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Dream Dictionary.

We’ve all had those dreams that are bizarre and leave you feeling confused and sometimes uneasy in the waking world. Since I discovered dream interpretation, I’ve been looking into what some of my dreams mean. 1,515 more words


Couldn't Think of a Name

It all starts with an amazing topic sentence that intrigues the viewers mind. Then comes the depth of what people want to hear and then they start to judge on your writing. 783 more words


Symbols and Meanings - Tree of Life

Tree of Life

The symbol carries meaning across many cultures and in many spiritual traditions around the world. It symbolises life itself, with the branches reaching for the stars and the roots buried in the earth. 95 more words


Beautiful Names With Meaning

  • DAENERYS (Duh-NAIR-iss)

Meaning: Great lord (Korean and welsh)


Meaning: Defender of men (Greek)

  • ARYA

Meaning: noble (Sanskrit)

  • AEMON 

Meaning: the hidden one (Egyption)

Choosing our Choices

Matthew Kelly. You will get to know that name because now that I have discovered him I am going to post several of his quotes over the next few days. 111 more words

Happy Family Day!

In honour of this long weekend, I thought I’d begin with a discussion of the word behind the holiday we are celebrating in Canada today: … 458 more words


"Gubbins" - what are they?

Sometimes you may hear the word “gubbins” – do you know what it means?

Here’s the link to find the audio answer (in 2 mins) supplied by Radio 4. 9 more words