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You kissed


That night I dreamt of


I woke wanting

more —

This Video thought

I received this video via a WhatsApp group chat and watched it a couple if times. I get it yet I somewhat Don’t get it. Please leave your explanations in the comments.


"This Is What Feelings Sound Like"

Lyricise – “This Is What Feelings Sound Like”

For the near entirety of my life
I have felt mostly unaffected by others.
Uncaring toward their struggles… 328 more words

Writings From An Omnistyler

Teaching for Meaning in Physical Education

Why do I have to learn..?

As a kid, I asked this type of question in regards to math class (like, all. the. time.) and certainly about the study of Shakespeare in English class… My wonder is – do you ever hear this type of question from your #physed students? 1,014 more words

Physical Education

"Hope Is For The Troubled"

Lyricise – “Hope Is For The Troubled

Whether one blends into society
as the epitome of normality
or something seemed off
since the very beginning, 442 more words

Writings From An Omnistyler

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

You may realize by now that I’m not really a fan of being runner up. I’m not so competitive that I freak out about winning or losing, but getting “close” to an achievement gives me no satisfaction. 1,140 more words


"Broken Pendulum"

Lyricise/Poem – “Broken Pendulum”

Like a broken pendulum,
I have no purpose
Nor reason to exist.

Time, unapologetic, moves on
While I feel guiltily stuck… 227 more words

Writings From An Omnistyler