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Strength based learning.

Recently I posted about teaching from my identity and learning about who I was as a teacher. My focus this year has been on my students and building them up as learners. 692 more words

Teacher Quality Standards

What do you look forward to most in life?

Another part of Meaningful Monday’s, all of my questions come from this site right here – go check it out!

Cue the emotion aaaaannnndddd ACTION. 449 more words


Story Prompt!

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

A classic, right? But did you know that this is considered one of the worst ways to start a story of all time?

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Dear You

You are ten years old today. The big two digit number. Soon you’ll be a teenager and life will keep on going until you’re my age now and it still won’t stop. 583 more words

The ripple effect

Krystal blogged the other day about how you don’t have to cure cancer in order to make meaningful change in the world.

The blog post was powerful and made me realize the incredible ripple effect that this kind of thinking has. 171 more words

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Forever and always

“I’ll be your shelter against the icy cold winds of loneliness and pain. I’ll be the rock on which you stand tall and proud. I’ll be the foundation on which our future is built. 49 more words


Growth: Building Your Dreams

One from six needs of human to live happily is growth, growth brings satisfaction to our life and enhance our quality of life as results. Not only crucial to our well being, by growing we also expand beyond our comfort zone and live a meaningful life. 479 more words

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