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My Kind of Silence

I stared blankly, gaze fixed on what’s ahead. It happens most if not every time.

I looked straight upon the walls, ceilings and anything that most people find dis-interesting. 83 more words



WHAKAPAPA: Whakapapa is the genealogy or stories which provide meaning and purpose for individuals.

IMAGINED COMMUNITIES: The imagined community is the way a nation is perceived elsewhere through media and symbols. 151 more words

Conversations In Creative Cultures

First Day of School

Dreams have always been something that has interested me in indescribable ways because dreams are something we don’t entirely understand. Societies throughout centuries have pondered dreams and their significance and to no avail we still don’t have answers. 315 more words


Guilty of giving meanings?

When you give meaning anything, let it be the thoughts that instantly feel good and fulfilling. Focus on those and they manifest in your life . 17 more words

Who Did You Thought Of?

We all scroll through instagram as a daily routine.. I’ve came across a few quotes, and some really do hit a soft spot. 35 more words


You Bring Me Right Round Baby!

The shapes and colors we wear can have an impact on our attitude. Today I am going to focus on the ROUND shape. When we wear circles in our jewelry we beckon to be drawn in. 43 more words


Review Article for Cost of Living Blog

I was fortunate earlier last month to be able to attend an interdisciplinary symposium on The Meanings of Recovery. For several years this has been a research interest of mine and it has been wonderful over this period to see this neglected field of research being revived and conceptually developed. 179 more words