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Eating Meaningfully

Meaningless eating is a tough habit to break. I know that it has been quite a challenge for myself, and I am sure it is for others as well. 705 more words


Song challenge Day 5

The rules: woops forgot to add these on the other 3 days.

Post a different song quote for 5 consecutive days.

Post what the song quote means to you (optional). 302 more words


The way to go...

The world gets shades darker and the heart sinks to the floor, I can’t even crawl.The echo of my family’s priceless moments, the adorable memories that I will forever hold in my raging regretful heart. 328 more words

Lessons from behind the scenes of ESL

ELL students are a unique challenge for many teachers. The older the student, the bigger the challenge it seems. Young students pick up a new language quickly the more they are immersed in the language. 392 more words

Teacher Quality Standards

Numeracy: a foundation to learning

Lately, I’ve had a chance to reflect on numeracy as I have been sorting my resources from my studies, teaching and classroom support. I strongly believe that numeracy is an encompassing foundation to learning, much like literacy. 121 more words

Meaningful Learning

Wasting Your Life

“You are always haunted by the idea that you are wasting your life.”

I’ve always hated the idea of wasting my life so I have all these ideas of what I could do to make it ‘meaningful’ and then I just end up doing nothing and having no motivation to do any of these. 103 more words