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Report: South Carolina state-funded 4K program needs focus

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A South Carolina report released today said a state-funded program for at risk four-year-old children needs to focus on quality teaching. At the same time, it needs to expand access, so more students can benefit from the program. 52 more words


Death Strikes Again!

There were eight of us.  Mary Ann left and there were seven.  Now there are six.  Today Marlene ended her journey here with us.  The eight of us met in 1972 when we moved to Prairie Village, Kansas, and a male child was born in each household.  659 more words

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"Blessed Are Those Who Mourn...."

I guess I feel pretty blessed.  This has been “All Saints’ Day” with the tradition of reading the names aloud in the service.  Mary Ann’s name was not read.  711 more words

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I've Lost the Map

It is hard to know where you are if you have no map.  Actually, there is no map.  More correctly, there are maps, but none of them can tell me where I am.  968 more words

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Was I Her Husband or Her Caregiver?

When taking care of a Loved One who is declining, there sometimes comes a point at which there is a transition from Husband or Wife, Mother or Father, Son or Daughter, to “patient.”  A sort of clinical distance emerges and the tasks are carefully and responsibly and compassionately done with gentle concern.  824 more words

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I couldn't fix her.

That is a reality that Caregiver’s often simply refuse to accept.  I think one of the things that allowed me to survive and resulted in a better life for Mary Ann was that I didn’t waste much time on things I couldn’t fix.  755 more words

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Needed Help, But Never Needy

As the Parkinson’s took away Mary Ann’s ability to do so many things, she needed my help and that of the Volunteers to do fulfill the basic human needs.  854 more words

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