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Coffer              n         Someone who coughs with extreme surprise when they open their wallet to find that there is far more money in there than they realised. 103 more words


viSNu sahasranAma: 6: Answering the third question

The third question was कं स्तुवन्तः – who should be praised?

The answer is :

अन् आदि निधनं विष्णुम् सर्व लोक महेश्वरम् I

लोक अधि अक्षम् स्तुवन् नित्यं सर्व दुःख अतिगः भवेत् II6II… 226 more words

Ancient Indians

Hidden Chances

Wish upon an asterisk

Random stars around

Ready charged, profuse, hiding.




Why? Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe because I know it’s the middle of the week and Friday is just around the corner. To me. 163 more words


viSNu sahasranAma (5): The fourth question: Who should be worshipped?

As explained by Adi s’ankarAcArya ViSNu sahasranAma addresses six questions.

The fourth question is “कं अर्चन्तः प्राप्नुयुः मानवाः शुभं? Who should be worshiped for persons to attain good?” 86 more words

Ancient Indians

Another one letter difference: dissimulate and dissimilate

I’m familiar with dissimulate (although the overlap with dissemble throws me off) but it’s hard to remember (even typing this post) whether I’m thinking of dissimulate or dissimilate (which I thought my be a typo in my vocabulary). 437 more words


Whitman Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards: Meanings.

The Old Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards were published by Whitman Card Games in the USA in 1940. It’s an art-deco deck, which reads a lot better than what you would first think. 1,573 more words