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Is modern Psychology anchored in prejudice?

Does genuine enquiry inevitably struggle with subliminal obstacles?

If the very idea of a mutually dependant ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is met with revulsion, how much more nausea can be expected from the suggestion to derive ‘good’ impulses from ‘bad’ ones? 108 more words


What Does 'Meaning' Mean?

I think ‘necessity’ and ‘sufficiency’ are ways of talking about the relationship between two different pieces of information.  When we think of two separate pieces of information we can either say the first necessarily gives us the second, the first is sufficient to give us the second, the first both necessarily and sufficiently gives us the second, or the first is neither necessary nor sufficient to give us the second.   849 more words


Musings on Morning Prayers

There are two ways to go about the morning for someone who is not burdened by the bottleneck throttling pace of being in the rat race each day. 585 more words

Mirror-Man… Stuart France


Grasp no-thing.

Refuse no-thing.


But do not keep.

Be content, and know, with no-how.

Count Jack Black

Source: Stuart France


A life in faith

Could we trust that we are part of an entity greater than us. That we are one with it, yet we are separate. That our life rests on its life. 397 more words


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