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Writing Challenge-(Day 18) What Does Red Means 

Yes, honey! Another favorite of mines and that is discussing my favorite color and why I love it. This challenge is something else and as I am writing about why I love this fiery color, I’m getting hot. 207 more words


Ecstasy of Thoughts

A thought injects the mind with chaos

The voices cannot be silenced so easily

You have no choice but to listen carefully

Like the dancing euphoric words in waves… 72 more words


Speak No More 

We should not speak of the things we no longer have because they can not be returned to us.
It is best if you do not speak of the things you hope to gain, because they may only ever be hopes and never come. 90 more words


The Weirdness of the English Language, No Kidding

Let’s face it, as the above image indicates, English is not for the faint of heart.  It takes guts to tackle the eccentricities of this very complex language.  660 more words



A question I am regularly asked especially by younger girls is:

Why do you wear a purity ring?

When I have heard many others answer this questions their replies are often “Because I’m waiting for my husband or I’m saving myself for marriage.” 348 more words


Shapes and Meaning of Letters

While enjoying an e-book about close-up photography, I serendipitously happened into a rare perspective on the different shapes and meanings of letters.  When I was just a kid in Elementary School, I learned the alphabet and that was it—no big deal!  580 more words


Whats life worth living if you're not happily living?

So today I had an insanely busy day and as I sit down to write this I can’t help but feel completely overwhelmed. Between work and school my mind is just fried. 340 more words