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Selfless pursuits versus Selfish pursuits

Lets say you come across two people while you are out running errands. The first person you encounter is an old acquaintance. You all begin catching up and out of nowhere they say, “I just donated $500 to this organization.”  You wonder, “Why did they tell me that?” The second person you run into is an acquaintance as well. 487 more words

Thought #15

Safe haven, a place of refuge and security. Everyone has one, their favorite park, or they’re favorite store. Mine’s my desk. Everyday I sit at my desk and I never feel any safer when I’m sitting on my chair. 360 more words


What Does It Mean to Be a Leader?

By Danica Catherine

First of all, what is a leader?

This is the definition I got when I searched Google: “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country”. 531 more words


Givers & Takers

It’s hard finding balance in this world.
On one side of things, we have people living for themselves, stepping on others to get ahead, purely in it for them and nobody else and it’s all take, take, take. 265 more words


Confidence In Recklessness

Confidence in recklessness
Is bound to create trouble 
And I have more than most should
So where does that put me exactly?
Well, I’m not entirely sure… 87 more words


The battle

After battling a vicious storm>>>>>> of demons and monsters>>>>>>>>>> Alone for so many years>>>>>>>>>>. We find comfort in each other>>>>>

The strength we found in each other Helps us march on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Together we are an army>>>>>>>>> Undefeated>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 145 more words


The Secret To A Meaningful Life Is Meaningful Relationships

My friend Jonathan Shapiro has a morning routine. Every day on his way to work, he buys a newspaper from the same street vendor, whose newsstand is by a busy subway station in New York. 895 more words