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Oh Brother! Courtney’s a class Act

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COURTNEY Act has gone from having the worst wardrobe malfunction in history to becoming the frontrunner for winning UK\u2019s Celebrity Big Brother. 6,421 more words

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2017. MF's YouTube Channel

For videos I create for classroom use or as support outside the classroom. I’m staring with videos I created around Atwood’s novel, The Handmaid’s Tale (dystopia). 80 more words


Learner Agency - an important part of Deep Learning

Learner agency as a concept in 21st century education relates tightly into students’ perceptions of their own learning experiences.  Agency is the capacity to act, to make decisions about one’s own life and learning. 785 more words

Meaningful Learning

What makes learning meaningful (My Educational Philosophy, Part 3)

As a teacher I often learn more from my students than they learn from me. During my first year of teaching, I had one especially difficult student named Brandon. 311 more words

Opinion/Informative Article on Learning to Learn

I’m so happy about having found this article! It tells you so many things I’ve discovered in life and tried to facilitate learning in class! Please, read. 97 more words

Human Rights

Brave Enough To Try

Over many of years as an educator, I have presented to many audiences in many capacities.  I’ve presented to students from Kindergarten to secondary, students at the university level, educators on staff and at professional development events, parents at PAC meetings or on school tours.  581 more words

Professional Development


We are uniquely made, uniquely different in our needs. Some prefer the hot weather, while some rejoice in the cold. Our needs can never be the same, what matters is our ability to understand and tolerate the differences in our needs. 1,025 more words