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About My Tattoos.

Sometimes I forget about my tattoos because I’m so used to having/seeing them. Having spoke to a friend on what to blog about, she suggested I talk about my tattoos. 777 more words


Flirting with Pain in Marriage: A Cautionary Tale

The bond between man and wife is precious and flammable. It is beautiful and strong when fed and promoted and extremely fragile when certain triggers are pushed. 267 more words


Poetry Prompt!

Poetry is one of the most fun things to write in my opinion, because in some cases is basically like free-form writing.

I used to write a lot of poetry, and I even won some (small) contests online. 292 more words


Something about imperfection

There is a kind of beauty in imperfection. – Conrad Hall

I am originally from the country where the word Wabi-Sabi comes from.

I long understood the word as something that described the humble beauty;

157 more words

Not Sure Why I Wrote "Jackals"

I’ve started to realize that I’m not good at writing just for the sake of writing. Every “expert” has told me that in order to become a truly great writer, you have to practice every day. 576 more words

Life [Lessons And Thoughts]

[Random Song] "Galaxy Street Nightmare" by Sekai no Owari

What do we have today… How about the most depressing and touching song I’ve heard in YEARS?
Yes, you’re in? Well, then let me introduce yet another song from the ever-inspiring band Sekai no Owari: 698 more words