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You Cant Sit With Us LDN

Girl… let me tell you about my unforgettable Sunday.

It was insane, how many people felt the same way i did. Exposing  yourself on cyberspace is never easy , and was never going to be.

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JUICE FAST: Day 5 (ish)

Hmm… how do I start this…hmm… anyone remember this girl?

Yes, that’s  right it’s Gretchen Weiner’s cracking. She cracked.

JUST LIKE I DID TODAY. Ugh. Gutted. 508 more words


The 'Mean Guys' of the gym

Imagine if you will, a scene filled with men (and women) grunting and groaning, them dripping with sweat and brimming with pent up anger and emotion. 842 more words


"You can't sit with US"

Currently at CRAPPUCCINOBREW these girls have been banned from entering all of our locations because we don’t like them. They always reinforced that “we can’t sit with them” so you know what we did! 114 more words


There's The Door, Bitch.

Maybe it was the grueling elections season that was 2016- maybe it was the continuous hate displayed on social media- maybe it was the fact that a “friend” called me an insecure slut for landing a guy he realistically had no shot with. 157 more words

A Bit about ME...and a story to go along


I’m writing this for myself. I want to look back when I’m old and gray and see what I’ve been able to achieve and get through with God right by my side. 1,041 more words

drag my name though the dirt.. 

There is nothing worse than having a problem with someone when there is honestly have no reason for it. With me, it’s normally the unnecessary hate from a previous conquest’s ex, and their attached friendship circle. 397 more words