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Language - Pragmatics

Once again, I’m back with more useful boredom – have fun with it!

Meaning beyond words

Pragmatics is the study of the part that language plays in social situations. 691 more words

It's not what it's about, but how it's about?


As it seems quite difficult to explain succinctly what my book is about, I have been trying to get people interested with these quotes – mainly because how I chose a book is I read a few random passages and persist from the beginning if they intrigue or make me interested. 97 more words

sophisticated meanings

reading and dashing as the moon reacted to the feet

and witness and said as the cover

and its own heard

and for the shimmer… 51 more words


Literature - WH and ATSS - Belonging

Hello, I’m back with more Wuthering Heights and A Thousand Splendid Suns. These notes are on the theme of belonging, which can easily be linked to various other themes. 580 more words

Heramba Sahasranama with meanings - Part 2

Om rudrapriyAya namaH – Salutations to the one who is dear to rudra
Om ganAdhyakSAya namaH – Salutations to lord of ganas
Om umAputrAya namaH – Salutations to the one who is the sun of uma… 631 more words

General Articles

Heramba Sahasranama with meanings - Part 1

Om ganEsvarAya namaH  – Salutations to the leader of the gaNas
Om ganakrIDAya namaH – Salutations to Ganesha who plays with the gaNas
Om gananAthAya namaH  –  Salutations to Ganesha who is Soul of the gaNas… 433 more words

Stotra [ स्तोत्र ]


There are a few times every year where I’ll have vivid dreams involving water, my family, and the feeling of certain doom. It’s always a situation in which we’re aware of an approaching disaster, usually rising flood waters or a tsunami, and there’s always a sense of urgency where we try to gather everything that’s important to us before we head out to safety. 294 more words