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Mental illness, not accessory

What has happened within society for young people to feel that they need to be vulnerable to find love?
Why are so many teenagers and young people pretending to suffer from mental illnesses and eating disorders just so they will fit into that category? 378 more words

My First YouTube Video

So it’s official.

I’ve finally decided to create a YouTube video.

I know it may not sound like much but for me this is kind of a big deal. 251 more words


Never ends

All my life I have tried to do right by those I care for. All I have ever wanted was something beautiful to say, something meaningful. 38 more words


Obama makes History.

Obama on Friday visited Hiroshima, the first city in history to be targeted with a nuclear bomb, becoming the first sitting president to do so more than seven decades after the attack. 263 more words

New Perspectives

Why I blogĀ 

I want to write and reach an audience a group of people who can understand me because no one around me is truly capable of doing so. 173 more words


About Time

For every idea that’s ever crossed our minds on how to find happiness, a movie and perhaps a song or two exist addressing that specific idea. 781 more words


May Photo Challenge Day 25 Whatever You Want

It was so hard to choose a picture today! There are so many memories and special times I have captured that I would love to share. 61 more words

30 Day Challenge