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2016. C1 Resource Pack


My vision: part 1

In my post on political involvement, I wrote about an in-progress draft of my vision for education. I went back to my notes in Evernote & … 272 more words


Learning dispositions and Real Life

Learning and studying dispositions are the filters we use when facing a learning situation. Sometimes these dispositions are helpful, other times they may hinder the learning process.  829 more words

Meaningful Learning

3 - Closer to my Dream: A Player's Perspective

Camper’s Thoughts: Silas Rogers, 15

Everyone always told me to keep my head up on the ice to look our for a pass but then they told me put my head down and work harder in practice… What gives? 1,416 more words

One To One Technology

1.2 Content Connects with Students’ Knowledge and Experience

  1. Expectations– The teacher communicates high expectations for student learning.

1.2 Communicating with Students

Teacher’s explanation of content is appropriate and connects with students’ knowledge and experience… 448 more words

Ketika Hujan Turun, Kesempatan Emas untuk Berdo'a

Rain as the Blessing of Allah

SMP Islam Nazhirah

7 Khadijah

Proudly Presents

Narrator           : All the characters in this drama are not truly living things. 815 more words

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