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The number 1 reason why PR gets no respect – stupid metrics

Katie Paine, Measurement Queen is visiting New Zealand on 29 September to present a half day PRINZ workshop.

“What matters to management are value and return, and things that make a difference to the bottom line, and no matter how pretty the chart you make, if all you’re showing is how many impressions you got, or how many Twitter followers you accumulated, none of that ties your efforts to the bottom line.” 1,097 more words

Targeted keywords and SEO

So, what’s the big deal about SEO?

To begin, SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. It is a way of improving the visibility of your website through “natural” or un-paid search engine result pages. 531 more words

Fake Web Traffic: Confusing Outputs with Outcomes

Since about 2005 when pressure began to mount on marketing professionals to prove accountability and ROI, marketers have looked to demonstrate value by measuring. This desire to measure has also caused “track-able” media, such as the web, to become preferred to “impression” media such as newspapers. 128 more words


Measure What Matters (Book Review)

As another follow-up to my post, An Ode to Reading, I’d like to review the book “Measure What Matters” by Katie Delahaye Paine. I strongly encourage public relations students to read industry books while in school, and “Measure What Matters” is a great place to start. 543 more words

Ellie Boggs

An Ode to Reading

I’ve been asked why I enjoy writing and why I chose it as a profession by several of my family during winter break. I think those questions come up because most see people see writing as a challenge. 293 more words

PR Advice

Measurement for Salespeople, Nonprofits and Higher Education - #12

Chapters 12 through 14 in Measure What Matters by Katie Paine give measurements for success for certain areas ranging from salespeople to nonprofit organizations to universities.  1,289 more words

Measuring Everything and Using it to Your Advantage - #9

In Brand Media Strategy, author Antony Young states that measuring effectiveness for the brand media strategy is, “the very core of communications planning,” (210). The ability to measure the elements of a communications plan helps to determine which elements were effective and which elements needed improvement. 1,238 more words