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Ecclesiastes #1, Here today and gone tomorrow

Here today, Gone tomorrow – Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get into shape? Many Americans have great intentions at the start of a new year. 3,293 more words

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Things can always get worse. This is one of the cries called out now, reminding us that, even though the world may be poised for mayhem, the bottom is never rock. 639 more words

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You are not going to die today.

Teacher: What do we ask from the God of Death?

Arya: Not today. Not today.

This new wave of motivational speeches and sayings have influenced us in all walks of our lives.

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Techno-optimism and existentialism

Here’s a lovely little article, which will be of interest to those doing cyberethics (i.e. all of you) and those doing ‘existence’ (A level students). Take the time to read it slowly and you will understand a lot about Gordon Graham’s “Theories of Ethics” too (which is also in your syllabus, Intermediate and A level). 7 more words

way poem #5: the five steps to wheaten pecks

he progresses
five steps at a time
to reach a wall
a fence
that he can lean on

air that tastes
so sweet
is hard these days… 188 more words


I am a bug

I am the bug, upon which you tread.  Is it because I am small?

But how tall are you that you must demonstrate your might through indifference, violence and control?     435 more words

Life on Foot

I walk seven to ten miles a day here in Orvieto. I love it. There is a richness to life that happens when you move at the pace of a human. 182 more words

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