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It’s sad that when you say ‘twilight’ now
too often it’s glittering vampires marrying mopey teens
not that quiet moment at the end of an evening… 31 more words

Thinking Out Loud

First 10 Songs

What I am going to do is hit shuffle on my spotify playlist that has over 700 of my favorite songs on. I am going to write down the first 10 songs that play and what emotion or reason why I love that song. 695 more words



I had the dream of Freyja and messages from her. Then I had another dream, one that was sort of like The Phantom of the Opera… 788 more words



The sea.

Seemingly endless;

It’s deep abyss.

As far as the eye can see

Without mass, without measure

To fly is to be afloat-alight in it. 25 more words


what reflections look like.

The relationship I have with my writing has always been one which begins and ends with closed notebooks, written in a semi-permanent ink which fades with the rub of a page on top of it. 892 more words


Dream Journal- The Ocean

I have been keeping a journal of all my dreams, capturing every single dream I have had for the past seven months. I have been looking for patterns and symbolism within my dreams, researching within dream dictionaries, which has been helping me to determine the meanings of the symbols. 121 more words