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A poetic creation

When I got my Tattoo done this Thursday, it was like most of my other important milestones of life. The ones where I have this plan in my head for too long and then all it takes is just that one moment where I throw up my hands in the air and say feck it and go ahead with it. 398 more words


Without You

There was a time that I believed that I could live without love. That I would be better off without love. That day was long before I met you. 73 more words


A Meaningful Journey--- An Allegory.

A meaningful journey

travelled sensibly

of course with faults many

could end up  invariably

in a destination

 where peace reigns

where could be no distraction… 52 more words


Where to begin...

I found myself thinking around 5:45 am where my relationship was heading, I laid in the bed of the guy I had just kissed just 4 hours prior. 203 more words


Full Moon in Capricorn: From Human to Superhuman

Capricorn is often depicted as the mountain goat with a dolphin tail. A strange symbol indeed! The mountain goat lives on the high summit of the mountains and represents the ability to build our own path and give direction to our life. 302 more words

Melanie Champagne

3 ways to make your life more fun

Over the past week, I conducted an informal social experiment. Instead of inquiring as to what people had been up to, I asked what they’d been doing for fun. 775 more words

New Definition

Share with me the definition of love
Not the intellectual but what the heart takes note of
Emotional plunges into another’s soul
Rippling effects lasting over time… 80 more words