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Window to Another Dimension: The Art of Orna Ben-Shoshan #AWindowtoAnotherDimensionTheartofOrnaBenShoshan

A very cool and original book about the art of Orna Ben-Shoshan and the artist herself.

Her art is somewhat surreal and somewhat not. She is an artists in the 2000’s, yet her oil paintings contain almost cartoonesque medieval figures and colours. 225 more words

Moving away from friends.

I am surprised how people who moved to a different country manage to stay friends with those who didn’t. Once you had your life lined-up together and now you are here and you are there. 229 more words

Please do check out the link you can not believe how true to me this description was! As if it were written just for me! Meaning Of Your Name — Writer's Blog

Well, I had this unusual idea of knowing the meaning of our names. Not all of us know what their name means. So, let’s start. If you don’t know, then you can google it.😉 My name “Puneet” means PURE.

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Dreaming For Meaning

The world of Dreams.

“Dreams are reflection of soul”, they say. And I believe that. I believe that dreams show you your deepest wishes, deepest thoughts, etc… It is the voice of subconscious. 454 more words


California- Blink-182

“Hey here’s to you California
Beautiful haze of suburbia
Living in the perfect weather
Spending time inside together”

There’s a lot of romanticization of California. I’ve had cousins, distant relatives, friends, okay practically everyone ask me if I know movie stars or live five minutes from the beach if they’ve ever been to California. 250 more words



Mother. it’s a strong word. The simple word mother can bring many emotions to anyone. Not necessarily a good one- for some, the word mother may bring countless memories of happiness perhaps sadness or perhaps anger. 53 more words

Objectives of Words

When you treat ‘Words’ as objects, you fail to comprehend the meaning (s) they carry. The inertness of perception popularizes ‘Imitation’ of the most prevalent notions of that time.

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