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Bring New Perspective: The miniature

“Look! There is the reflection of the tower from that pond! Beautiful!”

How cool! That’s how engineer works. We create thing and make it beautiful. Just like how the engineer of this tower think it might be cool to put a pond below the tower. 52 more words


How To Create Great Art

This is a question that should trigger skepticism. Tear my ideas apart.

How To Create Great Art

The Broad Strokes –
The tone. The weight. The feel. 157 more words

Full Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius

This Full Moon is buzzing with intensity. We could feel restless and a bit scattered. There is nervousness in the air.

Gemini is associated to openness, curiosity and learning. 243 more words

Melanie Champagne

An ode to simplicity, compliments of our pioneering Pilgrims...

A pilgrimage is a journey. Risk, devotion, loss, prayer, focus, faith, family, truth and fear.

And while a gluttonous adventure of food, football and fun is indeed to be had this week, we must embrace and appreciate sacrifice of those early pioneers whose pilgrimage affords today’s tiny delights. 320 more words


Obsessing Over Clocks

Pondering not mortality, but
Dry lines moistened by air
Conditioning and fluorescent bulbs
Make it hard to breathe without thistles and dirt.
Too easy to get lost in my work, 7 more words

I wish you a Meaningful Christmas

Christmas in Australia is hot. The sun beams gloriously down during the day and any place with water or air conditioning is guaranteed to be a popular spot. 659 more words


Raising Anakin: the dark side of entitlement

I must admit my favorite Star Wars movie is #3, Revenge of the Sith.┬áIt’s my favorite of the six movies by a mile because of Anakin. 441 more words