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The Man on the Ladder

He took a ladder, climbing higher and higher,

Until he felt the wind in his hair.

He stretched out a hand to touch the sky, 452 more words


I tripped and fell the other day,

And I think that I’m still falling.

It’s because I walked a different way,

Forgive me, I was stalling. 31 more words

Please Just Read This



I just wanted to say that I think you’re lovely.

And that I think you’ve got one of the nicest smiles in the world. 79 more words

Save Somebody

I really want to save somebody.

I really want to be remembered.

I really want to be held close,

Even as my heart has been dismembered. 456 more words

My Chosen Music

A Rocket to the Moon- Ever Enough (Official Music Video)

This music has a meaningful message and can be easily related by the listeners. 65 more words

Chakra Balance. Energy Strength.

These amazing 7 stone chakra bracelets are from BackPack Buddha. I purchased them for a circle of friends who were touched and inspired by one we have lost, but who will forever be in our hearts and spirit. 143 more words


Enough Small Talk! How to Make Real Friendships While at UTM

University is busy, and making friends is hard. Believe me, as a budding first year student, I get the struggle. It took a long time to get the friends I have now. 865 more words