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Techno-optimism and existentialism

Here’s a lovely little article, which will be of interest to those doing cyberethics (i.e. all of you) and those doing ‘existence’ (A level students). Take the time to read it slowly and you will understand a lot about Gordon Graham’s “Theories of Ethics” too (which is also in your syllabus, Intermediate and A level). 7 more words

way poem #5: the five steps to wheaten pecks

he progresses
five steps at a time
to reach a wall
a fence
that he can lean on

air that tastes
so sweet
is hard these days… 187 more words


I am a bug

I am the bug, upon which you tread.  Is it because I am small?

But how tall are you that you must demonstrate your might through indifference, violence and control?     435 more words

Life on Foot

I walk seven to ten miles a day here in Orvieto. I love it. There is a richness to life that happens when you move at the pace of a human. 182 more words

Orvieto Experiences

Going for the Ultimate “W”

READ: Mark 8:31-36

What is an athlete striving for on a field or court? What is his purpose. His goal?

We might say things such as improving character or learning teamwork.   508 more words


Squirrels and Pigeons.

Yesterday I had a catch up with my friend. M. is working in a bank always wears a suit.I’ve always wondered why people working in banking dress so formal? 602 more words

We All Begin As Strangers

Meaning in life

Someone once told me that any meaning in your life was giving to it, by you.