can't Sit With Us

Mean Girls, one of my all-time favorite chick flicks takes you into the lives of the most popular girls in high school and exposes them all for what they really are; hence, the title of the movie. 362 more words



I wonder what the

Mean girl Greek chorus will think

But I hardly care

Haiku Poetry

Hold Fast Beauty and the Beast Lovers

Did I ever tell you guys about the time that I went to see La La Land with my husband and I nearly ugly cried when the theme music for Beauty and Beast came on during the trailers? 1,048 more words


Healthy Diet Vs. Junk Food

Everyone knows that the best part of babysitting is the food. When you go to a house that is home to anyone under the age of 10, you are going to find endless cookies, fruit snacks, chips, etc. 513 more words