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Eliminate “fat” from your vocabulary

Over the years, whenever I hear the F-A-T word uttered in any context, even if it’s coming across as playfully self-deprecating, it sounds harsher to my ears than the even more well-known offensive four-letter-F-word. 669 more words


Bullying and the F Word

When The Girl was in 8th grade, she was targeted by Mean Girls. She was lucky. Not because she was bullied. There is nothing lucky about it*. 1,092 more words

Life Lessons

Why girls are mean

My move to Texas when I was younger has become a blurred sequence of events with no memorable point of start and finish. I remember sitting on our letterbox watching my house being auctioned. 697 more words


"Be Still, My Dear, And Listen" over at Pseudopod

As previously mentioned, my Twin Peaks-themed short story, “Be Still, My Dear, And Listen,” is now live at Pseudopod!  This story of Twin Peaks… 119 more words


Bullying is so 2000

So a little background action : I was best friends with this one girl back home, we did everything together and if we were ever alone people would ask where the other one was. 383 more words

I'm a Vegan .. Duh

Welcome to my Page.

A little about myself, I’m Caiti an Australian Vegan who wants to change the world, hey they say dream big! Basically I want to live in a cruelty free world in which animals are free to live their lives without torture, in a world where no ones says “if you don’t eat meat and dairy what do you eat?” 121 more words