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What is Family ... really?!

I am often left puzzled as to what it means to have a family…

“Who are your family?” “Are they friends?” “Relatives?” Or “Are they the people we live with?” These are some of the things that I often ask myself when I am facing a difficult situation. 497 more words



Months Ago:
Hades told Loki, “She has suitors. They will text her around all through the night.”
Me: “Do not! If you’re wondering whom I am speaking to, it’s both my brothers.” Pause, “Oh look! 53 more words


IX - The Hermit

Ý nghĩa chính: Gạt bỏ điều gây phân tâm để tiến tới mục đích cuối cùng.

Trong thời đại mà công nghệ thông tin phát triển như hiện nay, việc trao đổi hay tiếp nhận một kiến thức là vô cùng dễ dàng. 906 more words

Steampunk Tarot

#30Days Song Challenge - Day 20.

Day 20: A Song That Has Multiple Meanings.

Birthday – Katy Perry. 

This one’s almost perfectly timed for tomorrow :D. I say, almost. This was a particularly difficult prompt to choose a song for, because let’s face it “WHAT SONG DOESN’T HAVE MULTIPLE MEANINGS?!” and so, I went with the queen of double-entendre in the most obvious and least subtle way possible, and to me that’s Katy Perry… cause ‘she’ll make it like your birthday everyday’. 22 more words



I am My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine.


Dear Friend: Hopefully Crazy

Dear Friend,

I’ve discovered that exam season goes ahead for the rest of my life. I will always feel panicky, busy, and suffocated. It is in the meaningful relationships I have with people that life becomes at once fulfilling and complicated. 419 more words

Dear Friend

On Dreams

Last night I had a most peculiar dream:  I’d arrived at work in hours we don’t keep with a full-team awaiting me.  We were prepping the store for customers on this cold, December night with a fresh layer of snow awaiting the prancing of our feet.  748 more words