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Ketika Hujan Turun, Kesempatan Emas untuk Berdo'a

Rain as the Blessing of Allah

SMP Islam Nazhirah

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Narrator           : All the characters in this drama are not truly living things. 815 more words

Catatan Guru

Video: This Is The Future of Education

John Spencer posted the following video not too long ago. It speaks so clearly to my beliefs as to my role as an educator, I felt the need to share.

Teacher Quality Standards

What does learning and teaching look like in your school?

This weekend I was faced with the question of what should learning and teaching look like. While this will depend on the context of the school itself, we are given a mandate through our curriculum, the inspiring education document and a ministerial order that drives our teaching practice. 282 more words

Meaningful Learning

It Is Never Final, We Are Life Long Learners...

There have been too many opportunities for me to count this year that have contributed to not only my growth, but to the growth of my students and my teaching team. 1,005 more words

Building Community

Yes we have fun, but we work hard while we're at it.

Today I was walking through the hall at recess and overhead one of the students saying they wanted to be in my class next year because I have cool furniture and we keep the lights off the majority of the day. 169 more words

Evidence Of Teaching

Let's Help Our Children Love Themselves

I have had many people ask me “Why teaching?”. As I went through university and even into my first of teaching, I had many different answers ranging from I like children to I have always enjoyed being in a school. 581 more words

Building Community

Learning-centered education

What is the central focus in your classroom or course? What is in the nexus of your instruction? Is it learning, performing, socializing, producing (or reproducing), obeying, memorizing, or something else? 648 more words

Meaningful Learning