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Origins of Some Everyday Things

This of you that have been following a while may remember this post. That’s because you will – in order to refresh some of my past work and make it fresh I’m reposting it and maybe a dding a bit or two. 295 more words


The Interpretation of Dreams

Somehow it’s been a whole week since I last posted. Time has absolutely flown by and I’ve actually had a pretty good week, despite feeling a little guilty for neglecting my writing. 1,335 more words

Wedding guests confess: What happened at a wedding that tipped you off that it wouldn't last?

I’ve heard some funny, and some totally horrific stories that tipped off friends and family that the nuptials weren’t made to last.

Reddit, also made a post asking this question and received approx 12,000 responses! 1,050 more words



They were just a couple of words. He couldn’t touch these words, but he could see them and he knew how they made him feel. They were words, only words. 378 more words


my definition
is having
of never


Not All About Guys

Taylor Alison Swift has been getting a whole bunch of hate recently and she doesn’t deserve any of it. People fuck up, people do stupid things but nobody deserves to be bullied or harassed online. 505 more words


Those signs peeking out like a shadow of an abominable snowman from a thicket of roadside bush alarm me. What should I do, I wondered aloud yesterday as we zinged past one along route something or other on our way to places we’ve not yet seen. 189 more words