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A Comparison for the Public

Sex. It’s a beautiful thing, that has slowly lost all meaning in today’s society. The feeling of making yourself vulnerable to every emotion in the world, even the negative ones, is something that is unforgettable. 415 more words

Sex: Everything or Nothing

Sex…what an awkward topic to write about for my teacher and all of my classmates to look at!  To be involuntarily personal, I have no personal experience with sex, but as a bystander and a friend of others who do, I’ve heard a few things about the topic and formed an opinion on it as well. 409 more words


Don't Blink

Just when I thought life was coming back together and returning normal, things change. Today, while getting ready for work, I checked my phone and I wish I hadn’t. 362 more words

The Darkness of Someone Else's Past

Book review: I Will Find You, by Joanna Connors

Journalist Joanna Connors is unbelievably brave, whether she admits it or not. She denies it in her memoir,  684 more words

Newly Published

#MerryStressmas 12th Gift: 3 easy ways to give back this Christmas

Although Christmas stress commonly happens, some of you may think Christmas holiday is the best time of the year which never causes stress on you. You probably find the tips of avoiding and reducing stress non-related to you. 714 more words


BE23 October 2016 wp

BE23: The Mani

The gift waits for the seeker –
Gently using all their senses
To find a unique meaningful
Representation of their exploration
To share with another who was not there. 142 more words