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The Theoretical Relevance and Indisputable Importance of a Big Red Balloon

I’m going to tell you a story. About a boy. About a girl. About an old man. About a baby. About me. About you. This isn’t going to be a story about coincidences and chance meetings. 4,070 more words

In Depths

Searching for unfathomable depths between the lines

Allowing me to linger across the fluid space to test my imagination

Verses overflowing with feelings as they flow eagerly to this confluence… 40 more words



After seeing a ted talk this question sprung up: “What makes life meaningful?”

In order to see the meaning behind it we have to see what gives us life. 128 more words


The abortion 

the abortion

mummy I know you never met me and I know you’re not upset, but I don’t know what I did to make you angry or why you don’t feel any regret, I could’ve been a political leader I could’ve stopped a terror threat, I could’ve been a chef, a writer, a business man, a vet, I could’ve been anything in this life I wanted to but instead, you had to take the pill the doctor gave you that just washed me away, you told him I was not meant to be and that I was a mistake, that was just yesterday, and now here I am today looking down on you and you look pretty, you have a soft inviting face, I feel like we could’ve spent the days playing games and making cakes , I wonder if you realise that you tore my tiny heart into pieces, I only wanted to stay, and grow and be safe and warm, safe inside your stomach, I could’ve made you happy also stressed but I would’ve loved you like no other, I guess you’re over me now as 2 months have passed, and now you’re pregnant again with a different lover, and you haven’t taken the pill with this baby maybe I was meant to suffer, maybe life wasn’t meant for me, or maybe you just weren’t meant to be my mother



Photography is more than art for me, it’s a way of self expression. A way of capturing my life in snapshots – they are not necessarily hastily taken pictures, with no story behind them but they are not the typical very well thought through professional photos either.  23 more words


It's Not Enough to Exist

It’s not enough to exist,

To merely continue,

To be prolonged,

To endure,

There must be meaning, motivation.

Hope, change, smiles and tribulations.

Hurdles to conquer, goals to smash. 130 more words

Thoughts behind gifting!

O Henry, a well renowned English author, talked about gifting in his most famous short story titled The Gift of Magi. The story deals with a newly married couple who realize, through a rather peculiar turn of events, that the material benefits of a gift are largely irrelevant and it is truly the thought that counts. 200 more words