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All I needed was a little effort

From you

For us.



The meaning behind the tattoo

Tattoos. Permanent art on your body. Tattoos.

I have four tattoos so far.

#1: Infinity sign with my last name

I got this as my first tattoo a couple weeks after I turned 18. 1,414 more words

Weird Dream Files: Case Number 3502624

Weird dream files: middle of the night I get hungry. I go to mine and my wife’s favorite restaraunt in town. I order a ham Sandwhich and a bowl of soup (I love that combination!!). 39 more words

cancer ... many meanings ...

Welcome back to Pure Haiku. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been here, it’s because I’ve been blogging over at Dragonscale Clippings exploring the theme of Housewifery! 226 more words


How I stopped getting offended by abuses

Disclaimer: this post contains abusive words, not to offend anyone. If you don’t like to read abusive words STOP here and don’t read further.

There was a time abuses used to offend me but the more I learnt the meanings, I stopped getting offended by the words. 447 more words

Scans Show 'Brain Dictionary' Groups Words By Meaning



MRI scans suggests words stimulate different regions of the brain depending on their meaning.

Alexander Huth/Nature

Scientists say they have made an atlas of where words’ meanings are located in the brain. 293 more words

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