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The WordPress suggestion today is one I responded to before, so this time I shall tell you about the kindness of a special English teacher, Miss Street. 132 more words

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Quotes #4

“But the thought of moving on from something I never had is depressing.”

– Susane Colasanti, “When It Happens”

Source: wordsnquotes.com

I, like many other people, have been in a place in which we must move on from an idea or a wish or a dream.

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Julian, July, Julia, Julius

Julian means youthful, as does July, Julia and Julius. They’re all of Latin origins. All feel summery being they honor the month right in the middle of summertime. 27 more words


The Love-Refusing Generation

Normally, simply the idea of “love-refusing generation” upsets me. Unfortunately, I have to admit those who launched this concept are right.

We live fast forward, we refuse to open, we’re afraid to interact face to face, we get increasingly hidden and sensitive, frightened even by a simple rain and we feel like we’re deserving anything. 880 more words

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Jedhi Mind Tricks: What is a roger?

roger\ ‘räjer inter. [fr Roger       1. former communications code word for the letter r] used esp. in radio signaling to indicate that a message has been received and understood. 144 more words

Jedhi Mind Tricks

Colours for Your Home and Their Meanings

Did you know that the colour red is proven to raise our blood pressure when we look at it? This is why choosing a new colour scheme at home shouldn’t be as simple as spotting a bold-coloured lamp and creating an entire room around it. 392 more words


Guide to the world of mental health

Things you only know when you have had mental health problems for a while…

Medicine: Some MH professionals love doling them out, others are “new-wave” and believe the majority of people who have them don’t need them.  294 more words